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card review Wookiee: Very powerful

Card Review
Wookiee: click to enlarge

Card text:

Power +1 at a jungle, forest or Kashyyyk site. Also, power +1 at same site as any Imperial. Wookiee Strangle is a Used Interrupt. When Bowcaster is deployed on or fired by this Wookiee, X = 1. Adds 3 to destiny of each of your bowcasters.

  • Forfeit: 4
  • Deploy: 4
  • Destiny: 2
  • Type: Character
  • Power/Ability-Maneuver: 4/1
  • Icons and Other: [W]
  • Side: Light Side
  • Rarity: F
  • Number: 212
Very powerful

written by auzi
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General description:
Very strong and has many possible combinations.

To get its full effect i would use it with Local uprising along with kashyyyk operatives.

Strategies and game play:
You can use all cards that give advantages to non unique aliens (bargaining table, Nar Shadda wind chimes, uh-oh!...). You can also use bow casters with them and all the cards that give advantages to that (aim high, slight weapons malfunction, superficial damage...) as well as having a high chance of hitting a character. Local uprising is the primary use with kashyyyk operatives. This way you can lure your opponent to you and have a really powerful force to fight with. Most powerful ability is that it makes wookie strangle a use interrupt.

Combos with other cards:
Local uprising
bow caster
aim high
blaster proficiency
wookie strangle
slight weapons malfunction
and many more

Ways to counteract it:
Create a lot of attrition in battle, start with empire's new order or fight with aliens.

very strong
even stronger against imperials or at jungles or forests
makes wookie strangle a use interrupt
good deploy for how high power is
non unique alien

lower destiny
low forfeit for how high deploy is
weaker anywhere else but forrest or jungle

Makurth and gammorean guard are the closest counterparts i can think of

Artwork and aesthetics:
looks like a wookie to me

Overall rating:
6 out of 10


Modified on August 30, 2010 09:26 pm

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duff6551 Premium Member
LV65 United States send message

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November 15, 2002
Subject:    Posted: September 22, 2015 08:33 am Reply with quote Report content icon

i believe fixed cards are not understood as much as regular released cards - maybe the rarity factor - but this review does the fixed card justice - nicely done
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