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Booster 20: Code:Samsara - Blessing Sky: 121 cards
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B20-022 Absorption Machine, Drain Z/X  search
B20-006 Akatsuki Jutten - Karahiya Dagina Z/X  SR  search
B20-075 Ambitious Comrade, Sieger Z/X  search
B20-104 Angel of Great Divinity, Gambiel Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-119 Angel of Great Divinity, Gambiel Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-049 Angel of Punishment, Nakazanie Z/X  search
B20-041 Angel of Stage, Tsubasa Ikaruga Z/X  search
B20-043 Antique Dealer, Tabby Cat Z/X  search
B20-102 Awaken Blade, Rigel Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-117 Awaken Blade, Rigel Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-111 Azumi Kagamihara Player  IGR  search
B20-046 Beacon of Insurrection, Selkirk Rex Z/X  search
B20-061 Beast of Greed, Heiklig Z/X  search
B20-098 Begin Preparation, Elder Z/X  search
B20-070 Besmearing Scaphism Z/X  search
B20-025 Branded Sword, Al Dhanab Z/X  search
B20-099 Bronze Insect, Steel Ladyb Z/X  search
B20-074 Cautious Paper Binder, Cathy Z/X  search
B20-035 Central Defender, Ganymede Z/X  search
B20-105 Charm Dragon Awakening, Luxuria the Lust Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-120 Charm Dragon Awakening, Luxuria the Lust Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-013 Clock Craftsman, Clockwork Z/X  search
B20-092 Cloud-Piercing Sequoia Beetle Z/X  search
B20-066 Cnidocyte Floatbest, Nematocyst Z/X  search
B20-078 Corrosive Viscoid, Korrosion Z/X  search
B20-019 Curse-Brimming Monk, Rasputin Z/X  search
B20-008 Demon of Cloth-Splitting Twin Swords, Suzuka Gozen Z/X  search
B20-072 Devil of Labyrinth, Meditabore Z/X  search
B20-062 Devil of Makeup, Rutrum Z/X  search
B20-039 Disturbance Machine, Diversion Z/X  search
B20-014 Dragoneye Emerald, Opal Horseshoe Z/X  search
B20-096 Dressmaker Hare, Were-Lepus Z/X  search
B20-076 Eating Flesh and Blood, Jiangshi Z/X  search
B20-109 Eight Precious Beauties - Spring Breeze Princess, Pecteilis Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
B20-071 Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion, Fang of Howling Darkness Z/X  search
B20-047 Evilbane, Muztaghata Z/X  search
B20-090 Expression of Adoration, Nemu Z/X  search
B20-033 Extinguisher Madmech, Void Z/X  search
B20-088 Fang-Shaped Fiercefoot, Were-Panther Z/X  SR  search
B20-057 Fealty Knight, Sagarmatha Z/X  search
B20-073 Fierce Hunger, Anfang Z/X  search
B20-051 Five Luminous Holy Beast, Iblis Z/X  search
B20-085 Flying Fluff, Fluff Bomberry Z/X  search
B20-010 Forbidden Treasure of Perjury, Creeping Coin Z/X  search
B20-083 Furball Beastman, Were-Angora Z/X  search
B20-005 Future-Telling Ox Man, Kudan Z/X  search
B20-028 Garbage-Cutting Machine, Buzzsaw Z/X  search
B20-050 Gladium the Gladius Z/X  search
B20-106 God-Resenting Wasp Princess, Vesparose the Demonic Sting Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-121 God-Resenting Wasp Princess, Vesparose the Demonic Sting Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-001 Goddess of Hot Spring Tribute, Ame-no-Uzume Z/X  search
B20-034 Highest Transformation, Antimatter Z/X  search
B20-093 Himorogi of Sleeping Dragon, Udonge Z/X  search
B20-056 Holy Beast, Aura Kujata Z/X  search
B20-053 Holy Knight of Water's Surface, Mauna Kea Z/X  search
B20-054 Holy Knight Who Dashes Through the Underworld, Sagarmatha Z/X  SR  search
B20-110 Honome Chogasaki Player  IGR  search
B20-094 Hot-Blooded Trainer, Salix Z/X  search
