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X2 Booster Set 1: Buddy Legends

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
X2 Booster Set 1: Buddy Legends: 86 cards
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X2-BT01-0017 Abygale, "Armed Howl Bringer" Impact Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0061 All Dragons Go To Heaven Spell  search
X2-BT01-0026 Arc Particles Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru Monster  search
X2-BT01-0004 Ardent Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Athora Alexand Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0011 Armorknight Cougar "A" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0012 Artist of Shadowform, Silhouette Olivar Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0052 Backfeeding Source Spell  search
X2-BT01-0070 Bal Dragon, "Bal-Buster Grandbolt!" Impact Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0001 Batzz's Protection, "Dragonificator" Gao Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0032 Black Crest Dragon, Vidor Nove Monster  search
X2-BT01-0064 Black Dragon, Dies Monster  search
X2-BT01-0029 Bladewing Raven Monster  search
X2-BT01-0065 Bone Router, Grazia Monster  search
X2-BT01-0072 Buddy X Cross Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0040 Contrition Healing Spell  search
X2-BT01-0068 Deity Meteorarms, Azavoarl Monster  search
X2-BT01-0034 Deity Sword of Creations, Aqulta Gwaneff Item  search
X2-BT01-0023 Delusion Butterfly-gollum Monster  search
X2-BT01-0044 Demon Lord's Armor Spell  search
X2-BT01-0024 Dogged Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster  search
X2-BT01-0054 Dragomemoria - Dragon's Reminiscence - Spell  search
X2-BT01-0060 Dragon Life Inherit Spell  search
X2-BT01-0028 Dragon's Temper Spell  search
X2-BT01-0036 Dragonarms, Swobit Monster  search
X2-BT01-0014 Duel Sieger, "Centurion" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0042 Dysautonomia Spell  search
X2-BT01-0020 Eventual Star Deity Dragon, Zodiac Nohva Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0047 Evil Spirit of Bevar-Asp Spell  search
X2-BT01-0056 Executioners' Lance, Gehenna Gretsch Item  search
X2-BT01-0022 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Drum "SD" Monster  search
X2-BT01-0027 Fist Emperor of Manliness, Burn Nova Monster  search
X2-BT01-0063 Freaky Strength Girl, Hikiko Monster  search
X2-BT01-0053 From the Brink of Death Spell  search
X2-BT01-0071 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-BR01 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-S001 Future Fangs, Barlbatzz Future Cross Monster  SP  search
X2-BT01-0073 Future Force, "DX" Item  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0074 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  Secret  search
X2-BT01-S002 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  SP  search
X2BT01-BR02 Future Sword, Jackknife "Granthese" Item  BR  search
X2-BT01-0031 Golden Apples Custodian, Ydun Monster  search
X2-BT01-0038 Heavenly Claws, Raikiri Item  search
X2-BT01-0007 Heavenly Specter, Yamigedo Mikazuchi Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-BR04 Heavenly Specter, Yamigedo Mikazuchi Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-0059 Humanoid Beast, Yaejako Monster  search
X2-BT01-0005 Ice Dragon of Rebirth, Roi Miserea Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0078 Into the Future... Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0077 Jackknife Statue Spell  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0075 Jackknife, "Genesic Batterizer!" Impact Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0009 Jackknife, "Glanzend" Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0019 Karuna Cycle Emperor, Miserea Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0015 Knight of Daybreak, Neoswadel Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0003 Mark of Atonement, Azi Dahaka Daeva "SYS" Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0002 Mark of Transgression, Azi Dahaka "SYS" Monster  RRR  search
X2BT01-BR03 Mark of Transgression, Azi Dahaka "SYS" Monster  BR  search
X2-BT01-0039 Mera Blade Inazuma Monster  search
X2-BT01-0025 Mikazuchi Follower, Glasya Labolas Monster  search
X2-BT01-0018 Mobile Specialist Chassis β, Casablanca Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0030 Omni Lords' Loyal Knight, El Quixote Monster  search
X2-BT01-0016 One Who Leads Spell  RR  search
X2-BT01-0069 Overturn Armordragon, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0010 Overturn Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0076 Purgatory Knights Liberator, Orcus Sword Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X2-BT01-0051 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Crossbow Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0037 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Holy Grebe Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0050 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Silver Staff Dragon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0013 Rampaging Evil Demon, Akuro-oh Monster  RR  search
X2-BT01-0043 Ricky on the Ban Monster  search
X2-BT01-0046 Rules of the Depths Spell  search
X2-BT01-0035 Second Darkhero Hideout Spell  search
X2-BT01-0033 Spawn of the Demonic Dragon, Abyssgate Monster  search
X2-BT01-0066 Special Weapon, Virus Buster Spell  search
X2-BT01-0045 Spica Virgo Monster  search
X2-BT01-0006 Super Sun Deity Dragon, Balle Soleil Dios Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0067 T18: Sturgeon Monster  search
X2-BT01-0021 Thunderflash Swordsman, Billion Rapier Monster  search
X2-BT01-0055 Titanic Violent Dragon, Zargilragne Monster  search
X2-BT01-0058 Tome of Sorcery, Almandel Item  search
X2-BT01-0062 Trap Up Spell  search
X2-BT01-0048 Uniform Warrior, China Frill Monster  search
X2-BT01-0041 Voice of the Blade Spell  search
X2-BT01-0008 White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-0008E White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  RRR  search
X2-BT01-S003 White Supreme Dragon Deity of Creations, Gaen Monster  SP  search
X2-BT01-0049 Winning Wing Item  search
X2-BT01-0057 Witch of Ruination, Cathy the Devastator Monster  search

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