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BS41: 131 cards
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92 After Image Spell  Common  search
38 Aggressor-Serow Spirit  Common  search
24 Alphardon Spirit  Common  search
36 AN-SO2 Spirit  Common  search
88 Ancient Howling Magic/Burst  Common  search
37 Ardworks Spirit  Common  search
86 Brave Sacrifice Spell  Rare  search
87 Deathless Magic/Burst  Common  search
49 Degu of the MagicCard Spirit  Common  search
91 Fatal Damage Control Spell  Rare  search
90 Fortress Guard Spell  Common  search
83 Forward! The PirateShip Siegfried Nexus  Rare  search
95 Giant Tidal Wave Spell  Common  search
13 Grudge Dragon Spirit  Common  search
40 Gunsmith-Mime Spirit  Common  search
26 Hinarenkaku Spirit  Common  search
84 Jurassic Spear Spell  Common  search
93 Mirage Tempest Spell  Common  search
59 Mobile Pentan Emperor Wing Spirit  Common  search
32 Oyarenkaku Spirit  Common  search
89 Parent and Children Spell  Common  search
53 Pilot Pentan Spirit  Common  search
RV01 Rainydle Spirit  Common  search
4 Saber Runner Spirit  Common  search
71 SharkDragon GreyNose Spirit  Common  search
5 Solar Wind Dragon Spirit  Common  search
85 Star Rain Reborn Spell  Common  search
25 Takenoko Raccoon Spirit  Common  search
48 The Angelia Forestiel Spirit  Common  search
55 The Angelia Makiel Spirit/Burst  Common  search
50 The Angelia Ririel Spirit  Common  search
RV09 The ArcAngelia Gabrielen Spirit  Rare  search
52 The Balance HanejiMouse Spirit  Common  search
97 The BlackDragonDeity Zeo-Duram Spirit  X Rare  search
CP06 The BladeKingBeast Byak-Garo Spirit  X Rare  search
CP06a The BladeKingBeast Byak-Garo Spirit  X Rare  search
65 The BraveShine HeavyArmored Footsoldier Spirit  Common  search
15 The BraveShine Hell Sorcerer Spirit  Common  search
62 The BraveShine Hero Freeze Spirit  Common  search
14 The BraveShine Rhinoedge Snake Spirit  Common  search
30 The BraveShine Tobikamikiri Spirit  Common  search
28 The BraveShineBird KasumiRaicho Spirit  Common  search
103 The ClownDeity Dvergr Spirit  X Rare  search
102 The ClownDeity Melt Spirit  X Rare  search
3 The CometDragon SunGlazer Spirit  Common  search
33 The Count Dudleya Owl Spirit  Master Rare  search
35 The DawnTwinkleMarquis Red Phalaropow Spirit  Rare  search
RV02 The Deity Catastrophedragon Spirit  Rare  search
8 The DinosaurAlliance Armorhorn Dreadlosaurus Spirit  Common  search
2 The DinosaurAlliance Bladewings Pterodark Spirit  Common  search
73 The DinosaurAlliance Headquarters Nexus  Common  search
7 The DinosaurAlliance Ironface Daspleton Spirit  Rare  search
1 The DinosaurAlliance Monobrowsaurus Spirit  Common  search
96 The DinosaurRuler Dinobrizer Spirit  X Rare  search
70 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew Captain Whitejack Spirit  Rare  search
64 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew IronFist Shumocook Spirit  Common  search
63 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew Lookout NekoJaja Spirit  Common  search
61 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew Musician Onaga Spirit  Common  search
60 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew Sailor Coburn Spirit  Common  search
68 The DragonEmperor'sPirateCrew Sniper BlueJoe Spirit  Common  search
RV04 The DragonPhoenixDeity Baaral Spirit  Rare  search
46 The EvilDragonEmperor Fabnir Spirit  Master Rare  search
56 The Executive Angelia Safiel Spirit  Master Rare  search
76 The Expansive Hill Nexus  Common  search
10 The ExplosiveStarDragon Gammaray-Burst-Dragon Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
16 The FourSwordDemon Katorusu Spirit/Burst  Common  search
51 The Fruitsel Lemonade Spirit  Common  search
74 The Giant Snake's Cast-Off Skin Nexus  Common  search
