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Magic Game Night

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Magic Game Night: 73 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
18 Advanced Stitchwing Creature  search
6 Aerial Responder Creature  search
19 Air Elemental Creature  search
7 Always Watching Enchantment  search
5 Avatar of Growth Creature  search
177 Bedevil Instant  search
8 Benalish Marshal Creature  search
37 Bombard Instant  search
27 Bone Splinters Sorcery  search
9 Bright Reprisal Instant  search
10 Call the Cavalry Sorcery  search
38 Captivating Crew Creature  search
20 Claustrophobia Enchantment  search
28 Cruel Revival Instant  search
39 Dragon Fodder Sorcery  search
51 Eager Construct Artifact Creature  search
11 Everdawn Champion Creature  search
12 Fan Bearer Creature  search
21 Favorable Winds Enchantment  search
52 Filigree Familiar Artifact Creature  search
29 Fleshbag Marauder Creature  search
67 Forest Basic Land  search
68 Forest Basic Land  search
222AB Frilled Mystic Creature  search
44 Ghalta, Primal Hunger Legendary Creature  search
4 Goblin Goliath Creature  search
1780 Growth Spiral Instant  search
30 Gruesome Fate Sorcery  search
53 Howling Golem Artifact Creature  search
22 Hydrolash Instant  search
13 Inspired Charge Instant  search
2 Inspired Sphinx Creature  search
14 Inspiring Captain Creature  search
224AB Ira de Kaya Sorcery  search
61 Island Basic Land  search
62 Island Basic Land  search
45 Jungle Delver Creature  search
223AB Kaya, usurpadora orzhov Legendary Planeswalker  search
31 Languish Sorcery  search
32 Liliana's Mastery Enchantment  search
46 Llanowar Elves Creature  search
33 Lord of the Accursed Creature  search
54 Manalith Artifact  search
15 Mesa Unicorn Creature  search
65 Mountain Basic Land  search
66 Mountain Basic Land  search
47 Nissa's Revelation Sorcery  search
48 Overcome Sorcery  search
55 Pilgrim's Eye Artifact Creature  search
59 Plains Basic Land  search
60 Plains Basic Land  search
23 Reckless Scholar Creature  search
56 Rhonas's Monument Legendary Artifact  search
40 Rolling Thunder Sorcery  search
3 Rot Hulk Creature  search
49 Seek the Wilds Sorcery  search
41 Seismic Elemental Creature  search
16 Serra Angel Creature  search
42 Siege-Gang Commander Creature  search
57 Snare Thopter Artifact Creature  search
24 Soulblade Djinn Creature  search
17 Subjugator Angel Creature  search
63 Swamp Basic Land  search
64 Swamp Basic Land  search
34 Tattered Mummy Creature  search
35 Thallid Soothsayer Creature  search
50 Thrashing Brontodon Creature  search
43 Tormenting Voice Sorcery  search
58 Welder Automaton Artifact Creature  search
25 Whirler Rogue Creature  search
26 Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp Legendary Creature  search
36 Zulaport Cutthroat Creature  search
1 ´╗┐Militant Angel Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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