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Every user registered on this web obtains automatically a page on the Internet, where all the data about tha user are detailed. You can find the address to your page on You should include this in your emails and messages in forums, and should send it to all your friends and colleagues so that they can always see your lists of cards and initiate trades with you.

On the public page you can see all the information about that user. You can access that page by clicking on the name of any user anywhere on our site. The page is subdivided into 5 main sections:

  1. General info
  2. Cards listings
  3. Message Center
  4. Contributions
  5. Trades & References

Sections in a user's public web page

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General info

This section shows the basic data about the user.

On the header of the page (1) you can read the user's name, country of residence, the date in which they joined the site, the total number of cards they own, and the number of times their public page has been viewed. Small icons may also show if the user is Premium, how long ago they visited the site last time and if there are currently any Bad Trader Reports against them.

The body of this section displays the Merits Card (2) for this user (on the left hand side), and their avatar image (3) (on the right hand side), and their CCG-style business card (5), if the user chose to display them, together with the menu (4) to access the rest of sections of the page.

Premium members have the option to insert their own content (6) on this section, to indicate on more general terms what kind of trades they are looking for, or if they are also interested in buying and selling cards, for example. This customized content can be formatted (using BBCodes) and may include images.

General section on the public page of a user

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Cards listings

This section gives you information about the cards this user wants and those they are offering for trade. For each game it tells you the total amount of cards and provides a link to that listing so that you can browse each of them. It also displays to grand total of cards the user wants, for all games, and the total amount they are offering for trade. This information gets updated twice a day, so it may take a few hours after you add cards to your lists before the new amounts show correctly on your public page. If you still don't see the right information after a whole day, please so that we can fix it.

This section also allows you to match your own collections against those of this user to see what cards you can trade, buy or sell. You just follow the link and you will be shown those cards this user has that you want and those that they want and you have.

Haves and Wants section on the public page of a user

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Message Center

This section features a button that allows you to contact the user. You will be able to send them a private message and/or a trade offer. However, this will only be possible if you are registered on the site (and have logged in), or if the user accepts messages from people outside the site (each user can configure this personal option).

Message Center on the public page of a user

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This section displays all the material contributed by the user to the web site. You can see here how many Card Reviews the user has written, the Decks he/she has built, and the Dream Cards he/she has invented. It also links to the messages he/she has posted on our forums and to all the comments he/she has contributed throughout the site.

This section also shows the complete stats for all the online games played by the user on the site. For each game you get the number of games played, won, and lost, and also the maximum score and highest rank achieved.

Contributions on the public page of a user

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Trades & References

The last section on a user's public page lists all those references the user has received from other members of the site. References are votes of confidence given by other users who have traded cards successfully with him or her.

Here you can also see how many Tracked Trades the user has completed and/or failed to complete, and you can access a list of all of them to check their details.

This section also shows a lot of other information that is of great importance when deciding whether to trade with a user. They are stats on how their trades and purchases have developed and how well they have behaved in them.

First, you have a summary of the Trade Evaluations the user has received from other users with whom he or she has traded. Here you can see the average rating they have received in each of the three parameters (Communication, Speed, and Cards Condition) and you can also list all the comments they have received.

Then you have a table with the average time it has taken for him or her to prepare their shipments before sending them and the average time it has taken for their shipments to reach their destination. These data give you an idea of how long you can expect to wait when trading with this person. The values are split between domestic shipments and shipments made to a foreign country.

Finally you have the number of times a shipment sent by this user has never reached its destination or a shipment sent to this user was never received. If the percentage of either of these values is high (the values appear in red) it might be an indicator that they are not careful enough when sending, or even that they may be failing to aknowledge the reception of items.

Tracked Trades, Trade Evaluations, and References on the public page of a user

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