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Series III New Empires

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Series III New Empires: 210 cards
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19 Accidental Evolution R/A  search
42 Ace Fighter Pilot search
43 Administrator R/C  C1  search
195 Agro Moon C2  search
87 Alfven Wave search
10 Anarchist search
22 Ancient Ruins C2  search
49 Android search
96 Artifact - Dragon Gem of Protection search
100 Artifact - Galactic Prism search
97 Artifact - Krebiz Monolith search
99 Artifact - Star Gate search
5 Artifact - War Medal of Yorl C1  search
78 Assault Fighter R/E  search
6 Assault Rifle C1  search
60 Astral Dragoness search
92 Aurora Effect C1  search
20 Avatar R/A  search
11 Battle Suit C1  search
7 Bionic Enhancement C2  search
196 Blayok Protostar C2  search
160 Bolaar Heavy Cargo Express search
44 Bureaucrat C1  search
194 Captured Moon C2  search
122 Cerebral Void C1  search
64 Civilian Transporter R/E  C2  search
76 Cloning Device search
136 Clydon Battle Craft R/S  search
137 Clydon Carrier Craft R/S  search
67 Clydon Energy Armor C1  search
161 Clydon Heavy Star Cruiser search
144 Clydon Light Star Cruiser C1  search
174 Clydon Man-O-War - Man-O-War search
150 Clydon Medium Star Cruiser search
131 Clydon Mine Craft R/S  C1  search
132 Clydon Science Craft R/S  C1  search
133 Clydon Scout Craft R/S  C1  search
210 Clydon Supermassive Planet search
138 Clydon Ultra-Light Cruiser C1  search
134 Clydon War Craft R/S  search
162 Clydon War Cruiser - War Cruiser search
206 Comet - Scorpead Comet of Lore search
98 Command Disjunction C1  search
88 Cosmic Cyclone search
83 Cyber Disturbance C1  search
38 Cyber Mage [C4] C2  search
45 Cyber Mage [C6] search
114 Cyber Mites search
33 Cyber-Programmer C2  search
16 Cyborg Death R/A  search
72 Defense Grid search
8 Demolition Expertise C1  search
201 Dependency World search
4 Deviant C2  search
125 Devolution R/O  search
89 Distortion Pocket search
13 Double Agent search
18 Duo-Brain search
163 Emergency Rescue Ship search
193 Energy Moon C2  search
35 Escaped Prisoner C1  search
26 Evil Temple search
65 Explosive Mine C2  search
120 False Distress Call C1  search
209 Gas Giant - Blookerak Gas Giant search
9 Genetic Mutation R/A  C2  search
85 Gravity Pocket [H4] C1  search
36 Green Fighter Pilot C2  search
23 Heavy Planetary Shield C1  search
81 Hologram R/E  search
27 Hospital search
119 Illness - Aldibrik Ailment C2  search
121 Illness - Space Deterioration C1  search
175 Independent Pirate Cruiser C1  search
39 Intelligence Officer C1  search
90 Interstellar Plasma R/H  search
93 Intoxication C1  search
54 Legendary Pirate Captain search
40 Lieutenant C1  search
3 Logic C2  search
91 Lucky Mine Explosion C2  search
84 Magnetic Cloud C2  search
59 Magus Dragoness C1  search
29 Manufacturing Plant search
53 Master Spy R/C  search
79 Mechad Network Interface search
37 Media Personality C2  search
14 Mental Anguish search
12 Mind Mold Symbionts search
80 Mine Deployment System search
197 Minor Planet - Bosheegh Minor Planet C2  search
17 Miscreant search
70 Monster Defense System C1  search
176 Nagiridni Pirate Cruiser search
164 Nagiridni Pirate Destroyer search
139 Nagiridni Pirate Scout C1  search
62 Neutrino Dragoness search
200 Obelisk System C2  search
123 Orbital Decay C1  search
135 P.O.T. Armed Launch C2  search
