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Classic Sixth Edition

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Classic Sixth Edition: 351 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
55 Abduction Enchantment  search
109 Abyssal Hunter Creature  search
110 Abyssal Specter Creature  search
319 Adarkar Wastes Land  search
163 AEther Flash Enchantment  search
111 Agonizing Memories Sorcery  search
56 Air Elemental Creature  search
271 Aladdin's Ring Artifact  search
272 Amber Prison Artifact  search
164 Anaba Bodyguard Creature  search
165 Anaba Shaman Creature  search
57 Ancestral Memories Sorcery  search
1 Animate Wall Enchantment  search
273 Ankh of Mishra Artifact  search
2 Archangel Creature  search
2* Archangel [Gotta Magazine Insert] Creature  search
3 Ardent Militia Creature  search
4 Armageddon Sorcery  search
5 Armored Pegasus Creature  search
112 Ashen Powder Sorcery  search
274 Ashnod's Altar Artifact  search
166 Balduvian Barbarians Creature  search
167 Balduvian Horde Creature  search
217 Birds of Paradise Creature  search
168 Blaze Sorcery  search
113 Blight Enchantment  search
114 Blighted Shaman Creature  search
115 Blood Pet Creature  search
116 Bog Imp Creature  search
117 Bog Rats Creature  search
118 Bog Wraith Creature  search
169 Boil Instant  search
58 Boomerang Instant  search
275 Bottle of Suleiman Artifact  search
59 Browse Enchantment  search
320 Brushland Land  search
170 Burrowing Enchantment  search
218 Call of the Wild Enchantment  search
6 Castle Enchantment  search
219 Cat Warriors Creature  search
7 Celestial Dawn Enchantment  search
276 Charcoal Diamond Artifact  search
60 Chill Enchantment  search
8 Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment  search
9 Circle of Protection: Blue Enchantment  search
10 Circle of Protection: Green Enchantment  search
11 Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment  search
12 Circle of Protection: White Enchantment  search
321 City of Brass Land  search
119 Coercion Sorcery  search
171 Conquer Enchantment  search
61 Counterspell Instant  search
220 Creeping Mold Sorcery  search
172 Crimson Hellkite Creature  search
13 Crusade Enchantment  search
277 Crystal Rod Artifact  search
322 Crystal Vein Land  search
278 Cursed Totem Artifact  search
15 D'Avenant Archer Creature  search
279 Dancing Scimitar Artifact Creature  search
14 Daraja Griffin Creature  search
62 Daring Apprentice Creature  search
63 Deflection Instant  search
221 Dense Foliage Enchantment  search
120 Derelor Creature  search
64 Desertion Instant  search
65 Diminishing Returns Sorcery  search
280 Dingus Egg Artifact  search
16 Disenchant Instant  search
281 Disrupting Scepter Artifact  search
17 Divine Transformation Enchantment  search
121 Doomsday Sorcery  search
282 Dragon Engine Artifact Creature  search
283 Dragon Mask Artifact  search
122 Dread of Night Enchantment  search
66 Dream Cache Sorcery  search
123 Drudge Skeletons Creature  search
124 Dry Spell Sorcery  search
323 Dwarven Ruins Land  search
222 Early Harvest Instant  search
173 Earthquake Sorcery  search
324 Ebon Stronghold Land  search
18 Ekundu Griffin Creature  search
223 Elder Druid Creature  search
224 Elven Cache Sorcery  search
225 Elven Riders Creature  search
226 Elvish Archers Creature  search
125 Enfeeblement Enchantment  search
19 Enlightened Tutor Instant  search
20 Ethereal Champion Creature  search
126 Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Creature  search
21 Exile Instant  search
127 Fallen Angel Creature  search
227 Fallow Earth Sorcery  search
228 Familiar Ground Enchantment  search
128 Fatal Blow Instant  search
129 Fear Enchantment  search
130 Feast of the Unicorn Enchantment  search
229 Femeref Archers Creature  search
131 Feral Shadow Creature  search
174 Fervor Enchantment  search
175 Final Fortune Instant  search
284 Fire Diamond Artifact  search
176 Fire Elemental Creature  search
177 Firebreathing Enchantment  search
178 Fit of Rage Sorcery  search
179 Flame Spirit Creature  search
67 Flash Instant  search
180 Flashfires Sorcery  search
68 Flight Enchantment  search
285 Flying Carpet Artifact  search
