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Checklist of cards from Shattered Alliances (Kaijudo TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
9 Angler Cluster Creature Common
57 Aqua Trooper XJ-3 Creature Common
10 Aqua-Reflector Nomulos Creature Rare
49 Axos the Avenger Creature Rare
1 Blade Barrier Spell Common
11 Bladefish Creature Common
25 Blastforge Scrapper Creature Common
26 Blazetrail Gilaflame Evolution Creature Rare
2 Blinder Beetle Prime Evolution Creature Rare
50 Blitzer-Mech Falkora Creature Very Rare
65 Bloomwarden Creature Common
S9 Borran, the Reality Shaper Creature Super Rare
41 Calamity Bell Spell Rare
73 Cavernmold Quartz Creature Uncommon
27 Cinder Fist Spell Very Rare
66 Crystalize Spell Rare
17 Curse-Eye Black Feather Creature Rare
12 Cyber Scamp Creature Rare
18 Dagger Doll Creature Common
33 Dawn Giant Creature Very Rare
D1 Death Liger the Justicar Creature Super Rare
13 Deep Mind Probe Spell Rare
19 Doomblast Scaradorable Creature Very Rare
S7 Dragon Knight Volaron Creature Super Rare
S1 Eternal Haven Creature Super Rare
14 Finbarr's Dreadnought Creature Very Rare
59 Flame-Vent Diver Creature Common
58 Flamespitter Creature Uncommon
51 Flamewing Phoenix Creature Uncommon
S4 Forgelord Vesuvius Creature Super Rare
74 Foul Mana Spell Rare
60 Frostburn Quartz Creature Uncommon
20 Gaunt Boneweaver Creature Uncommon
21 Ghost Bite Spell Common
42 Glimmergloom Quartz Creature Uncommon
75 Goop Striker Creature Common
76 Haunted Harvest Creature Common
34 Headstrong Wanderer Creature Common
3 Heliosphere Creature Common
S8 Heretic Prince Var-rakka Creature Super Rare
35 Jarbala Keeper Creature Common
S10 Khordia, the Soul Tyrant Creature Super Rare
S2 King Alboran Creature Super Rare
67 Kivu, Ingenious Shaman Creature Very Rare
61 Krazzix the Volatile Creature Very Rare
68 Lore-Strider Creature Uncommon
43 Lost Patrol Creature Common
22 Maddening Whispers Spell Uncommon
28 Magma Ram Creature Uncommon
62 Mar-Blurpa the Weaponsmith Creature Rare
4 Mark of Eternal Haven Spell Rare
23 Mark of Kalima Spell Rare
77 Masked Gravewing Creature Uncommon
52 Metal Max Creature Common
69 Mistvine Quartz Creature Uncommon
36 Monstrify Spell Common
37 Ninja Pumpkin Creature Rare
78 Obsidian Death Creature Very Rare
70 Oktuska the Infused Creature Rare
29 Onslaught Trooper Creature Rare
15 Phase Scout Creature Uncommon
53 Plasma Pincer Creature Common
54 Prototype Gunship Creature Common
S3 Queen Kalima Creature Super Rare
5 Ra-Vu the Indomitable Creature Very Rare
16 Recon Mission Spell Uncommon
6 Replicator Patrol Creature Common
7 Repulse Spell Uncommon
63 Scalding Surge Spell Rare
8 Sentrus Creature Uncommon
44 Serpens, the Spirit Shifter Creature Very Rare
79 Skaak the Stinger Creature Rare
30 Skycrusher's Volcano-Ship Creature Very Rare
31 Skytalon Harrier Creature Uncommon
32 Sledgehammer Slammer Creature Common
45 Spire Puppet Creature Common
71 Squall Darter Creature Common
55 Starforge Quartz Creature Uncommon
46 Stingwing Creature Common
38 Striding Hearthwood Creature Rare
56 Sunstrike Spell Rare
47 Tar Gusher Creature Uncommon
80 Terror Hound Creature Common
39 Transforming totem Creature Uncommon
S6 Twilight Archon Creature Super Rare
24 Tygrif Creature Common
64 Unstable Rockhound Creature Common
72 Wavebreaker Tribe Creature Common
40 Wild Growth Spell Uncommon
S5 Wildstrider Ramnoth Creature Super Rare
48 Zoltara the Mercenary Creature Rare