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Checklist of cards from Coldsnap Theme Decks (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
44 Arcum's Weathervane Artifact U
20 Ashen Ghoul Creature U
37 Aurochs Creature C
21 Balduvian Dead Creature U
45 Barbed Sextant Artifact C
8 Binding Grasp Enchantment U
38 Bounty of the Hunt Instant U
9 Brainstorm Instant C
10 Browse Enchantment U
22 Casting of Bones Enchantment C
23 Dark Banishing Instant C
24 Dark Ritual Instant C
39 Deadly Insect Creature C
32 Death Spark Instant U
1 Disenchant Instant C
25 Drift of the Dead Creature U
11 Essence Flare Enchantment C
381 Forest Basic Land L
382 Forest Basic Land L
383 Forest Basic Land L
26 Gangrenous Zombies Creature C
42 Giant Trap Door Spider Creature U
33 Gorilla Shaman Creature C
12 Iceberg Enchantment U
34 Incinerate Instant C
27 Insidious Bookworms Creature C
372 Island Basic Land L
373 Island Basic Land L
374 Island Basic Land L
28 Kjeldoran Dead Creature C
3 Kjeldoran Elite Guard Creature U
2 Kjeldoran Home Guard Creature U
4 Kjeldoran Pride Enchantment C
13 Lat-Nam's Legacy Instant C
29 Legions of Lim-Dûl Creature C
14 Mistfolk Creature C
378 Mountain Basic Land L
379 Mountain Basic Land L
380 Mountain Basic Land L
35 Orcish Healer Creature U
36 Orcish Lumberjack Creature C
30 Phantasmal Fiend Creature C
369 Plains Basic Land L
370 Plains Basic Land L
371 Plains Basic Land L
15 Portent Sorcery C
5 Reinforcements Instant C
6 Scars of the Veteran Instant U
46 Skull Catapult Artifact U
16 Snow Devil Enchantment C
31 Soul Burn Sorcery C
17 Storm Elemental Creature U
375 Swamp Basic Land L
376 Swamp Basic Land L
377 Swamp Basic Land L
7 Swords to Plowshares Instant U
40 Tinder Wall Creature C
18 Viscerid Drone Creature U
47 Whalebone Glider Artifact U
43 Wings of Aesthir Enchantment U
41 Woolly Mammoths Creature C
19 Zuran Spellcaster Creature C