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Merit Points and Experience Levels

Merit Points and how to get them

Merit Points are a reflection of your activity on the site: you earn points while you participate and contribute to our community. The more things you do on the site, the more points you get. As you accumulate points you also reach higher experience levels and your reputation online improves. Users at high levels are old-standing contributors to the site who have dedicated time and enthusiasm to this community.

There are many ways in which you earn Merit Points. You may learn about all of them (see below), or you may simply explore the site and enjoy all its services, because at the same time you will be gathering points just for doing so. If you want to do the things that generate more points, then you should concentrate on bringing new people to the site (you get points for life for all the points they themselves generate), or just use the site for its main purpose, which is trading cards (you get 30 points for each Tracked Trade you complete).

Experience Levels, Trader Levels and Player Levels

Based on the points you earn, you are granted different levels of expertise. When you register on the site you are at Level 0 (LV0), but as soon as you get 200 points you reach Expertise Level 1 (LV1). Then, at 500 points you reach Level 2 (LV2) and from there on you get to a new higher level for each 500 extra points you earn (that is, you get to Level 3 (LV3) at 1,000 points, Level 4 (LV4) at 1,500 points, etc.)

Because there are so many things you can do on this site and people can get experience by using very different services and features, we have also two other special Levels that help you identify the good traders and the good players.

Users Merits Cards

All this information about the Merit Points and the different levels achieved by a user get displayed in a compact manner in each user's Merits Card:

On this card you can quickly verify all the current achievements of the user. You can see this card displayed on that user's public page and on the contact form when you are going to send them a message or a trade offer.

Sources of Merit Points

The following is a detailed list of all the activities that generate Merit Points for you: