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Red Wedding

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Red Wedding: 130 cards
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37 "Bring It" State  Rare  search
32 "Is that all you got?" Event  Common  search
98 "There's Always One More..." Event  Common  search
106 Aether Spirit, Invisible Construct Character  Common  search
60 Akani Hideo, Ice Steward Character  Rare  search
65 Arena Warrior, Thunder Knight Character  Uncommon  search
66 Armies of the Monarchs Edge  Uncommon  search
9 Artillery Strike Event  Common  search
33 Ashes of the Fallen Event  Common  search
5 Assassin Bug, Killer Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
128 Battle Arena, Battleground Site Site  Uncommon  search
28 Bei Tairong, Lodge Traitor Character  Rare  search
30 Big Bruiser vPAP, Kicker of Butts Character  Uncommon  search
8 Bio-Salvage Edge  Uncommon  search
95 Black Market Connections Edge  Rare  search
6 Black Ops Team, Buro Assassins Character  Uncommon  search
67 Blood Lust Event  Common  search
99 Blow Things Up! Event  Common  search
102 BoBo Splitter State  Common  search
101 Bomb Factory Site  Common  search
61 Bonebreaker Jun, Thunder Dome Champion Character  Rare  search
1 Bouncing Benji, Mass-Produced Abomination Character  Common  search
93 Brass Monkey, Simian Automaton Character  Uncommon  search
46 Bribery Event  Common  search
13 Broken Wheel Brigade, Netherworld Soldiers Character  Common  search
78 Buddhist Monk, Martial Artist Character  Common  search
2 BuroMil Scout, Recon Soldier Character  Common  search
76 Butterfly Armor, Thunder State State  Uncommon  search
120 Cassandra, Netherworld Seer Character  Uncommon  search
62 Chamberlain, Skin and Darkness Zealot Character  Rare  search
105 Chi Detachment State  Common  search
103 Chizu State  Uncommon  search
71 Contest of Arms Event  Uncommon  search
19 Corrupt Bookie, Pledged Hood Gambler Character  Uncommon  search
115 Dark Traveler, Netherworld Hero Character  Common  search
47 Demonic Plague Event  Common  search
50 Diamond Beach, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site  Common  search
4 Dr. Jean-Marc Ngubane, Buro Scientist Double Agent Character  Rare  search
109 Dr. Timbul Damiri, Fugue Sorcerer Character  Uncommon  search
51 Dragon Graveyard, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site  Common  search
111 Echo Cancellation Event  Uncommon  search
54 Escher Hotel, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
48 Evil Whispers Event  Common  search
129 Exile Village, Battleground Site Site  Uncommon  search
63 Fakhir-al-Din, Fire Warlord Character  Rare  search
77 Fire Sword State  Uncommon  search
97 Frag the G! Edge  Uncommon  search
96 Friends in Low Places Edge  Rare  search
81 Green Sage, Tough Old Monk Character  Uncommon  search
29 Gus Andropolous, IKTV Reporter Character  Rare  search
11 Helix Mine State  Common  search
114 Ho Chen, Master of the Flawless Strike Character  Promo  search
73 Ice Pavilion, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site  Rare  search
56 Ice Tigers, Netherworld Spirits Character  Common  search
87 IKTV Special Report Event  Common  search
89 Information Warfare Event  Uncommon  search
14 Jan Zvireci, Pledged Lackey Character  Rare  search
15 Jormungandr, Reascended Snake Character  Rare  search
42 Jueding Shelun vPAP, Ghost Sorcerer Character  Rare  search
16 Kauhuhu, Reascended Shark Character  Rare  search
82 Leaping Tiger Troupe, Shaolin Acrobats Character  Uncommon  search
79 Little Grasshopper, Energetic Kid Character  Common  search
