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Cloud City

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Cloud City: 180 cards
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20 Ability, Ability, Ability Effect  search
21 Abyss Effect  search
105 Access Denied Effect  search
106 Advantage Effect  search
40 Aiiii! Aaa! Agggggggggg! Interrupt  search
107 All My Urchins Effect  search
22 All Too Easy Effect  search
121 Ambush Interrupt  search
122 Armed And Dangerous Interrupt  search
123 Artoo, Come Back At Once! Interrupt  search
124 As Good As Gone Interrupt  search
41 Atmospheric Assault Interrupt  search
108 Beldon's Eye Effect  search
74 Bespin [DS] Location  search
166 Bespin [LS] System Location  search
75 Bespin: Cloud City [DS] Location  search
167 Bespin: Cloud City [LS] Location  search
16 Binders Device  search
102 Bionic Hand Device  search
42 Blasted Droid Interrupt  search
125 Blaster Proficiency Interrupt  search
1 Boba Fett Character  search
89 Boba Fett's Blaster Rifle Weapon  search
23 Bounty Effect  search
43 Brief Loss Of Control Interrupt  search
176 Bright Hope Starship  search
2 Captain Bewil Character  search
91 Captain Han Solo Character  search
126 Captive Fury Interrupt  search
127 Captive Pursuit Interrupt  search
24 Carbon-Freezing Effect  search
17 Carbonite Chamber Console Device  search
109 Chasm Effect  search
3 Chief Retwin Character  search
110 Civil Disorder Effect  search
128 Clash Of Sabers Lost Interrupt  search
88 Cloud Car [DS] Vehicle  search
178 Cloud Car [LS] Vehicle  search
90 Cloud City Blaster [DS] Weapon  search
179 Cloud City Blaster [LS] Weapon  search
4 Cloud City Engineer Character  search
44 Cloud City Sabacc [DS] Interrupt  search
129 Cloud City Sabacc [LS] Interrupt  search
92 Cloud City Technician Character  search
5 Cloud City Trooper [DS] Character  search
93 Cloud City Trooper [LS] Character  search
76 Cloud City: Carbonite Chamber [DS] Location  search
168 Cloud City: Carbonite Chamber [LS] Location  search
77 Cloud City: Chasm Walkway [DS] Location  search
169 Cloud City: Chasm Walkway [LS] Location  search
78 Cloud City: Dining Room Location  search
79 Cloud City: East Platform (Docking Bay) Location  search
170 Cloud City: Guest Quarters Location  search
80 Cloud City: Incinerator [DS] Location  search
171 Cloud City: Incinerator [LS] Location  search
81 Cloud City: Lower Corridor [DS] Location  search
172 Cloud City: Lower Corridor [LS] Location  search
173 Cloud City: Platform 327 (Docking Bay) Location  search
82 Cloud City: Security Tower Location  search
83 Cloud City: Upper Plaza Corridor [DS] Location  search
174 Cloud City: Upper Plaza Corridor [LS] Location  search
84 Clouds [DS] Location  search
175 Clouds [LS] Location  search
6 Commander Desanne Character  search
130 Computer Interface Interrupt  search
131 Courage Of A Skywalker Interrupt  search
111 Crack Shot Effect  search
103 Cyborg Construct Device  search
132 Dark Approach Interrupt  search
25 Dark Deal Effect  search
45 Dark Strike Interrupt  search
133 Dash Interrupt  search
26 Despair Effect  search
134 Desperate Reach Interrupt  search
112 Dismantle On Sight Effect  search
135 Dodge Interrupt  search
46 Double Back Interrupt  search
47 Double-Crossing, No-Good Swindler Interrupt  search
48 E Chu Ta Interrupt  search
7 E-3P0 Character  search
49 End This Destructive Conflict Interrupt  search
39 Epic Duel Epic Event  search
136 Fall Of The Empire Interrupt  search
137 Fall Of The Legend Interrupt  search
50 Flight Escort Interrupt  search
51 Focused Attack Interrupt  search
52 Force Field Interrupt  search
