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Checklist of cards from Custom Transformation Deck Revolution vs. Invasion: Dragonic Polaris Light Civilization (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5 Andorom, Chanting Wings Creature Common
2 Angel Feather Spell Common
17 Codeking Number Nine Creature No Rarity
11 Commanduo, Order Dragon Elemental Creature Common
6 Freeze Charger Spell Common
8 Generarose, Red Rose Dragon Elemental Creature Common
3 Heaven's Double Tail Spell Common
19 Heaven's Gate Spell Common
16 Kijitron, Four Extremes Creature Common
10 Koltiolu, Scale Dragon Elemental Creature Common
4 Master Spark Spell Common
14 Momotarus, Super Nine Extremes Evolution Creature Super Rare
1 Pikarie, Radiance Elemental Creature Common
12 Raraa, Trust Ball Creature Common
13 Red Rose, Crimson Dragon Elemental Creature Common
7 Rosen Star, Revolution Holy Dragon Evolution Creature Super Rare
9 Rosetta, Gem Dragon Elemental Creature Common
15 Saruiel, Six Extremes Creature Common
18 Shibainu, Two Extremes Creature Common