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German Gold Edition

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German Gold Edition: 300 cards
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60 A1 Fusionsverstärker [Fuser Mechanism] search
61 A1 Krebische Panzerung [Krebiz Armor] search
58 A1 Wandler [Distribution Node] search
89 A10 Subraumstabilisatoren [Subspace Stabilizers] search
62 A2 Labor [Laboratory] search
68 A3 Schwere Schilde [Heavy Shield Refit] search
69 A3 Schwere Waffe [Heavy Weapon Refit] search
71 A4 Hangar [Hangar Bay] search
72 A4 Shuttlebombe [Shuttle Bomb] search
73 A4 Sternenkarte [Stellar Map] search
74 A4 TRAKS [Tram Refit] search
75 A5 Antimateriemine [Antimatter Mine] search
298 A5 Gefährliche Fracht [Volatile Cargo] search
82 A6 Anti-Warpfeld-Geschütz [Warp Field Destabilization Gun] search
77 A6 Reflektorschirm [Deflection/Transfer Device] search
78 A6 Reparaturhangar [Repair Bay - Indirigan Repair Bay] search
79 A6 Reserveenergie [Reserve Power] search
80 A6 Sabotverstärker [Sabot Sequencer] search
81 A6 Supercomputer [Super Computer] search
83 A7 Argonischer Blender [Argonian Strobe] search
84 A7 Minenrampe [Mine Rack] search
85 A8 Bolaarische Phaserkondensatoren [Bolaar Phaser Capacitors] search
86 A8 Fusionsverstärkungssystem [Fuser] search
88 A9 V-Schirm [Shroud] search
87 A9 Wandler [Distribution Nodes] search
1 B1 Handelsstation [Commercial Outpost] search
2 B1 Planetarer Schild [Planetary Shield] search
3 B2 Abwehrsatelliten [Defensive Satellites] search
4 B2 Jägerstützpunkt [Fighter Garrison] search
5 B3 Energiegewinnungsplattform [Power Generation Platform] search
6 B3 Reparaturstation [Repair Station] search
9 B4 Forschungsstation [Research Base] search
7 B4 Orbitalstation [Base Station] search
8 B4 Planetare Phaserstellung [Planetary Phaser Base] search
10 B5 Verwaltungsbasis [Administrative Facility] search
11 B6 Kampfstation [Battlestation] search
295 B7 Akademie [Academy] search
12 B8 Schiffswerft [Shipyard] search
13 B9 Sternenbasis [Starbase] search
15 C1 Enterkommando [Boarding Party] search
18 C1 Indirierin [Indirigan Female] search
16 C1 Vertrauter des Obersten Exekutivgehilfsassistenten [Confidential First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the..... - Ditto] search
57 C10 Scholar [Scholar] search
56 C10 Urkrieger [Primordial Warrior] search
21 C2 Söldner [Mercenary] search
20 C2 Steuermann [Helmsman] search
19 C2 Ziviler Kapitän [Civilian Captain] search
22 C3 Krankenschwester [Nurse] search
23 C3 Techniker [Technician] search
24 C4 Enterkommando [Boarding Party] search
25 C4 Kopfgeldjäger [Bounty Hunter] search
26 C4 Korrupter Politiker [Corrupt Politician] search
296 C4 Kriegsveteran [War Veteran] search
297 C4 Navigator [Navigator] search
28 C4 Piratenkapitän [Pirate Captain] search
30 C5 Botschafter [Ambassador] search
31 C5 Kommunikationsoffizier [Communications Officer] search
33 C5 Quartiermeister [Quartermaster] search
34 C5 Waffenoffizier [Weapons Officer] search
35 C6 Alter Raumfahrer [Ancient Spacefarer] search
36 C6 Basenkommandant [Base Commander] search
42 C6 Einsatzoffizier [Operations Officer - Ops] search
45 C6 Geschwaderkommandant [Squadron Commander] search
37 C6 Kapitän [Captain] search
38 C6 Klon [Clone] search
41 C6 Söldner [Mercenary] search
48 C7 Admiral der Reserve [Reserve Commodore] search
47 C7 Geheimnisvoller Wanderer [Mystic Wanderer] search
49 C7 Saboteur [Saboteur] search
