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Commander Anthology

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Commander Anthology: 340 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
90 Acidic Slime Creature  search
172 Aethermage's Touch Instant  search
238 Akoum Refuge Land  search
2 Akroma's Vengeance Sorcery  search
75 Akroma, Angel of Fury Legendary Creature  search
45 Altar's Reap Instant  search
46 Ambition's Cost Sorcery  search
173 Angel of Despair Creature  search
3 Angel of Finality Creature  search
4 Angelic Arbiter Creature  search
76 Anger Creature  search
30 Arcane Denial Instant  search
5 Archangel of Strife Creature  search
207 Armillary Sphere Artifact  search
208 Assault Suit Artifact  search
77 Avatar of Slaughter Creature  search
31 Azami, Lady of Scrolls Legendary Creature  search
239 Azorius Chancery Land  search
240 Azorius Guildgate Land  search
209 Azorius Keyrune Artifact  search
91 Bane of Progress Creature  search
47 Banshee of the Dread Choir Creature  search
241 Bant Panorama Land  search
242 Barren Moor Land  search
48 Barter in Blood Sorcery  search
210 Basalt Monolith Artifact  search
174 Basandra, Battle Seraph Legendary Creature  search
6 Bathe in Light Instant  search
T07 Beast Token Creature  search
T08 Beast Token Creature  search
92 Beastmaster Ascension Enchantment  search
175 Bladewing the Risen Legendary Creature  search
49 Blood Bairn Creature  search
93 Bloodspore Thrinax Creature  search
32 Blue Sun's Zenith Instant  search
243 Bojuka Bog Land  search
211 Bonehoard Artifact  search
244 Boros Garrison Land  search
199 Boros Guildmage Creature  search
212 Boros Signet Artifact  search
33 Borrowing 100,000 Arrows Sorcery  search
50 Butcher of Malakir Creature  search
94 Caller of the Pack Creature  search
95 Centaur Vinecrasher Creature  search
51 Champion of Stray Souls Creature  search
78 Cleansing Beam Instant  search
96 Cloudthresher Creature  search
97 Collective Unconscious Sorcery  search
79 Comet Storm Instant  search
245 Command Tower Land  search
213 Commander's Sphere Artifact  search
7 Congregate Instant  search
214 Conjurer's Closet Artifact  search
34 Control Magic Enchantment  search
52 Corpse Augur Creature  search
98 Creeperhulk Creature  search
246 Crystal Vein Land  search
35 Curse of Inertia Enchantment  search
99 Curse of Predation Enchantment  search
8 Curse of the Forsaken Enchantment  search
215 Darksteel Ingot Artifact  search
9 Darksteel Mutation Enchantment  search
80 Death by Dragons Sorcery  search
36 Deceiver Exarch Creature  search
176 Derevi, Empyrial Tactician Legendary Creature  search
100 Desert Twister Sorcery  search
53 Diabolic Servitude Enchantment  search
54 Diabolic Tutor Sorcery  search
37 Diviner Spirit Creature  search
38 Djinn of Infinite Deceits Creature  search
T06 Dragon Token Creature  search
81 Dragon Whelp Creature  search
T18 Drake Token Creature  search
55 Dread Cacodemon Creature  search
56 Dread Summons Sorcery  search
101 Drove of Elves Creature  search
200 Duergar Hedge-Mage Creature  search
39 Dungeon Geists Creature  search
82 Earthquake Sorcery  search
57 Eater of Hope Creature  search
216 Eldrazi Monument Artifact  search
T09 Elemental Token Creature  search
T10 Elephant Token Creature  search
T11 Elf Druid Token Creature  search
T12 Elf Warrior Token Creature  search
102 Elvish Archdruid Creature  search
103 Elvish Mystic Creature  search
104 Elvish Skysweeper Creature  search
105 Elvish Visionary Creature  search
217 Emerald Medallion Artifact  search
106 Essence Warden Creature  search
107 Eternal Witness Creature  search
58 Evincar's Justice Sorcery  search
247 Evolving Wilds Land  search
T20 Experience Counter Counter  search
59 Extractor Demon Creature  search
108 Ezuri, Renegade Leader Legendary Creature  search
248 Faerie Conclave Land  search
60 Fallen Angel Creature  search
109 Farhaven Elf Creature  search
10 Fiend Hunter Creature  search
11 Flickerform Enchantment  search
12 Flickerwisp Creature  search
309 Forest Basic Land  search
310 Forest Basic Land  search
311 Forest Basic Land  search
312 Forest Basic Land  search
313 Forest Basic Land  search
314 Forest Basic Land  search
315 Forest Basic Land  search
316 Forest Basic Land  search
