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Booster 22: Code:Samsara - Fate Vanisher

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Booster 22: Code:Samsara - Fate Vanisher: 128 cards
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B22-105 "Flicker" Divine Gaol, Ereshkigal Z/X  HR  search
B22-126 "Flicker" Divine Gaol, Ereshkigal Z/X  HR  search
B22-001 "Logging Craftsman, Log" Z/X  search
B22-039 Aircraft Carrier, Audacia Z/X  search
B22-014 Akatsuki Jutten - Jarima Aykab Z/X  search
B22-042 Angel of Mercy, Miseri Z/X  search
B22-069 Armored Bone Giant, Skeletal Gigant Z/X  search
B22-096 Army Ashmoth, Fern Moth Z/X  search
B22-021 Assist Blade, Proxima Z/X  search
B22-055 Attendant Beast of Dancing Sound, Aura Nandi Z/X  search
B22-120 Ayase Kamiyugi Player  IGR  search
B22-062 Black Beast of Smashing, Zettelmann Z/X  search
B22-095 Bloodsucking Beastman, Were-Bat Z/X  search
B22-081 Bluish Poison Spider, Allium Gooty Z/X  search
B22-018 Bomb Craftsman, Bomber Z/X  search
B22-026 Brawn Union, Calcium Z/X  search
B22-088 Child-Raising Beastman, Were-Opossum Z/X  search
B22-082 Cutting Beetle. Scissor Myda Z/X  search
B22-040 Cyclotron and Suguru, Iron-Inkstone Bonds Event  search
B22-054 Dark Shield, Nangapar Z/X  search
B22-051 Dark Sword, Makaru Z/X  search
B22-053 Dash of Bravery, Kuroashineko Z/X  search
B22-046 Dead-Night Hunter, Margay Z/X  search
B22-112 Demon-Repelling General, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro Z/X  Z/XR  search
B22-086 Determined Beastman, Were-Ratel Z/X  search
B22-065 Devil of Agitation, Accende Z/X  search
B22-063 Devil of Falsehood, Falsitate Z/X  search
B22-031 Double-Edged Sharp General, Cyclotron Z/X  SR  search
B22-044 Driving Flathead Z/X  search
B22-010 Drug Craftsman, Medicine Z/X  search
B22-111 Dual Blades Hunter (Nargacuga Armor) Z/X  CR  search
B22-091 Early Spring Bud, Mansaku Z/X  search
B22-075 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Body-Extinguishing Wickedblade, Maldicion Z/X  search
B22-076 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Funeral Sword, Mournbrand Z/X  search
B22-104 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Ruinwake Cutting Sword, Maldicion Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-125 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Ruinwake Cutting Sword, Maldicion Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-025 Electric Shock Machine, Elekiter Z/X  search
B22-027 Erosion Machine, Erode Z/X  search
B22-011 Evil Spirit of the Marsh, Boggart Z/X  search
B22-061 Feeding Fat Z/X  search
B22-108 Fire Wyvern Rathalos Z/X  CR  search
B22-006 Firewood-Abandoning Flashfoot, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X  search
B22-115 Firewood-Abandoning Flashfoot, Orichalcum Tyranno Z/X  search
B22-057 Five Luminous Holy Beast, Makara Z/X  search
B22-047 Five Luminous Holy Beast, Sarama Z/X  SR  search
B22-098 Flash of Righteousness, Rindo Z/X  search
B22-035 Fleeting Love Songwriter, Regnier Z/X  search
B22-067 Floating Gift Z/X  search
B22-085 Flower of Production, Miraa Z/X  search
B22-089 Germ of Art, Daisy Z/X  search
B22-012 Goddess of Discord, Dysnomia Z/X  search
B22-109 Great Sword Hunter (Rathalos Armor) Z/X  CR  search
B22-113 Guardian of Heavenly Darkness, K2 Z/X  Z/XR  search
B22-022 Heart-Connecting Machine, Dear Z/X  search
B22-056 Hero of Liberation, Selkirk Rex Z/X  search
B22-070 Highway Boisterous Spirit, Turbo Lady Z/X  search
B22-090 Hurricane Aerial, Were-Jaguar Z/X  search
B22-038 Irregular X, Damnation Z/X  search
B22-071 Jet-Black Whirlwind, Sieger Z/X  search
B22-097 Kigurumi Lover! Curcuma Z/X  search
B22-073 King of World Demolition, Satan Z/X  SR  search
B22-036 Landing Ship, Altisonante Z/X  search