183 P.O.T. Battlecruiser search
190 P.O.T. Battleship search
165 P.O.T. Command Cruiser search
151 P.O.T. Destroyer C2  search
187 P.O.T. Dreadnought search
140 P.O.T. Escort C2  search
177 P.O.T. Fighter Carrier search
145 P.O.T. Frigate C2  search
166 P.O.T. Heavy Cruiser search
167 P.O.T. Light Cruiser search
168 P.O.T. Medium Cruiser search
152 P.O.T. Minesweeper C1  search
146 P.O.T. Science Cutter C2  search
169 P.O.T. Scout Cruiser C1  search
94 Parallel Universe C2  search
24 Penal Colony search
198 Periodic Comet - Rom's Comet C2  search
105 Phantom C1  search
57 Phase Dragoness search
106 Phase Rats C1  search
68 Phaser Fighter R/E  C1  search
77 Phaser Magnifier Refit search
202 Pirate System search
203 Planet - Zambarez Planet C1  search
58 Plasma Dragoness C2  search
208 Plasmatic Nebula search
126 Political Clout search
15 Promotion C1  search
46 Prophet search
69 Radial Dish C2  search
102 Rat Infestation C2  search
115 Redgelon search
153 Refueler search
30 Repair Base search
50 Research Developer search
73 Robotic Crew C2  search
107 Scandig Blob C2  search
34 Science Officer R/C  C2  search
95 Scientifically Enhance Tectonic Plate Structure R/L  search
184 Scorpead Battlecruiser search
191 Scorpead Battleship search
178 Scorpead Command Cruiser search
147 Scorpead Destroyer C2  search
188 Scorpead Dreadnought search
141 Scorpead Escort C2  search
142 Scorpead Frigate C2  search
179 Scorpead Heavy Cruiser search
170 Scorpead Light Cruiser C2  search
154 Scorpead Minesweeper C1  search
155 Scorpead Science Ship C2  search
171 Scorpead Scout Cruiser C1  search
207 Sensor Planet search
101 Sextaraan Web Crawlers R/M  C2  search
129 Ship Collision search
116 Skull Reaper search
103 Skullets C1  search
47 Slave Trader search
52 Spiritual Leader [C8] search
28 Spiritual Temple [B7] C1  search
86 Star Quake C1  search
74 Stasis Mine search
2 Strategy C1  search
127 Structural Degeneration search
172 Super Tanker search
82 Supersonic Flow C2  search
55 Supreme Leader search
110 Symnergenic Cloud search
32 SYSOP C2  search
205 System - Femerazi System C1  search
204 System - Pentier System search
75 Tactical Fighter R/E  search
51 Tactical Officer search
48 Tactician search
128 Tarragym Effect search
41 Teamster C2  search
21 Techno-Sorcerer search
111 Tectonic Burrower C1  search
108 The Soulless C1  search
130 Time Portal search
66 Transport Shuttle R/E  C2  search
71 Transporter Mine C1  search
192 Tufor Battleship search
180 Tufor Command Launch search
148 Tufor Cutter C2  search
156 Tufor Destroyer C2  search
189 Tufor Dreadnought search
143 Tufor Escort C2  search
181 Tufor Fighter Carrier search
173 Tufor Heavy Cruiser search
157 Tufor Light Cruiser C1  search
149 Tufor Light Fighter Carrier C2  search
182 Tufor Mine Cruiser search
158 Tufor Mine Layer C1  search
31 Tufor Operations Base search
159 Tufor Research Scout C2  search
25 Tufor Science Platform C1  search
185 Tufor War Cruiser search
63 Undead Dragoness search
199 Vacation Planet - Vacation Planet Embrosia search
186 Vektrean Dreadnought search
112 Void Angel search
61 Vortex Dragoness search
113 Vymezies Blaze search
109 Vymezies Matter C1  search
104 Vymezies Particle C2  search
124 Warning Buoy R/O  search
56 Yorl the Forsaken R/C  search
117 Zaggoth Guardian search
118 Zaggoth Mordeth search
1 Medical Scanner C2  search

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