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Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

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Archenemy: Nicol Bolas: 130 cards
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S16 A Reckoning Approaches Scheme  search
2 Aerial Responder Creature  search
3 Anointer of Champions Creature  search
31 Archfiend of Depravity Creature  search
39 Avatar of Fury Creature  search
80 Baleful Strix Artifact Creature  search
40 Battle-Rattle Shaman Creature  search
S01 Because I Have Willed It Ongoing Scheme  search
S02 Behold My Grandeur Scheme  search
41 Blood Ogre Creature  search
81 Blood Tyrant Creature  search
S03 Bow to My Command Ongoing Scheme  search
43 Chandra's Outrage Instant  search
44 Chandra's Phoenix Creature  search
42 Chandra, Pyromaster Planeswalker  search
S04 Choose Your Demise Scheme  search
23 Compulsive Research Sorcery  search
45 Coordinated Assault Instant  search
82 Cruel Ultimatum Sorcery  search
92 Crumbling Necropolis Land  search
62 Cultivate Sorcery  search
32 Deathbringer Regent Creature  search
S05 Delight in the Hunt Scheme  search
33 Doom Blade Instant  search
4 Doomed Traveler Creature  search
93 Dragonskull Summit Land  search
83 Dreadbore Sorcery  search
94 Drowned Catacomb Land  search
46 Dualcaster Mage Creature  search
S06 Every Dream a Nightmare Scheme  search
5 Excoriate Sorcery  search
6 Expedition Raptor Creature  search
63 Explore Sorcery  search
84 Extract from Darkness Sorcery  search
7 Fencing Ace Creature  search
64 Fertilid Creature  search
8 Fiendslayer Paladin Creature  search
47 Fiery Fall Instant  search
48 Flametongue Kavu Creature  search
9 Flickerwisp Creature  search
S07 For Each of You, a Gift Scheme  search
101 Forest Basic Land  search
106 Forest Basic Land  search
65 Forgotten Ancient Creature  search
10 Gideon Jura Planeswalker  search
11 Gideon's Lawkeeper Creature  search
49 Gorehorn Minotaurs Creature  search
12 Grand Abolisher Creature  search
13 Grasp of the Hieromancer Enchantment  search
50 Grim Lavamancer Creature  search
95 Grixis Panorama Land  search
51 Guttersnipe Creature  search
52 Hammerhand Enchantment  search
34 Harvester of Souls Creature  search
DST04 Horror // Zombie Token Creature  search
66 Hunter's Prowess Sorcery  search
24 Icefall Regent Creature  search
53 Inferno Titan Creature  search
25 Ior Ruin Expedition Enchantment  search
103 Island Basic Land  search
98 Island Basic Land  search
67 Khalni Heart Expedition Enchantment  search
S08 Know Evil Scheme  search
54 Lightning Bolt Instant  search
14 Lightwielder Paladin Creature  search
S09 Make Yourself Useful Scheme  search
15 Mentor of the Meek Creature  search
16 Moment of Heroism Instant  search
100 Mountain Basic Land  search
105 Mountain Basic Land  search
S11 My Forces Are Innumerable Ongoing Scheme  search
S12 My Laughter Echoes Ongoing Scheme  search
85 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Planeswalker  search
35 Nightscape Familiar Creature  search
68 Nissa, Worldwaker Planeswalker  search
S13 No One Will Hear Your Cries Scheme  search
88 Obelisk of Grixis Artifact  search
55 Obsidian Fireheart Creature  search
17 Odric, Master Tactician Legendary Creature  search
69 Oran-Rief Hydra Creature  search
36 Overseer of the Damned Creature  search
S14 Pay Tribute to Me Scheme  search
102 Plains Basic Land  search
97 Plains Basic Land  search
S15 Power Without Equal Scheme  search
18 Precinct Captain Creature  search
70 Press the Advantage Instant  search
26 Prognostic Sphinx Creature  search
71 Rampaging Baloths Creature  search
27 Reckless Scholar Creature  search
37 Reckless Spite Instant  search
19 Relief Captain Creature  search
72 Retreat to Kazandu Enchantment  search
73 Scute Mob Creature  search
56 Searing Spear Instant  search
20 Shoulder to Shoulder Sorcery  search
57 Skarrgan Firebird Creature  search
86 Slave of Bolas Sorcery  search
96 Smoldering Spires Land  search
DST02 Soldier // Beast [3/3] Token Creature  search
DST03 Soldier // Beast [4/4] Token Creature  search
DST01 Soldier // Spirit Token Creature  search
87 Soul Ransom Enchantment  search
28 Sphinx of Jwar Isle Creature  search
58 Stormblood Berserker Creature  search
59 Sudden Demise Sorcery  search
21 Sun Titan Creature  search
104 Swamp Basic Land  search
99 Swamp Basic Land  search
89 Sword of the Animist Legendary Artifact  search
74 Sylvan Bounty Instant  search
90 Talisman of Dominance Artifact  search
91 Talisman of Indulgence Artifact  search
S10 The Mighty Will Fall Scheme  search
S17 There Is No Refuge Scheme  search
S18 This World Belongs to Me Scheme  search
75 Thragtusk Creature  search
60 Torchling Creature  search
76 Turntimber Basilisk Creature  search
38 Vampire Nighthawk Creature  search
77 Vastwood Zendikon Enchantment  search
78 Vines of the Recluse Instant  search
29 Vision Skeins Instant  search
61 Volcanic Geyser Instant  search
S19 What's Yours Is Now Mine Scheme  search
S20 When Will You Learn? Scheme  search
30 Windrider Eel Creature  search
79 Woodborn Behemoth Creature  search
22 Youthful Knight Creature  search
1 ´╗┐Aegis Angel Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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