CP09 The GiantEmperor Alexander Spirit  X Rare  search
CP09a The GiantEmperor Alexander Spirit  X Rare  search
69 The GiantHero Marvelous Spirit  Master Rare  search
45 The GlacierGodKing Avalanche-Bison Type-0 Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
80 The Grand Mouchuu Castle Nexus  Common  search
67 The Great Pirate GinVader Spirit  Common  search
CP08 The GreatAngelia Sophia Spirit  X Rare  search
CP08a The GreatAngelia Sophia Spirit  X Rare  search
81 The Heavenly Spring Nexus  Common  search
RV10 The HolyEmperorBeast Sphin-Cross Spirit  Rare  search
CP07 The IronKnight Yggdrasill Spirit  X Rare  search
CP07a The IronKnight Yggdrasill Spirit  X Rare  search
RV07 The KeyMaul Valgrind Spirit  Common  search
27 The KingBeastTribe Tategamine Spirit  Common  search
34 The KingBeastTribe Youth Blade Spirit/Burst  Common  search
79 The Land of Ice Pillars Nexus  Common  search
6 The MachineBeast Vulcan-Tiger Spirit  Common  search
RV08 The MachineDeity Inphenit-Wols Spirit  Rare  search
23 The MakaiMarshal Valvrosso Spirit  Rare  search
18 The MakaiSwordsman Salzerk Spirit  Common  search
99 The NobleCommander Noblesse-Oblige Spirit  X Rare  search
47 The NobleGod Grace-Order Spirit  Rare  search
41 The NobleOrder Brigade-Gunner Spirit  Common  search
39 The NobleOrder Public-Loader Spirit  Common  search
57 The Phantom Fruitsel Popo Spirit  Common  search
RV12 The PhoenicDeity Phoenix-Golem Spirit  Rare  search
101 The PirateDragonEmperor Siegfried-Abyss Spirit  X Rare  search
RV11 The PirateKing Leviadan Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
66 The PirateShipEater Hydra-Kraken Spirit  Common  search
54 The PranksterGodKing Moujoker Spirit  Master Rare  search
RV06 The Providence Hououga Spirit  Rare  search
20 The PurpleDragonKnight Viorose Spirit  Common  search
CP02 The PyroxeneTwelveGem AugustSovereign Augustar Spirit  X Rare  search
CP02a The PyroxeneTwelveGem AugustSovereign Augustar Spirit  X Rare  search
CP01 The PyroxeneTwelveGem OctoberKnightLord Hollow-Wayne Spirit  X Rare  search
CP03 The PyroxeneTwelveGem SeptemberSaint Moon-Gennaro Spirit  X Rare  search
31 The SealKingBeast Leopawn Spirit  Rare  search
CP05 The SevenShogun Beelzebeat Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
CP05a The SevenShogun Beelzebeat Spirit/Burst  X Rare  search
RV03 The SevenShogun Pandemium Spirit  Rare  search
75 The SevenShogun Resting Mausoleum Nexus  Common  search
72 The Star Desert Nexus  Common  search
77 The Temple Engulfed In Green Nexus  Common  search
CP04 The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm Spirit  X Rare  search
CP04a The ThunderEmperorDragon Siegwurm Spirit  X Rare  search
82 The Treasure Map Nexus  Common  search
42 The TwilightDarknessSnakeKing Alberich Spirit  Rare  search
58 The TwinkleAngelia Suriel Spirit  Common  search
29 The TwinkleHornedShellEmperor Gertrudae Spirit  Rare  search
19 The TwinkleSnake Horned Viper Spirit  Common  search
11 The TwinkleStarSecondApostle Stargaze Spirit  Rare  search
9 The TwinkleStarSeventhApostle Hyperion Spirit  Rare  search
43 The TwinklingGoddess Freia Spirit  Common  search
12 The TwinRowdyDinosaru Super Diranos Spirit  Master Rare  search
44 The Valkyrie RoseWeiss Spirit/Burst  Common  search
21 The VanityDeityGeneral Dogma-Graad Spirit  Rare  search
22 The VanityDragon Hollow-Dragon Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
98 The WhirlwindKingBeast Blast-Saber Spirit  X Rare  search
78 The White Holy Relic Nexus  Common  search
100 The WindSeraph Aeriphiel Spirit  X Rare  search
RV05 The Yojinbo Antman Spirit  Common  search
94 Treasure Draw Spell  Common  search
17 Twobite Snake Spirit  Common  search

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