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Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling

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Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling: 41 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
34 Aggressive Instinct Sorcery  search
12 Ancestor Dragon Creature  search
7 Armored Whirl Turtle Creature  search
33 Breath of Fire Instant  search
17 Brilliant Plan Sorcery  search
37 Cleansing Screech Sorcery  search
13 Cloak of Mists Enchantment  search
2 Colorful Feiyi Sparrow Creature  search
35 Confidence from Strength Sorcery  search
16 Dragon's Presence Instant  search
15 Drown in Shapelessness Instant  search
9 Earth-Origin Yak Creature  search
31 Earthshaking Si Creature  search
24 Feiyi Snake Creature  search
28 Ferocious Zheng Creature  search
29 Fire-Omen Crane Creature  search
40 Forest Basic Land  search
27 Giant Spider Creature  search
32 Hardened-Scale Armor Enchantment  search
6 Heavenly Qilin Creature  search
21 Island Basic Land  search
22 Jiang Yanggu Legendary Planeswalker  search
36 Journey for the Elixir Sorcery  search
23 Leopard-Spotted Jiao Creature  search
19 Meandering River Land  search
10 Moon-Eating Dog Creature  search
39 Mountain Basic Land  search
T01 Mowu Token Legendary Creature  search
8 Nine-Tail White Fox Creature  search
20 Plains Basic Land  search
3 Purple-Crystal Crab Creature  search
14 Qilin's Blessing Instant  search
26 Reckless Pangolin Creature  search
18 Rhythmic Water Vortex Sorcery  search
25 Sacred White Deer Creature  search
30 Screeching Phoenix Creature  search
11 Stormcloud Spirit Creature  search
38 Timber Gorge Land  search
4 Vivid Flying Fish Creature  search
5 Welkin Tern Creature  search
1 ´╗┐Mu Yanling Legendary Planeswalker  search
Total price for whole set:

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