B22-077 Leeching Black Dog, Barghest Z/X  search
B22-092 Long Tusk Beastman, Were-Babirusa Z/X  search
B22-005 Lute Spirit of Ouhou, Ou Kijin Z/X  SR  search
B22-016 Magisteel Fist Master, Rustine Z/X  SR  search
B22-080 Maldicion and Iriuda, Mind-Extinguishing Bonds Event  search
B22-117 Mikado Kurosaki Player  IGR  search
B22-032 Mucoid Machine, Mucus Z/X  search
B22-114 Naga Scalelord, Vasuki Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B22-128 Nanao Shishishima Player  IGR  search
B22-094 Neverending Yearning, Purity Z/X  SR  search
B22-020 Orichalcum Tyranno and Sera, Finger-Biting Bonds Event  search
B22-116 Orichalcum Tyranno and Sera, Finger-Biting Bonds Event  search
B22-033 Peace of cake Type.III Z/X  search
B22-066 Peeling Peel-Off Z/X  search
B22-072 Perforating Loberry Z/X  search
B22-084 Perfume Maker, Shabon Z/X  search
B22-060 Phosflamme and Sakura, Grass-Stepping Bonds Event  search
B22-029 Pierce-Through Slaying Emperor, Cyclotron Z/X  search
B22-009 Possessing Two-Tails, Osaki Z/X  search
B22-017 Princess Deity of Moonlight, Tsukuyomi Z/X  search
B22-002 Protecting Love, Quartz Crab Z/X  search
B22-106 Pulverizing Whirlwind, Feuille Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-127 Pulverizing Whirlwind, Feuille Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-102 Quiet Azure Blaze, Vega Z/X  HR  search
B22-123 Quiet Azure Blaze, Vega Z/X  HR  search
B22-045 Rebellio the Rebellion Z/X  search
B22-028 Restoration Unit Commander, Phecda Z/X  search
B22-103 Reverent Sacrificial Spirit, Phosflamme Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-124 Reverent Sacrificial Spirit, Phosflamme Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-100 Rindo and Chitose, Tranquil Bonds Event  search
B22-023 Robust Union, Scandium Z/X  search
B22-015 Ruler of Flower Spirits, Hyakka Senshi Z/X  search
B22-052 Sacred Beast of Raging Waves, Aura Mammoth Z/X  search
B22-059 Sacred Bird of the Dew Lodge, Phosflamme Z/X  search
B22-008 Sacred Emperor, Augustus Z/X  search
B22-099 Sagacious Snake Eyes, Taksaka Z/X  SR  search
B22-119 Sakura Kamiyugi Player  IGR  search
B22-093 Sakurakoji House Watering Duty, Carnation Z/X  search
B22-049 Screching Raptor, Aura Harpy Z/X  search
B22-083 Seven-Colored Beetle, Rainbow Stag Z/X  search
B22-024 Severe Quake Instrumentalist, Ifuku Z/X  search
B22-058 Shield of Serenity, Mauna Kea Z/X  search
B22-007 Sight Engineer, Scope Z/X  search
B22-064 Skeleton That Melts in Darkness, Skeletal Ninja Z/X  search
B22-107 Sky Comet Dragon Valphalk Z/X Extra  CR  search
B22-068 Skyrend Beast, Clausnitz Z/X  search
B22-121 Soma Kembuchi Player  IGR  search
B22-087 Spear Demon of False Faith, Anavatapta Z/X  search
B22-048 Spirit Serpent of Regeneration, Aura Hydra Z/X  search
B22-074 Starshed Shooting Star Z/X  search
B22-030 Stench Machine, Cacosmia Z/X  search
B22-118 Suguru Raicho Player  IGR  search
B22-110 Swift Wyvern Nargacuga Z/X  CR  search
B22-078 Three Princesses of Otherworld - Caning Doll, Sentensia Z/X  SR  search
B22-003 Throwing Craftsman, Slingshot Z/X  search
B22-079 Trampling Devastate Z/X  search
B22-041 Trumpeter of the Chivalric Order, Chartreux Z/X  search
B22-050 Twelve Apostles - Virgo Hamaliel Z/X  SR  search
B22-101 Twin-Enlightenment King, Alexander Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-122 Twin-Enlightenment King, Alexander Z/X Extra  HR  search
B22-043 Underboss, Bombay Z/X  search
B22-013 Wavecrash Pirate, Kuki Yoshitaka Z/X  search
B22-004 White Porcelain on the Waves, Pearl Dolphin Z/X  search
B22-019 Winterbringer Beast, Hrodvitnir Z/X  search
B22-037 XI Flags, Frederica Z/X  SR  search
B22-034 ε17 Polyphase Union, Gluon Z/X  search

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