50 C8 Assassine [Assassin] search
51 C8 Befehlshaber der Flotte [Commodore] search
53 C8 Konteradmiral [Rear Admiral] search
52 C8 Mechadischer Overlord [Mechad Overlord] search
54 C9 Admiral [Admiral] search
55 C9 Indirischer Häuptling [Indirigan Chieftain] search
159 E1 Krankheit [Illness] search
198 E10 Planetenzerstörung [Planetary Destruction] search
160 E2 Kometeneinschlag [Comet Impact] search
162 E2 Naturkatastophe [Natural Disaster] search
161 E2 Verletzung [Injury [O2]] search
163 E3 Bürokratie [Bureaucracy] search
165 E3 Erzwungener Rückzug [Forced Retreat] search
164 E3 Frühwarnsystem [Early Warning Beacon] search
167 E4 Informationsleck [Information Leak] search
168 E4 Liebesaffäre [Love Interest] search
178 E5 Fernweh [Wandering Desire] search
173 E5 Krankheit [Illness [O5]] search
175 E5 Piratenaktivität [Pirate Activity] search
171 E5 Raumschiffswrack [Derelict Spacecraft] search
177 E5 Terraformung [Terraforming] search
170 E5 Totalausfall [Breakdown] search
174 E5 Wahnsinn [Insanity] search
180 E6 Bestechung [Bribe Pirate] search
179 E6 Entführung durch Aliens [Alien Abduction] search
183 E6 Streik [Labor Strikes] search
182 E6 Verletzung [Injury [O6]] search
185 E7 Erzwungener Rückzug [Forced Retreat] search
184 E7 Finanzrückführung [Capital Revitalization] search
187 E7 Überraschungsangriff [Surprise Attack] search
189 E8 Computervirus [Computer Virus] search
193 E8 Planetare Revolte [Planetary Revolt] search
194 E8 Selbstzerstörung [Self Destruction] search
192 E8 Seuche [Plague] search
195 E8 Technologischer Durchbruch [Technological Breakthrough] search
190 E8 Wirtschaftskrise [Economic Crisis] search
196 E9 Bündnisvertrag [Alliance Treaty] search
197 E9 Krankheit [Illness [O9]] search
90 H1 Divergierende Anomalie [Divergent Anomaly] search
91 H1 Staubwolke [Dust Cloud] search
92 H1 Zeitsprung [Time Warp] search
110 H10 Akru Supernova [Akru Supernova] search
93 H2 Gravitationswelle [Gravity Wave] search
94 H2 Ionensturm [Ion Storm] search
95 H2 Meteroitenschauer [Meteor Shower] search
99 H3 Kleines Minenfeld [Small Mine Field] search
97 H3 Pulsar [Pulsar] search
98 H3 Radioaktive Staubwolke [Radioactive Dust Cloud] search
100 H4 Nova [Nova] search
101 H4 Warptrichter [Warp Funnel] search
102 H5 Ionensturm [Ion Storm] search
103 H6 Doppelpulsar [Crab Pulsar] search
104 H6 Großes Minenfeld [Large Minefield] search
105 H6 Riesige Supernova [Type II Supernova] search
106 H7 Antimateriequelle [Antimatter Singularity] search
107 H7 Mahlstrom [Maelstrom] search
108 H8 Gravitationsfalte [Gravity Pocket] search
109 H9 Dimensionsportal [Dimensional Portal] search
96 K/H2 Plasmafeld [Plasma Field] T/H  search
267 K1 Eingefangener Satellit [Captured Satellite] search
268 K1 Großer Asteroid [Large Asteroid] search
294 K10 Gigantische Sonne [Super-Massive Star] search
270 K2 Handelsmond [Commerce Moon] search
271 K2 Ionisiertes Partikelfeld [Ionized Particle Field] search
272 K2 Kleiner Nebel - Kalins Kleiner Roter Nebel [Small Nebula - Kalin's Small Red Nebula] search
269 K2 Komet - Biruks Komet [Comet - Biruk's Comet] search
274 K3 Asteroidengürtel - Benakis Asteroidengürtel [Asteroid Belt - Benakis Asteroid Belt] search
275 K3 Erzmond [Ore Moon] search
273 K3 Waffenlager [Armory Moon] search
276 K4 Kleiner Planet - Bolaar IV [Small Planet - Bolaar IV] search
277 K4 Kleiner Planet - Siobhan 7 [Small Planet - Siobhan-7] search
278 K4 Kleines System - Rabuff Locttoor [Small System - Rabuff Locttoor] search