230 Fog Instant  search
69 Fog Elemental Creature  search
132 Forbidden Crypt Enchantment  search
347 Forest Basic Land  search
348 Forest Basic Land  search
349 Forest Basic Land  search
350 Forest Basic Land  search
70 Forget Sorcery  search
286 Fountain of Youth Artifact  search
231 Fyndhorn Brownie Creature  search
232 Fyndhorn Elder Creature  search
71 Gaseous Form Enchantment  search
233 Giant Growth Instant  search
234 Giant Spider Creature  search
181 Giant Strength Enchantment  search
72 Glacial Wall Creature  search
287 Glasses of Urza Artifact  search
182 Goblin Digging Team Creature  search
183 Goblin Elite Infantry Creature  search
184 Goblin Hero Creature  search
185 Goblin King Creature  search
186 Goblin Recruiter Creature  search
187 Goblin Warrens Enchantment  search
235 Gorilla Chieftain Creature  search
133 Gravebane Zombie Creature  search
134 Gravedigger Creature  search
135 Greed Enchantment  search
288 Grinning Totem Artifact  search
236 Grizzly Bears Creature  search
188 Hammer of Bogardan Sorcery  search
73 Harmattan Efreet Creature  search
325 Havenwood Battleground Land  search
22 Healing Salve Instant  search
23 Heavy Ballista Creature  search
136 Hecatomb Enchantment  search
24 Hero's Resolve Enchantment  search
137 Hidden Horror Creature  search
74 Horned Turtle Creature  search
138 Howl from Beyond Instant  search
290 Howling Mine Artifact  search
189 Hulking Cyclops Creature  search
237 Hurricane Sorcery  search
25 Icatian Town Sorcery  search
190 Illicit Auction Sorcery  search
26 Infantry Veteran Creature  search
139 Infernal Contract Sorcery  search
191 Inferno Instant  search
75 Insight Enchantment  search
76 Inspiration Instant  search
291 Iron Star Artifact  search
335 Island Basic Land  search
336 Island Basic Land  search
337 Island Basic Land  search
338 Island Basic Land  search
292 Ivory Cup Artifact  search
293 Jade Monolith Artifact  search
294 Jalum Tome Artifact  search
295 Jayemdae Tome Artifact  search
192 Jokulhaups Sorcery  search
77 Juxtapose Sorcery  search
326 Karplusan Forest Land  search
27 Kismet Enchantment  search
140 Kjeldoran Dead Creature  search
28 Kjeldoran Royal Guard Creature  search
296 Lead Golem Artifact Creature  search
141 Leshrac's Rite Enchantment  search
78 Library of Lat-Nam Sorcery  search
29 Light of Day Enchantment  search
193 Lightning Blast Instant  search
238 Living Lands Enchantment  search
239 Llanowar Elves Creature  search
30 Longbow Archer Creature  search
79 Lord of Atlantis Creature  search
142 Lost Soul Creature  search
240 Lure Enchantment  search
297 Mana Prism Artifact  search
80 Mana Short Instant  search
194 Manabarbs Enchantment  search
298 Marble Diamond Artifact  search
241 Maro Creature  search
299 Meekstone Artifact  search
81 Memory Lapse Instant  search
82 Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Creature  search
31 Mesa Falcon Creature  search
300 Millstone Artifact  search
143 Mind Warp Sorcery  search
144 Mischievous Poltergeist Creature  search
301 Moss Diamond Artifact  search
343 Mountain Basic Land  search
344 Mountain Basic Land  search
345 Mountain Basic Land  search
346 Mountain Basic Land  search
195 Mountain Goat Creature  search
302 Mystic Compass Artifact  search
83 Mystical Tutor Instant  search
242 Nature's Resurgence Sorcery  search
145 Necrosavant Creature  search
146 Nightmare Creature  search
303 Obsianus Golem Artifact Creature  search
196 Orcish Artillery Creature  search
197 Orcish Oriflamme Enchantment  search
32 Order of the Sacred Torch Creature  search
304 Ornithopter Artifact Creature  search
33 Pacifism Enchantment  search
147 Painful Memories Sorcery  search
243 Panther Warriors Creature  search
305 Patagia Golem Artifact Creature  search
34 Pearl Dragon Creature  search
306 Pentagram of the Ages Artifact  search
148 Perish Sorcery  search
149 Pestilence Enchantment  search
84 Phantasmal Terrain Enchantment  search
85 Phantom Warrior Creature  search
307 Phyrexian Vault Artifact  search
198 Pillage Sorcery  search
331 Plains Basic Land  search
332 Plains Basic Land  search
333 Plains Basic Land  search
334 Plains Basic Land  search
