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Checklist of cards from Tournament Foils (Star Wars)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
6 A Few Maneuvers Used Interrupt PM
7 Alter [LS] Used Interrupt PM
23 Battle Order Effect PM
25 Battle Plan Effect PM
19 Clash Of Sabers Lost Interrupt PM
8 Corellian Corvette Capital Starship PM
2 Dark Maneuvers Used Interrupt PM
27 Darth Maul With Lightsaber Darth Maul Character PM
12 Ghhhk Lost Interrupt PM
14 Grimtaash Used Or Lost Interrupt PM
15 Houjix Lost Interrupt PM
24 Imperial Arrest Order Effect PM
3 Imperial Barrier Used Interrupt PM
17 Imperial Decree Effect PM
4 Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Capital Starship PM
26 Insurrection Effect PM
9 It Could Be Worse Used Interrupt PM
22 Masterful Move Used Interrupt PM
13 Monnok Used Or Lost Interrupt PM
28 Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber Jedi Master Character PM
10 Rebel Barrier Used Interrupt PM
5 Sense [DS] Used Interrupt PM
11 Sense [LS] Used Interrupt PM
16 Snowspeeder Combat Vehicle PM
21 The Signal Used Or Starting Interrupt PM
20 Twi'lek Advisor Used Or Starting Interrupt PM
18 You Are Beaten Lost Interrupt PM
1 ´╗┐Alter [DS] Used Interrupt PM