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G Booster Set 13: Ultimate Stride

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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G Booster Set 13: Ultimate Stride: 138 cards
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G-BT13-065 Ajargal Liberator Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-054 Antibody Pegasus Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-103 Battle Siren, Cipla Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-032 Black Call, Nakir Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-031 Black Carve, Ezezel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-060 Black Cause, Muriel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-021 Black Horned King, Bullpower Agrius Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-BT13-S11 Black Horned King, Bullpower Agrius (SP) Spike Brothers  SP  search
G-BT13-014 Black Prepare, Arakiba Angel Feather  RR  search
G-BT13-Re01 Black Shiver, Gavrail Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-BT13-006 Black Shock, Gavrail Prim Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-BT13-S02 Black Shock, Gavrail Prim (SP) Angel Feather  SP  search
G-BT13-057 Black Talent, Lyla Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-053 Black Wisdom, Sraosha Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-082 Black-winged Dragon, Ravenptera Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-024 Blue Storm Breaking Dragon, Engulf Maelstrom Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-S12 Blue Storm Breaking Dragon, Engulf Maelstrom (SP) Aqua Force  SP  search
G-BT13-048 Blue Storm Soldier, Eldermoss Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-025 Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Lordly Maelstrom Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-047 Blue Wave Armor General, Galfilia Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-102 Blue Wave Dragon, Arsenal-fleet Dragon Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-027 Blue Wave Engineer, Refit Sailor Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-050 Blue Wave Marine General, Foivos Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-049 Blue Wave Marine General, Galleass Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-104 Blue Wave Marine General, Medla Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-011 Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Flood Hazard Dragon Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-S07 Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Flood Hazard Dragon (SP) Aqua Force  SP  search
G-BT13-Re03 Blue Wave Marshal Dragon, Tetra-boil Dragon Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-013 Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-S09 Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos (SP) Aqua Force  SP  search
G-BT13-107 Blue Wave Recruit, Kosty Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-026 Blue Wave Shield General, Yorgos Aqua Force  RR  search
G-BT13-105 Blue Wave Soldier Senior, Beragios Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-109 Blue Wave Soldier, Bluegill Trooper Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-108 Blue Wave Soldier, Brutal Trooper Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-110 Blue Wave Soldier, Twinhead Shark Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-072 Burning Horn Evolute Kagerō  search
G-BT13-072EN Burning Horn Evolute EN Kagerō  search
G-BT13-084 Child Dragon, Littletyranno Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-046 Cold Blooded Advisor, Cunning Brain Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-019 Converse Ornith Tachikaze  RR  search
G-BT13-130 Cruel Dragon Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT13-131 Demonic Dragon Mage, Deva Kagerō  search
G-BT13-009 Destruction New Emperor, Gaia Devastate Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-BT13-S05 Destruction New Emperor, Gaia Devastate (SP) Tachikaze  SP  search
G-BT13-090 Disciple Stealth Rogue, Minosuke Murakumo  search
G-BT13-081 Distribute Bullet Dragon, Spreadamarga Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-058 Doctoroid Doritas Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-063 Doctoroid Ladrus Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-073EN Doom Bringer High Flame EN Kagerō  search
G-BT13-073 Doom Bringer Highflame Kagerō  search
G-BT13-018 Dragon Dancer, Tara Kagerō  RR  search
G-BT13-074 Dragon Knight, Naim Kagerō  search
G-BT13-071 Dragon Knight, Ysaar Kagerō  search
G-BT13-106 Dragon Rider, Dinos Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-008 Dragonic Overlord "The Destiny" Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT13-S04 Dragonic Overlord "The Destiny" (SP) Kagerō  SP  search
G-BT13-S04EN Dragonic Overlord "The Destiny" EN Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT13-008EN Dragonic Overlord "The Destiny" English Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT13-023 Dudley Cheers, Lindsey Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-BT13-100 Dudley Schemer Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-099 Dudley Striker Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-066 Easegal Liberator Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-Re02 Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor Tachikaze  RRR  search