317 Forest Basic Land  search
318 Forest Basic Land  search
319 Forest Basic Land  search
320 Forest Basic Land  search
249 Forgotten Cave Land  search
110 Fresh Meat Instant  search
111 Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury Legendary Planeswalker  search
83 Furnace Whelp Creature  search
T19 Gargoyle Token Artifact Creature  search
250 Gargoyle Castle Land  search
T04 Germ Token Creature  search
251 Ghost Quarter Land  search
177 Golgari Charm Instant  search
252 Golgari Guildgate Land  search
253 Golgari Rot Farm Land  search
218 Golgari Signet Artifact  search
112 Grave Sifter Creature  search
113 Great Oak Guardian Creature  search
254 Grim Backwoods Land  search
114 Grim Flowering Sorcery  search
178 Grisly Salvage Instant  search
201 Gwyllion Hedge-Mage Creature  search
40 Hada Spy Patrol Creature  search
115 Harrow Instant  search
255 Haunted Fengraf Land  search
256 Havenwood Battleground Land  search
257 High Market Land  search
116 Hunting Triad Tribal Sorcery  search
117 Immaculate Magistrate Creature  search
118 Imperious Perfect Creature  search
119 Indrik Stomphowler Creature  search
293 Island Basic Land  search
294 Island Basic Land  search
295 Island Basic Land  search
296 Island Basic Land  search
179 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Legendary Creature  search
120 Joraga Warcaller Creature  search
258 Jungle Basin Land  search
259 Jungle Hollow Land  search
180 Kaalia of the Vast Legendary Creature  search
13 Karmic Guide Creature  search
121 Kazandu Tuskcaller Creature  search
122 Kessig Cagebreakers Creature  search
14 Kirtar's Wrath Sorcery  search
T01 Kithkin Soldier Token Creature  search
T02 Knight Token Creature  search
181 Korozda Guildmage Creature  search
123 Krosan Grip Instant  search
182 Leafdrake Roost Enchantment  search
219 Leonin Bladetrap Artifact  search
124 Lifeblood Hydra Creature  search
15 Lightkeeper of Emeria Creature  search
220 Lightning Greaves Artifact  search
125 Llanowar Elves Creature  search
221 Loreseeker's Stone Artifact  search
183 Lotleth Troll Creature  search
41 Lu Xun, Scholar General Legendary Creature  search
126 Lys Alana Huntmaster Creature  search
184 Malfegor Legendary Creature  search
84 Mana-Charged Dragon Creature  search
127 Masked Admirers Creature  search
202 Master Warcraft Instant  search
185 Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest Legendary Creature  search
186 Meren of Clan Nel Toth Legendary Creature  search
16 Mirror Entity Creature  search
203 Mistmeadow Witch Creature  search
260 Molten Slagheap Land  search
187 Mortify Instant  search
222 Moss Diamond Artifact  search
17 Mother of Runes Creature  search
305 Mountain Basic Land  search
306 Mountain Basic Land  search
307 Mountain Basic Land  search
308 Mountain Basic Land  search
128 Mulch Sorcery  search
204 Murkfiend Liege Creature  search
129 Mycoloth Creature  search
261 Myriad Landscape Land  search
85 Oni of Wild Places Creature  search
262 Opal Palace Land  search
263 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood Land  search
18 Orim's Thunder Instant  search
188 Oros, the Avenger Legendary Creature  search
264 Orzhov Basilica Land  search
205 Orzhov Guildmage Creature  search
223 Orzhov Signet Artifact  search
130 Overrun Sorcery  search
131 Overwhelming Stampede Sorcery  search
19 Path to Exile Instant  search
132 Pathbreaker Ibex Creature  search
133 Phantom Nantuko Creature  search
61 Phyrexian Plaguelord Creature  search
62 Phyrexian Rager Creature  search
224 Pilgrim's Eye Artifact Creature  search
285 Plains Basic Land  search
286 Plains Basic Land  search
287 Plains Basic Land  search
288 Plains Basic Land  search
289 Plains Basic Land  search
290 Plains Basic Land  search
291 Plains Basic Land  search
292 Plains Basic Land  search
265 Polluted Mire Land  search
134 Praetor's Counsel Sorcery  search
225 Predator, Flagship Legendary Artifact  search
135 Presence of Gond Enchantment  search
136 Priest of Titania Creature  search
137 Primal Growth Sorcery  search
138 Primordial Sage Creature  search
189 Putrefy Instant  search
86 Pyrohemia Enchantment  search
266 Rakdos Carnarium Land  search
226 Rakdos Signet Artifact  search