B20-081 Indestructible Wooden Sword, Jinchoge Z/X  search
B20-103 InstigatingCadence", Tiamat Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-118 InstigatingCadence", Tiamat Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-089 Ironthread Silkmoth, Metal Bombyx Z/X  search
B20-031 Irregular X, BrighTron the Crumbleblade Judgemech Z/X  SR  search
B20-007 Jasper Antelope of Will, Jasper Rupica Z/X  search
B20-020 Kalavinka and Honome, Maternal Bonds Event  search
B20-113 Kisara Domeki Player  IGR  search
B20-059 Lawbringer, Kohala Z/X  search
B20-011 Lion-Turned Huntress, Atalante Z/X  search
B20-045 Little Bravery, Kuroashineko Z/X  search
B20-004 Love-Knight of Retribution, Gwendolen Z/X  search
B20-087 Maid Team of Sakurakoji House, Thunbergia the Cool-Headed Z/X  search
B20-042 Manor Exploration Team, Birman Z/X  search
B20-029 Marital Vows, Rigel Z/X  search
B20-114 Marital Vows, Rigel Z/X  search
B20-017 Monkey General of State, Toyotomi Hideyoshi Z/X  SR  search
B20-016 Morgenstern Craftsman, Morning Star Z/X  search
B20-082 Mouse Girl, Were-Mouse Z/X  search
B20-027 Musical Instrument Seller, Stone Bridge Z/X  search
B20-107 My First Song -Yume de Omou" Event  Z/XR  search
B20-112 Nina Shitori Player  IGR  search
B20-095 Passionate Longspear, Shuro Z/X  search
B20-052 Propagating Lykoi Z/X  search
B20-015 Pure Hound, Howlite Husky Z/X  search
B20-009 Quicksand Whirlwind, Sa Gojo Z/X  search
B20-012 Rail Transport Craftsman, Railroad Z/X  search
B20-091 Refined Beast Tamer, Mokutenryo Z/X  search
B20-024 Reminiscent Instrumentalist, Dylan Z/X  search
B20-040 Rigel and Azumi, Intimate Bonds Event  search
B20-115 Rigel and Azumi, Intimate Bonds Event  search
B20-037 Romantic Music Squire, Hutten Z/X  search
B20-077 Ruler of the Wonderland, Red Queen Z/X  SR  search
B20-060 Sagarmatha and Misaki, Loyal and Filial Bonds Event  search
B20-048 Sanctuary-Guarding Sacred Beast, Aura Titan Z/X  search
B20-058 Scuttling Eidolon, Aura Boz Z/X  search
B20-032 Sea Garden Manager, Ringo Z/X  search
B20-018 Secret Gratitude, Kalavinka Z/X  search
B20-080 Sieger and Ayase, Inseparable Bonds Event  search
B20-036 Silverwind of the Speed of Sound, TGV Z/X  search
B20-063 Skeleton Militiamen, Skeletal Militia Z/X  search
B20-079 Sky-Piercing Starving Phanter, Sieger Z/X  SR  search
B20-067 Sleepless Murmur, Chatter Z/X  search
B20-002 Spirit of Ash Tree, Melia Z/X  search
B20-101 Springcry Awakened Bird, Kalavinka Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-116 Springcry Awakened Bird, Kalavinka Z/X Extra  HR  search
B20-064 Squeezing Vise Z/X  search
B20-038 Submarine Transformation, Deepsea Z/X  search
B20-021 Suppression Union, Arsenic Z/X  search
B20-065 Swinging Suruga Z/X  search
B20-108 The First Costume -Angel & Blue Rose Event  Z/XR  search
B20-044 Trip for Collecting Data, Abyssinian Z/X  search
B20-023 Vanishing Machine, Lost Z/X  search
B20-084 Verdurous Songmaiden, Pecteilis Z/X  search
B20-100 Vesparose and Kisara, Blindly Obedient Bonds Event  search
B20-003 Vice Head of Arms Research Institute, Main Gauche Z/X  search
B20-069 Villainy the Heinous Referee Z/X  search
B20-068 Waking Demonic Prince, Alleluia Z/X  search
B20-097 Wasp Soldier First Lieutenant, Black Sting Z/X  SR  search
B20-086 Wasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose the Merciless Z/X  search
B20-055 Wings of Affection, Muriel the Giant Crab Z/X  SR  search
B20-026 XI Flags, Sciarrino Z/X  SR  search
B20-030 Young City Guard, Io Z/X  search

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