279 K5 Heimatnebel [Nebula - Homecloud Nebula] search
284 K5 Kleines System - Das Cramanneraksystem [Small System - The Cramannerak System] search
283 K5 Kleines System - Hcsuar-Drahcir-System [Small System - Hcsuar-Drahcir System] search
280 K5 Planet - Candor II [Planet - Candor II] search
281 K5 Planet - Jnaphahr [Planet - Jnaphahr] search
285 K5 Sonne [Star] search
282 K5 Vektrea [Planet - Vektrea Prime] search
286 K5 Zwillingsplaneten - Verkish I & II [Twin Planets - Verkirsh I & II] search
287 K6 Asteroidenfeld [Asteroid Field] search
289 K6 Planet - Der Beringte Gasriese Vorn [Planet - Vorn Ringed Gas Giant] search
288 K6 Schwarzes Loch [Black Hole] search
290 K7 Planet - Krebar [Planet - Krebizar] search
291 K8 System - Das Mechadsystem [System - Mechad System] search
292 K8 System - Das Scandigsystem [System - The Scandig System] search
293 K9 Planet - Heimatweit des Konzerns [Planet - Corporate Homeworld] search
137 M1 Forschungsschänder [Research Defiler] search
138 M1 Kleiner Phaseraal [Small Phaser Eel] search
139 M2 Planetenbohrer [Planet Gouge] search
140 M2 Raumwölkchen [Space Vertigo] search
143 M3 Schatten [Shadow] search
144 M3 Schildteufel [Shield Fiend] search
141 M3 Unbekannte Parasiten [Alien Parasites] search
142 M3 Unsichtbarer Wächter [Invinco Guardian] search
146 M4 Raumtazean [Spacetacean] search
145 M4 Space Dragon [Space Dragon] search
147 M5 Astromorph [Astromorph] search
148 M5 Großer Phaseraal [Large Phaser Eel] search
149 M5 Schiffsimitator [Ship Mimic] search
150 M5 Zarom [Zarom] search
151 M6 Geistesbeherrscher [Mind Control Beast] search
152 M6 Scentarischnecken [Scentari Snails] search
154 M6 Shuttlefresser [Shuttle Eater] search
153 M6 Verführerin [Seductress] search
155 M7 Moloch [Juggernaut] search
156 M7 Trilaterale Textangula [Tri-lateral Textangula] search
157 M9 Krake [Kraken] search
59 R/A1 Minenattrappe [False Mine] R/E  search
64 R/A2 Blocker [Repulsion Beam] R/E  search
63 R/A2 Nuklearmine [Nuclear Mine] R/E  search
65 R/A2 Traktorstrahl [Tractor Beam] R/E  search
66 R/A2 Transporter [Transporter] R/E  search
67 R/A3 Notstromaggregat [Emergency Power] R/E  search
70 R/A3 Shuttle [Shuttlecraft] R/E  search
76 R/A5 Jäger [Fighter] R/E  search
14 R/C1 Barkeeper [Bar Tender] R/C  search
17 R/C1 Besatzungsmitglied [Crewman] R/C  search
27 R/C4 Marine [Marine] R/C  search
29 R/C4 Sicherheitsoffizier [Security Officer] R/C  search
32 R/C5 Meuterer [Mutineer] R/C  search
39 R/C6 Kommando [Commando] R/C  search
40 R/C6 Reparaturteam [Damage Control Team] R/C  search
44 R/C6 Spion [Spy] R/C  search
43 R/C6 Wissenschaftsoffizier [Science Officer] R/C  search
46 R/C7 Arzt [Doctor] R/C  search
166 R/E3 Offensive/Defensive Elektronische Kriegsführung [Offensive/Defensive Electronic Warfare] R/O  search
169 R/E4 Instandsetzung [Repair Delivery] R/O  search
172 R/E5 Ausweichmanöver [Evasive Maneuvers] R/O  search
176 R/E5 Taktischer Rückzug [Tactical Retreat] R/O  search
181 R/E6 Nottrennung [Emergency Capsule Separation] R/O  search
186 R/E7 Wissenschaftlicher Durchbruch [Scientific Breakthrough] R/O  search
188 R/E8 Liebesaffäre Mit Einem Alien [Alien Love Interest] R/O  search
191 R/E8 Notreparatur [Emergency Damage Control] R/O  search
158 R/M9 Glücksdämon [Luck Demon] R/M  search
111 R/Z1 Glücklicher Zufall [Lucky Crew Action] R/L  search
112 R/Z2 Phaserfehlfunktion [Phaser Malfunction] R/L  search
