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Dream Cards for the game

A Dream Card is an original card invented by one of our users for one of the collectible card games we feature (if you want to create your own, go here for instructions). Here we display all the Dream Cards created for the selected game. If you want to see all the details for a given Dream Card you only need to click on its name to access its own page.

For each Dream Card, we display its name, type, and author. For the authors, you can visit their public trader page, you can see how active they are in our site (colored activity dot), whether they are a Premium member (golden star), and you can also contact them directly by using the envelop icon.

The list also includes the date the Dream Card was created, and the number of votes it has already received, together with the score, or average rating obtained. All registered users of the site can rate Dream Cards and give them a value to indicate how much they liked it. The card with the best score each week is selected as our Dream Card of the Week and appears on our home page during those seven days.

If the Dream Card of the Week belongs to the game you are visiting, you will also see it displayed on top of this page.

If you want to create a Dream Card for this game, you can do that from here by following the link at the top, reading "Create your own dream card".

You can sort the list of Dream Cards by any of its columns. For example, to sort by the user name of the author, press on the word "Author", on the third column. The first time you click, the sorting will be ascending. If you press again on the same column the order is inverted, and the sorting becomes desdending.

Changing the order of the list allows you, for example, to see grouped together all the Dream Cards by the same author, or of the same type. You can also check this way which cards have received more votes, or a higher score.