22 Lodge Machinations Event  Rare  search
3 Loyalty Officer, Buro Soldier Character  Common  search
91 Mad Scientist, Unorthodox Techie Character  Common  search
34 Mano a Mano Event  Uncommon  search
100 Monkey vs. Robot Event  Uncommon  search
107 Morphic Spirit, Sorcerous Construct Character  Common  search
7 Napalm Belcher, Netherworld Abomination Character  Uncommon  search
35 Never Surrender Event  Uncommon  search
118 Ninja Six, Enigmatic Agent Character  Rare  search
24 Official Harassment State  Common  search
39 Ogre, Ancient Monster Character  Common  search
83 Orange Sage, Wise Monk Character  Uncommon  search
86 Ornamental Garden State  Uncommon  search
113 Paradigm Recoding State  Uncommon  search
112 Paradox Garden Site  Common  search
108 Paradox, Void Entity Character  Rare  search
55 Peacock Summit, Feng Shui Site Site  Uncommon  search
130 Police Station v2 Site  Uncommon  search
17 Rebecca Dupress, Pledged Mastermind Character  Rare  search
40 Red Dragon Troupe, Sinister Acrobats Character  Common  search
90 RedGlare Chapel, Netherworld Site Site  Rare  search
26 Reluctant Hero, Netherworld Outcast Character  Common  search
18 Reverend RedGlare, Netherworld Mercenary Character  Rare  search
121 Reverend Zebediah Paine, Demon Hunter Character  Uncommon  search
75 Ring of Ice State  Rare  search
38 Ring of Silver State  Rare  search
25 Robbing the Kong Event  Rare  search
27 Scrappy Kid, Martial Arts Prodigy Character  Common  search
123 Secret Pact Event  Uncommon  search
84 Secrets of Shaolin Event  Common  search
41 Shamanistic Punk, Hood Sorcerer Character  Common  search
23 Shell Game Event  Uncommon  search
64 Silver Jet vPAP, Secret Warrior Character  Rare  search
57 Skin and Darkness Zealots, Netherworld Horrors Character  Common  search
36 Slo Mo Vengeance Event  Uncommon  search
72 Snowfall Event  Uncommon  search
104 Sonic Reducer State  Uncommon  search
20 Spin Doctoring Edge  Uncommon  search
122 Stand Together Edge  Uncommon  search
52 Stone Dolmens, Feng Shui Site Site  Common  search
53 Stone Spirals, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site  Common  search
43 Ten Thousand Agonies, Demon Lord Character  Rare  search
126 The Bazaar, Netherworld Battleground Site Site  Promo  search
21 The Enemy of my Enemy Edge  Uncommon  search
127 The Forest of Fallen Banners, Netherworld Site Site  Rare  search
116 The Ickies, Netherworld Rabble Character  Common  search
85 The Orange Principle Event  Common  search
74 The Thunder Dome, Netherworld Site Site  Rare  search
44 Throne of Skulls Edge  Rare  search
58 Thunder Apprentice, Fledgling Sorcerer Character  Common  search
59 Thunder Gladiator, Netherworld Warrior Character  Common  search
12 Tracer Implant, Arcanowave State State  Common  search
125 Trade Center Site  Common  search
68 Transmogrification Event  Common  search
92 Two-Face, Punk Anarchists Character  Rare  search
124 Uprising Event  Uncommon  search
49 Verminous Rain Event  Common  search
94 Violence Junkies, Crazy Rabble Character  Uncommon  search
110 Void, Entropy Spirit Character  Uncommon  search
31 Wandering Hero, Netherworld Ally Character  Uncommon  search
10 War of Attrition Event  Uncommon  search
45 Wasting Curse Edge  Uncommon  search
88 Wave Disruptor Event  Common  search
70 Wedding Gifts Event  Promo  search
69 Wrath of the Monarchs Event  Common  search
80 Xiaoyang Yun, Spy Mastermind Character  Rare  search
117 Yakuza Enforcer, Killer Hood Character  Common  search
119 Zino the Greek, Netherworld Information Broker Character  Rare  search

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