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Deck "fifth omni lord"

Deck "fifth omni lord"
72 Cards
created by omarmaaitah activity icon
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Section: Deck (70 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x "Awakened" Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum Promo PR-0195 Monster Promo
4 x Blue Dragon Shield X2-SP X2-SP-S002 Spell SP
2 x Dragopride, Fifth Omni Dignity HBT03 HBT03-0090 Spell C
4 x Dragowisdom, Knowledge of the Fifth Omni HBT04 HBT04-0024 Spell R
2 x Emblem of Omni Lords Promo PR-0199 Spell P
2 x Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Dark Arms Suu HBT04 HBT04-0021 Monster R
2 x Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Disintegrate Arare HBT03 HBT03-0083 Monster C
2 x Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Flame Summoner Rando HPP01 HPP01-0019 Monster R
3 x Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Furious Iron Kongo HEB04 HEB04-0065EN Monster RR
2 x Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Giant Battle Axe Dokujun HBT03 HBT03-0079 Monster C
1 x Fifth Omni Blade Dragon Lord, Jackknife "Emperor" Promo PR-0211 Monster Promo
2 x Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Alliot "SD" X2-SP X2-SP-0031 Monster R
2 x Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Doble "SD" & Meglax "SD" Promo X-BTO4A-0063 Monster Promo
2 x Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Light Rim Alliot HEB04 HEB04-0062EN Monster RRR
2 x Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Wind Bow Meglax HBT03 HBT03-0052 Monster U
2 x Fifth Omni Divine Arts, Howling Storm! H-BT01EN HBT01-0026EN Impact R
1 x Fifth Omni Dragon Fist, Ablaze HBT03 HBT03-0011 Item RR
2 x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crimson Drum HSS01 HSS01-0004 Monster BR
4 x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum HBT03 HBT03-0124 Monster Secret
1 x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum "SD" X2-BT01 X2-BT01-0022 Monster R
4 x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu H-BT01 HBT01-0002 Monster RRR
4 x Fifth Omni Dragon Sword, Dragobrave Promo X-BTO4A-0023 Item Promo
4 x Fifth Omni Great Dragon Shield HBT04 HBT04-0052 Spell U
2 x Fifth Omni Oath, Dragoundertake HBT03 HBT03-0025 Spell R
4 x Fifth Omni Super Cavalry Dragon, Sandstorm Staff Arkaid X-BT04 X-BT04-0001 Monster RRR
4 x Fifth Omni Super Dragon Sky Emperor, Mugen Drum X2-SP X2-SP-BR01 Monster BR
2 x Green Dragon Shield Promo PR-0023 Spell P
2 x Resonance of the Omni Lords X2-SP X2-SP-0040 Spell R
Section: Buddy and Flag (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Dragon World (card) Promo PR-0137 Flag C
1 x Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum HBT03 HBT03-0123 Monster BR
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Attributes
- bar 1 %  
Armordragon bar 11 %  
Armordragon / Black Dragon bar 3 %  
Armordragon / Blue Dragon bar 6 %  
Armordragon / Green Dragon bar 10 %  
Armordragon / Red Dragon bar 19  26 %  
Armordragon / Red Dragon / Green Dragon bar 3 %  
Blue Dragon / Defense bar 6 %  
Dragon bar 6 %  
Dragon / Charge / Draw bar 6 %  
Dragon / Charge / Recovery bar 3 %  
Dragon / Get bar 3 %  
Dragon / Summon bar 3 %  
Dragon / Weapon bar 7 %  
Green Dragon / Defense bar 3 %  
Red Dragon / Defense bar 6 %  

Distribution by Card Type
Flag bar 1 %  
Impact bar 3 %  
Item bar 7 %  
Monster bar 42  58 %  
Spell bar 22  31 %  

Distribution by Critical
- bar 25  35 %  
1 bar 8 %  
2 bar 31  43 %  
3 bar 10  14 %  

Distribution by Defense
- bar 30  42 %  
1000 bar 13 %  
2000 bar 8 %  
5000 bar 10 %  
6000 bar 17  24 %  
7000 bar 4 %  

Distribution by Monster Size
- bar 30  42 %  
1 bar 15  21 %  
2 bar 14  19 %  
3 bar 13  18 %  

Distribution by Power
- bar 25  35 %  
2000 bar 3 %  
3000 bar 7 %  
4000 bar 10 %  
5000 bar 10 %  
6000 bar 17  24 %  
7000 bar 8 %  
9000 bar 4 %  

Distribution by Rarity
BR bar 10 %  
C bar 10 %  
P bar 6 %  
Promo bar 13 %  
R bar 17  24 %  
RR bar 6 %  
RRR bar 10  14 %  
Secret bar 6 %  
SP bar 6 %  
U bar 8 %  

Distribution by World
Dragon World bar 72  100 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 1 vote:

bar 3.00
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
flameknight Premium Member
LV19 United States activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for flameknight
Member since
October 12, 2013
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Subject: Advice for help   Posted: June 9, 2018 09:08 pm

Alrighty so I would suggest for u to run the size 3 arkaid, preferably at 4 since she has the ability to not only give u advantage when u take damge but she can call a fifth omni from hand on your turn and turn it into a size 0 permanently. With her out ull be able to call any fifth omni u want regardless if they are too big in size. Also u should try to make your weapon of focus fifth omni dragon blade dragobrave since it not only gives u advantage but u could atk with it and still have a big monster in your center. I would also suggest if u go down this route then max out on your fifth omni dragon shields since ur center will be closed more often so u wont be able to use your other dragon shields as much. Dont forget that drum searcher your running can only search the og drum and not his evolutions so u may want to replace him with the new size 0 doble and meglax SD. Those two are one of the best fifth omni cards since they search anything in your deck including your item. Just remember u take 2 damage after using them so plan accordingly b4 using them willy nilly but id still suggest 4 of them. If u want to run gargantua then id suggest using the og one over roaring slash since remember your center may be closed more often and it costs less gauge. Dragowisdom is your best spell since it gives u gauge and a card and it self damages u which triggers all your effects so id suggest maxing it. Other than that id say try to take out some of the cards that serve the same purpose as seen with some of the size 3 armored dragons having penetrate while big size 3 allito heals u gains double atk and penetrate so u would run him over them. Other than that the rest comes down to u but try to thin the deck a bit and try to aim for 58-56 max(not counting your flag and buddy so whatever number you reach just remember your deck is always that number minus 2). Gl editing dude and hope to fight u again when u feel this deck is ready.
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