27 Forced Landing Effect  search
113 Frozen Assets Effect  search
138 Gambler's Luck Interrupt  search
139 Glancing Blow Interrupt  search
114 Haven Effect  search
53 He's All Yours, Bounty Hunter Interrupt  search
54 Heart Of The Chasm Interrupt  search
115 Hero Of A Thousand Devices Effect  search
140 Higher Ground Interrupt  search
116 Hindsight Effect  search
117 Hopping Mad Effect  search
55 Human Shield Interrupt  search
28 I Am Your Father Effect  search
141 I Don't Need Their Scum, Either Interrupt  search
29 I Had No Choice Effect  search
30 Imperial Decree Effect  search
8 Imperial Trooper Guard Dainsom Character  search
142 Impressive, Most Impressive Interrupt  search
143 Innocent Scoundrel Interrupt  search
18 Interrogation Array Device  search
144 Into The Ventilation Shaft, Lefty Interrupt  search
145 It's A Trap! Interrupt  search
94 Kebyc Character  search
146 Keep Your Eyes Open Interrupt  search
9 Lando Calrissian [DS] Character  search
95 Lando Calrissian [LS] Character  search
104 Lando's Wrist Comlink Device  search
118 Leia Of Alderaan Effect  search
56 Levitation Attack Interrupt  search
10 Lieutenant Cecius Character  search
11 Lieutenant Sheckil Character  search
147 Lift Tube Escape Interrupt  search
96 Lobot Character  search
180 Luke's Blaster Pistol Weapon  search
19 Mandalorian Armor Device  search
31 Mostly Armless Effect  search
148 NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Interrupt  search
85 Obsidian 7 Starship  search
86 Obsidian 8 Starship  search
149 Off The Edge Interrupt  search
150 Old Pirates Interrupt  search
151 Out Of Somewhere Interrupt  search
152 Path Of Least Resistance Interrupt  search
57 Point Man Interrupt  search
58 Prepare The Chamber Interrupt  search
97 Princess Leia Character  search
59 Projective Telepathy Interrupt  search
153 Protector Interrupt  search
154 Punch It! Interrupt  search
155 Put That Down Interrupt  search
177 Redemption Starship  search
60 Release Your Anger Interrupt  search
156 Rendezvous Point On Tatooine Interrupt  search
157 Rescue In The Clouds Interrupt  search
32 Restricted Access Effect  search
61 Rite Of Passage Interrupt  search
62 Shattered Hope Interrupt  search
158 Shocking Information Interrupt  search
63 Shocking Revelation Interrupt  search
87 Slave I Starship  search
64 Slip Sliding Away Interrupt  search
159 Smoke Screen Interrupt  search
160 Somersault Interrupt  search
65 Sonic Bombardment Interrupt  search
33 Special Delivery Effect  search
66 Surprise Interrupt  search
161 Surreptitious Glance Interrupt  search
162 Swing-And-A-Miss Interrupt  search
34 The Emperor's Prize Effect  search
163 This Is Even Better Interrupt  search
68 This Is Still Wrong Interrupt  search
12 Tibanna Gas Miner [DS] Character  search
98 Tibanna Gas Miner [LS] Character  search
67 TIE Sentry Ships Interrupt  search
99 Treva Horme Character  search
69 Trooper Assault Interrupt  search
13 Trooper Jerrol Blendin Character  search
100 Trooper Utris M'toc Character  search
14 Ugloste Character  search
15 Ugnaught Character  search
119 Uncontrollable Fury Effect  search
35 Vader's Bounty Effect  search
36 Vader's Cape Effect  search
164 We'll Find Han Interrupt  search
37 We're The Bait Effect  search
70 Weapon Levitation Interrupt  search
71 Weapon Of An Ungrateful Son Interrupt  search
38 Weather Vane [DS] Effect  search
120 Weather Vane [LS] Effect  search
72 Why Didn't You Tell Me? Interrupt  search
101 Wiorkettle Character  search
165 Wookiee Strangle Interrupt  search
73 You Are Beaten Lost Interrupt  search

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