139 Rampaging Baloths Creature  search
63 Razorjaw Oni Creature  search
140 Reclamation Sage Creature  search
64 Reiver Demon Creature  search
141 Restore Sorcery  search
20 Return to Dust Instant  search
21 Righteous Cause Enchantment  search
65 Rise from the Grave Sorcery  search
190 Roon of the Hidden Realm Legendary Creature  search
191 Rubinia Soulsinger Legendary Creature  search
267 Rupture Spire Land  search
142 Sakura-Tribe Elder Creature  search
268 Saltcrusted Steppe Land  search
T13 Saproling Token Creature  search
143 Satyr Wayfinder Creature  search
66 Scourge of Nel Toth Creature  search
269 Seaside Citadel Land  search
270 Secluded Steppe Land  search
227 Seer's Sundial Artifact  search
271 Sejiri Refuge Land  search
192 Selesnya Charm Instant  search
272 Selesnya Guildgate Land  search
206 Selesnya Guildmage Creature  search
273 Selesnya Sanctuary Land  search
228 Selesnya Signet Artifact  search
22 Serra Angel Creature  search
67 Sever the Bloodline Sorcery  search
23 Shattered Angel Creature  search
68 Shriekmaw Creature  search
144 Siege Behemoth Creature  search
145 Silklash Spider Creature  search
274 Simic Guildgate Land  search
229 Simic Signet Artifact  search
230 Skullclamp Artifact  search
146 Skullwinder Creature  search
193 Skyward Eye Prophets Creature  search
275 Slippery Karst Land  search
231 Sol Ring Artifact  search
147 Song of the Dryads Enchantment  search
148 Soul of the Harvest Creature  search
24 Soul Snare Enchantment  search
T14 Spider Token Creature  search
149 Spider Spawning Sorcery  search
T03 Spirit Token Creature  search
25 Stonecloaker Creature  search
87 Stranglehold Enchantment  search
88 Sulfurous Blast Instant  search
232 Surveyor's Scope Artifact  search
297 Swamp Basic Land  search
298 Swamp Basic Land  search
299 Swamp Basic Land  search
300 Swamp Basic Land  search
301 Swamp Basic Land  search
302 Swamp Basic Land  search
303 Swamp Basic Land  search
304 Swamp Basic Land  search
233 Swiftfoot Boots Artifact  search
234 Sword of the Paruns Artifact  search
150 Sylvan Offering Sorcery  search
151 Sylvan Ranger Creature  search
152 Sylvan Safekeeper Creature  search
69 Syphon Flesh Sorcery  search
70 Syphon Mind Sorcery  search
276 Tainted Wood Land  search
194 Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Legendary Creature  search
277 Temple of the False God Land  search
26 Tempt with Glory Sorcery  search
153 Terastodon Creature  search
195 Terminate Instant  search
278 Terramorphic Expanse Land  search
71 Thief of Blood Creature  search
154 Thornweald Archer Creature  search
42 Thornwind Faeries Creature  search
235 Thought Vessel Artifact  search
236 Thousand-Year Elixir Artifact  search
155 Thunderfoot Baloth Creature  search
237 Thunderstaff Artifact  search
156 Timberwatch Elf Creature  search
158 Titania's Chosen Creature  search
157 Titania, Protector of Argoth Legendary Creature  search
159 Tornado Elemental Creature  search
279 Tranquil Thicket Land  search
280 Transguild Promenade Land  search
T15 Treefolk Token Creature  search
160 Tribute to the Wild Instant  search
27 Unexpectedly Absent Instant  search
161 Verdant Force Creature  search
72 Victimize Sorcery  search
162 Viridian Emissary Creature  search
163 Viridian Zealot Creature  search
281 Vivid Grove Land  search
282 Vivid Marsh Land  search
283 Vivid Meadow Land  search
28 Voice of All Creature  search
29 Vow of Duty Enchantment  search
89 Vow of Lightning Enchantment  search
73 Vow of Malice Enchantment  search
196 Vulturous Zombie Creature  search
164 Wall of Blossoms Creature  search
43 Wash Out Sorcery  search
165 Wave of Vitriol Sorcery  search
166 Wellwisher Creature  search
167 Whirlwind Sorcery  search
197 Winged Coatl Creature  search
T16 Wolf Token Creature  search
T17 Wolf Token Creature  search
168 Wolfbriar Elemental Creature  search
169 Wolfcaller's Howl Enchantment  search
44 Wonder Creature  search
170 Wood Elves Creature  search
198 Wrecking Ball Instant  search
171 Wren's Run Packmaster Creature  search
74 Wretched Confluence Instant  search
284 Zoetic Cavern Land  search
T05 Zombie Token Creature  search
1 ´╗┐Aerie Mystics Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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