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Checklist of cards from Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
DPDG-EN022 Chain Resonator Monster / Effect / Tuner Common
DPDG-EN044 Cipher Bit Trap Card Common
DPDG-EN038 Cipher Etranger Monster / Effect Rare
DPDG-EN037 Cipher Mirror Knight Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN045 Cipher Spectrum Trap Card Common
DPDG-EN036 Cipher Twin Raptor Monster / Effect Rare
DPDG-EN035 Cipher Wing Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN015 Cyber Angel Benten Monster / Effect / Ritual Super Rare
DPDG-EN014 Cyber Angel Dakini Monster / Effect / Ritual Rare
DPDG-EN016 Cyber Angel Idaten Monster / Effect / Ritual Common
DPDG-EN013 Cyber Angel Vrash Monster / Effect / Ritual Common
DPDG-EN012 Cyber Petit Angel Monster / Effect Rare
DPDG-EN009 Cyber Prima Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN010 Cyber Tutubon Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN020 Dark Resonator Monster / Effect / Tuner Common
DPDG-EN043 Double Cipher Trap Card Common
DPDG-EN011 Etoile Cyber Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN006 Frightfur Daredevil Monster / Effect / Fusion Super Rare
DPDG-EN007 Frightfur Reborn Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN040 Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon Monster / Effect / Xyz Super Rare
11706070 giant ushi onio Monster / Effect Secret Rare
DPDG-EN034 King's Synchro Trap Card Rare
DPDG-EN018 Machine Angel Absolute Ritual Spell/Magic Card / Ritual Rare
DPDG-EN017 Machine Angel Ritual Spell/Magic Card / Ritual Common
DPDG-EN023 Mirror Resonator Monster / Effect / Tuner Common
DPDG-EN039 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN005 Pendulum Fusion Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
DPDG-EN002 Performapal Ballad Monster / Effect / Pendulum Super Rare
DPDG-EN003 Performapal Barracuda Monster / Effect / Pendulum Super Rare
DPDG-EN008 Raidraptor Replica Trap Card Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN042 Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
DPDG-EN026 Red Gardna Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN028 Red Mirror Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN024 Red Resonator Monster / Effect / Tuner Rare
DPDG-EN027 Red Sprinter Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN025 Red Warg Monster / Effect Common
DPDG-EN032 Red Wyvern Monster / Effect / Synchro Common
DPDG-EN033 Reject Reborn Trap Card Common
DPDG-EN029 Resonator Call Spell/Magic Card Rare
DPDG-EN019 Ritual Sanctuary Spell/Magic Card / Field Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN031 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
DPDG-EN004 Speedroid Dominobutterfly Monster / Tuner / Pendulum Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN001 Spiral Flame Strike Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
DPDG-EN041 Starliege Paladynamo Monster / Effect / Xyz Rare
DPDG-EN021 Synkron Resonator Monster / Effect / Tuner Common
DPDG-EN030 Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultra Rare