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Criteria to become a judge for disputed games

When a player disputes a game they have played on the site, we need another user to become a judge, review the game and resolve the dispute. The users who may act as judges for online games need to meet the following criteria:

  1. They need to be registered on the site for at least 3 months (so as to prevent the abuse of multiple accounts).
  2. They need to be an Experience Level 3 or higher user (so they are users who contribute to our community).
  3. They need to be a Player Level 3 or higher (so they are participating players).
  4. They need to have won at least 30 duels on our web for the corresponding game (so they know the rules and how to play).
  5. And, of course, they can not be one of the players in the disputed game!

To prevent any bias we are also limiting the amount of games played by any single player that can be reviewed by the same judge.

The judges will get 5 experience and player points for each game they resolve.

Each game may get one of four possible results: check them here.