116 R/Z3 Fehlreparatur [Repair Malfunction] R/L  search
117 R/Z3 Transporterfehlfunktion [Transporter Malfunction] R/L  search
122 R/Z4 Geballter Monsterangriff [Monster Overstrike] R/L  search
120 R/Z4 Mißverständnis [Miscommunications] R/L  search
121 R/Z4 Monsterheilung [Monster Healing] R/L  search
124 R/Z4 Shuttlefehlfunktion [Shuttle Malfunction] R/L  search
126 R/Z5 Schutzprogrammierung [Defensive Override] R/L  search
128 R/Z6 Geglücktes Manöver [Lucky Maneuver] R/L  search
127 R/Z6 Notsignal [Distress Beacon] R/L  search
130 R/Z7 Anomalienportal [Anomaly Portal] R/L  search
132 R/Z8 Erhöhte Einsatzbereitschaft [Advanced Preparedness] R/L  search
134 R/Z8 Falsche Zielansprache [Targeting Error] R/L  search
133 R/Z8 Göttlicher Einhalt [Demigod Diversion] R/L  search
199 S1 Flottenfrachter [Fleet Freighter] search
200 S1 Krebische Leichte Raumkapsel [Krebiz Light Capsule] search
202 S1 Krebische Minenräumkapsel [Krebiz Minesweeper Capsule] search
201 S1 Mittelschwerer Krebische Raumkapsel [Krebiz Medium Capsule] search
266 S10 Indirisches Schlachtenschiff [Indirigan Battleship] search
204 S2 Flottenschlepper [Fleet Tug] search
203 S2 Fregatte des Konzerns [Corporate Frigate] search
208 S2 Krebische Fregatte - Fregatte der Klipper-Klasse [Krebiz Clipper Frigate] search
206 S2 Krebische Gefechtskapsel [Krebiz Battle Capsule] search
209 S2 Krebische Kommandokapsel [Krebiz Command Capsule] search
211 S2 Krebische Scoutkapsel [Krebiz Scout Capsule] search
207 S2 Krebische Trägerkapsel [Krebiz Carrier Capsule] search
212 S2 Mechadische Fregatte [Mechad Frigate] search
213 S2 Raumjacht [Space Yacht] search
210 S2 Schwere Krebische Raumkapsel [Krebiz Heavy Capsule] search
205 S2 Unabhängiger Frachter [Independent Freighter] search
214 S2 Vektreanische Fregatte - Fregatte der Vektreanischen Söldner [Vektrean Frigate] search
215 S3 Argonische Fregatte der Sunspot-Klasse [Argonian Frigate - Argonian Sunspot Frigate] search
220 S3 Krebische Raumkapsel der Dreadnought-Klasse [Krebiz Dreadnought Capsule] search
221 S3 Krebischer Zerstörer der Zangen-Klasse [Krebiz Pincer Destroyer] search
216 S3 Leichter Bolaarischer Kaperer [Bolaar Light Pirate Raider] search
222 S3 Mechadischer Zerstörer [Mechad Destroyer] search
217 S3 Mittelschwerer Bolaarischer Kaperer [Bolaar Medium Raider] search
219 S3 Unabhängiger Schlepper [Independent Tug] search
223 S3 Vektreanische Zerstörer - Zerstörer der Vektreanischen Söldner [Vektrean Destroyer] search
218 S3 Zerstörer des Konzerns [Corporate Destroyer] search
225 S4 Argonischer Minenräumer der Schnee-Klasse [Argonian Minesweeper - Argonian Sleet Minesweeper] search
226 S4 Argonischer Scoutkreuzer der Cumulonimbus-Klasse [Argonian Scout Cruiser - Argonian Cumulonimbus Scout Cruiser] search
224 S4 Argonischer Zerstörer der Blizzard-Klasse [Argonian Destroyer - Argonian Blizzard Destroyer] search
227 S4 Bolaarischer Expressfrachter [Bolaar Cargo Express] search
228 S4 Bolaarischer Kaperer der Späher-Klasse [Bolaar Stealth Raider] search
231 S4 Indirische Fregatte - Fregatte der Indirischen Nomaden [Indirigan Frigate - Indirigan Nomads Frigate] search
232 S4 Leichter Krebischer Kreuzer der Schnabel-Klasse [Krebiz Mandible Light Cruiser - Krebiz Mandible Lt. Cruiser] search
229 S4 Leichter Kreuzer des Konzerns [Corporate Light Cruiser] search
234 S4 Leichter Mechadischer Kreuzer [Mechad Light Cruiser] search
237 S4 Leichter Vektreanischer Kreuzer [Vektrean Light Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Light Cruiser] search