86 Polymorph Sorcery  search
87 Power Sink Instant  search
244 Pradesh Gypsies Creature  search
308 Primal Clay Artifact Creature  search
88 Prodigal Sorcerer Creature  search
89 Prosperity Sorcery  search
90 Psychic Transfer Sorcery  search
91 Psychic Venom Enchantment  search
199 Pyrotechnics Sorcery  search
150 Python Creature  search
245 Radjan Spirit Creature  search
151 Rag Man Creature  search
200 Raging Goblin Creature  search
152 Raise Dead Sorcery  search
246 Rampant Growth Sorcery  search
153 Razortooth Rats Creature  search
92 Recall Sorcery  search
201 Reckless Embermage Creature  search
247 Redwood Treefolk Creature  search
35 Regal Unicorn Creature  search
248 Regeneration Enchantment  search
93 Relearn Sorcery  search
202 Relentless Assault Sorcery  search
36 Remedy Instant  search
94 Remove Soul Instant  search
37 Reprisal Instant  search
38 Resistance Fighter Creature  search
39 Reverse Damage Instant  search
249 River Boa Creature  search
309 Rod of Ruin Artifact  search
250 Rowen Enchantment  search
327 Ruins of Trokair Land  search
203 Sabretooth Tiger Creature  search
95 Sage Owl Creature  search
40 Samite Healer Creature  search
251 Scaled Wurm Creature  search
154 Scathe Zombies Creature  search
96 Sea Monster Creature  search
97 Segovian Leviathan Creature  search
155 Sengir Autocrat Creature  search
41 Serenity Enchantment  search
42 Serra's Blessing Enchantment  search
252 Shanodin Dryads Creature  search
204 Shatter Instant  search
205 Shatterstorm Sorcery  search
206 Shock Instant  search
98 Sibilant Spirit Creature  search
310 Skull Catapult Artifact  search
311 Sky Diamond Artifact  search
312 Snake Basket Artifact  search
99 Soldevi Sage Creature  search
313 Soul Net Artifact  search
100 Spell Blast Instant  search
43 Spirit Link Enchantment  search
207 Spitting Drake Creature  search
208 Spitting Earth Sorcery  search
253 Stalking Tiger Creature  search
44 Standing Troops Creature  search
45 Staunch Defenders Creature  search
209 Stone Rain Sorcery  search
314 Storm Cauldron Artifact  search
101 Storm Crow Creature  search
156 Strands of Night Enchantment  search
254 Stream of Life Sorcery  search
157 Stromgald Cabal Creature  search
158 Stupor Sorcery  search
328 Sulfurous Springs Land  search
255 Summer Bloom Sorcery  search
46 Sunweb Creature  search
329 Svyelunite Temple Land  search
339 Swamp Basic Land  search
340 Swamp Basic Land  search
341 Swamp Basic Land  search
342 Swamp Basic Land  search
159 Syphon Soul Sorcery  search
210 Talruum Minotaur Creature  search
47 Tariff Sorcery  search
315 Teferi's Puzzle Box Artifact  search
160 Terror Instant  search
289 The Hive Artifact  search
256 Thicket Basilisk Creature  search
316 Throne of Bone Artifact  search
102 Tidal Surge Sorcery  search
257 Trained Armodon Creature  search
258 Tranquil Grove Enchantment  search
259 Tranquility Sorcery  search
211 Tremor Sorcery  search
48 Tundra Wolves Creature  search
260 Uktabi Orangutan Creature  search
261 Uktabi Wildcats Creature  search
330 Underground River Land  search
262 Unseen Walker Creature  search
103 Unsummon Instant  search
263 Untamed Wilds Sorcery  search
49 Unyaro Griffin Creature  search
161 Vampiric Tutor Instant  search
50 Venerable Monk Creature  search
264 Verduran Enchantress Creature  search
212 Vertigo Instant  search
213 Viashino Warrior Creature  search
265 Vitalize Instant  search
104 Vodalian Soldiers Creature  search
214 Volcanic Dragon Creature  search
215 Volcanic Geyser Instant  search
266 Waiting in the Weeds Sorcery  search
105 Wall of Air Creature  search
216 Wall of Fire Creature  search
51 Wall of Swords Creature  search
317 Wand of Denial Artifact  search
52 Warmth Enchantment  search
53 Warrior's Honor Instant  search
267 Warthog Creature  search
268 Wild Growth Enchantment  search
106 Wind Drake Creature  search
107 Wind Spirit Creature  search
318 Wooden Sphere Artifact  search
269 Worldly Tutor Instant  search
54 Wrath of God Sorcery  search
270 Wyluli Wolf Creature  search
162 Zombie Master Creature  search
108 Zur's Weirding Enchantment  search
Total price for whole set:

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