G-BT13-015 Eradicate Celestial, Raviel Angel Feather  RR  search
G-BT13-096 Fake Bomber Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-005 Fanatic Seraph, Gavrail Eden Angel Feather  RRR  search
G-BT13-S01 Fanatic Seraph, Gavrail Eden (SP) Angel Feather  SP  search
G-BT13-077 Fire Chase Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT13-016 Flash Fang Liberator, Garmore Excel Gold Paladin  RR  search
G-BT13-085 Furious Hair Stealth Rogue, Ikkaku Murakumo  search
G-BT13-044 Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka Murakumo  search
G-BT13-022 Giant, Rising Great Star Spike Brothers  RR  search
G-BT13-080 Gliding Dragon, Dimorglide Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-037 Glow Heater Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT13-037EN Glow Heater Dragon EN Kagerō  search
G-BT13-030 Grafting Celestial, Jhudiel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-078 Great Cannon Dragon, Heavyarsen Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-Re05 Great Warrior, Dudley Geronimo Spike Brothers  RRR  search
G-BT13-039 Heavy Bullet Dragon, Diablo Cannon Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-028 Holy Celestial, Raguel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-029 Holy Seraph, Parashel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-061 Hospital Diet Angel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-059 Initial Celestial, Ruhiel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-097 Jet Motor, Dosty Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-095 Jet Power, Dusty Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-051 Kelpie Rider, Nikki Aqua Force  search
G-BT13-056 Kind Care, Sartael Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-067 Knight of Radiant Sun, Carinus Gold Paladin  search
PR-0387EN Knight of Spring Sun, Conanus EN Gold Paladin  Promo  search
G-BT13-034 Knight of Sunny Day, Salonius Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-094 Laser Blackguard Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-010 Law Deity of the Fifth Caution, Yasuie Genma Murakumo  RRR  search
G-BT13-S06 Law Deity of the Fifth Caution, Yasuie Genma (SP) Murakumo  SP  search
G-BT13-068 Liberator, Board Andalusian Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-035 Liberator, Improve Falcon Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-017 Liberator, Shaggy Rabbit Gold Paladin  RR  search
G-BT13-038 Light Wave Dragon, Chasmoluxes Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-076 Lizard Attacker, Conroe Kagerō  search
G-BT13-076EN Lizard Attacker, Conroe EN Kagerō  search
G-BT13-004 Marshal General of Surging Seas, Alexandros Aqua Force  GR  search
G-BT13-007 Master Swordsman of First Light, Gurguit Helios Gold Paladin  RRR  search
G-BT13-S03 Master Swordsman of First Light, Gurguit Helios (SP) Gold Paladin  SP  search
G-BT13-101 Mecha Instructor Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-064 Militant Act Dragon Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-091 Misfortune Stealth Rogue, Shirasagi Murakumo  search
G-BT13-052 Mixed Element, Colburn Cray Elemental  search
G-BT13-062 Nutrient Angel Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-Re04 One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-070 Plodmy Liberator Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-092 Power Flicker Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-040 Prism Bird Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-093 Prompt Cheetah Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-098 Prospective Starkey Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-075 Recuperate Dracokid Kagerō  search
G-BT13-083 Savage Conjuror Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-079 Savage Ranger Tachikaze  search
G-BT13-S10 Shining Fang Liberator, Garmore Excel (SP) Gold Paladin  SP  search
G-BT13-033 Shining True Liberator, Solemn Gritter Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-042 Six-fold Flower of Fantasy, Shirayuki Murakumo  search
G-BT13-087 Stealth Beast, Instant Swiper Murakumo  search
G-BT13-089 Stealth Beast, Siren Fox Murakumo  search
G-BT13-020 Stealth Fiend, Tamayuki Murakumo  RR  search
G-BT13-088 Stealth Rogue of Entertainment, Senbe Murakumo  search
G-BT13-086 Stealth Rogue of Grudge, Sodehagi Murakumo  search
G-BT13-043 Stealth Rogue of Retaliation, Ooboshi Murakumo  search
G-BT13-045 Sturdy Barricade, Hecaton Guss Spike Brothers  search
G-BT13-036 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Accend Grave Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT13-003 Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "The Purge" Kagerō  GR  search
G-BT13-003EN Supreme Heavenly Emperor Dragon, Dragonic Overlord "The Purge" EN Kagerō  GR  search
G-BT13-012 Supreme Ruler of the Storm, Thavas Aqua Force  RRR  search
G-BT13-S08 Supreme Ruler of the Storm, Thavas (SP) Aqua Force  SP  search
G-BT13-041 Sweetly Smiling Ice Petal, Shirayuki Murakumo  search
G-BT13-055 Thermic Shot Nurse Angel Feather  search
G-BT13-069 Young Lion Liberator, Romanus Gold Paladin  search
G-BT13-002 Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo Magallanica  ZR  search
G-BT14-003 Zeroth Dragon of End of World, Dust Gear Chronicle  ZR  search
G-BT13-001 Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma Dragon Empire  ZR  search

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