236 S4 Mechadischer Scoutkreuzer [Mechad Scout Cruiser] search
230 S4 Minenräumer des Konzerns [Corporate Minesweeper] search
235 S4 Mittelschwerer Mechadischer Kreuzer [Mechad Medium Cruiser] search
233 S4 Ortliches Polizeischiff [Local Police Ship] search
299 S4 Unabhängiges Piratenschiff [Independent Pirate Ship] search
242 S5 Erzfrachter [Ore Carrier] search
300 S5 Indirischer Zerstörer [Indirigan Destroyer - Indirigan Nomads Destroyer] search
238 S5 Leichter Argonischer Kreuzer der Wirbelwind-Klasse [Argonian Light Cruiser - Argonian Whirlwind Light Cruiser] search
240 S5 Schwerer Krebischer Kruezer der Kauen-Klasse [Krebiz Claw Heavy Cruiser] search
241 S5 Schwerer Mechadischer Kreuzer [Mechad Heavy Cruiser] search
243 S5 Schwerer Vektreanischer Kruezer - Schwerer Kruezer der Vektreanischen Söldner [Vektrean Heavy Cruiser - Vektrean Mercenaries Heavy Cruiser] search
239 S5 Scoutkreuzer des Konzerns [Corporate Scout Cruiser] search
246 S6 Abfallverwerter [Garbage Scow] search
248 S6 Krebischer Dreadnought der Kraken-Klasse [Krebiz Kraken Dreadnought] search
247 S6 Leichter Indirischer Kreuzer [Indirigan Light Cruiser] search
249 S6 Luxusliner [Luxury Liner] search
251 S6 Mechadischer Kommandokreuzer [Mechad Command Cruiser] search
250 S6 Mechadischer Schlachtkreuzer [Mechad Battlecruiser] search
244 S6 Schwerer Argonischer Kreuzer der Taifun-Klasse [Argonian Heavy Cruiser - Argonian Typhoon Heavy Cruiser] search
245 S6 Schwerer Kreuzer des Konzerns [Corporate Heavy Cruiser] search
252 S6 Vektreanischer Schlachtkreuzer [Vektrean Battlecruiser] search
253 S7 Argonischer Schlachtkreuzer der Hurrikan-Klasse [Argonian Battlecruiser - Argonian Hurricane Battlecruiser] search
255 S7 Bolaarischer Dreadnought [Bolaar Dreadnought] search
257 S7 Kommandokreuzer des Konzerns [Corporate Command Cruiser] search
259 S7 Mechadischer Dreadnought [Mechad Dreadnought] search
256 S7 Schlachtkreuzer des Konzerns [Corporate Battlecruiser] search
254 S7 Schwerer Argonischer Träger der Ionensturm-Klasse [Argonian Heavy Carrier - Argonian Ionstorm Heavy Carrier] search
258 S7 Schwerer Indirischer Kreuzer [Indirigan Heavy Cruiser] search
260 S8 Argonischer Dreadnought der Nova-Klasse [Argonian Dreadnought - Argonian Nova Dreadnought] search
261 S8 Dreadnought des Konzerns [Corporate Dreadnought] search
262 S8 Indirischer Schlachtkreuzer - Schlatchtkreuzer der Indirischen Nomaden [Indirigan Battlecruiser - Indirigan Nomads Battlecruiser] search
263 S8 Mechadischer Schlachtschiff [Mechad Battleship] search
264 S9 Argonisches Schlachtschiff der Sternencluster-Klasse [Argonian Battleship - Argonian Star Cluster Battleship] search
265 S9 Schlachtschiff des Konzerns [Corporate Battleship] search
113 Z2 Antriebsverschleiß [Warp Engine Breech] search
114 Z3 Glückstreffer [Lucky Targeting] search
115 Z3 Piratenversteck [Pirate's Cache [L3]] search
125 Z4 Erfolglose Minenräumung [Unsuccessful Minesweeping] R/L  search
123 Z4 Navigationsfehler [Navigational Error] search
119 Z4 Ungewöhnliche Schildreparatur [Lucky Shield Repair] search
118 Z4 Verfluchtes Alienartefakt [Cursed Alien Artifact] search
129 Z7 Alienartefakt [Alien Artifact] search
131 Z7 Sofortige Reserve [Expeditious Reserves] search
135 Z9 Beschleunigter Zeitfluß [Accelerated Timeline] search
136 Z9 Verschollene Flotte [Lost Fleet] search

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