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Ash vs Team Rocket Deck Kit

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Ash vs Team Rocket Deck Kit: 28 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
025 Ash's Friendship Trainer  Fixed  search
005 Ash's Pikachu GX Lightning  Fixed  search
018 Bewear Colorless  Fixed  search
004 Bruxish Water  Fixed  search
021 Crushing Hammer Trainer  Fixed  search
019 Energy Retrieval Trainer  Fixed  search
016 Gumshoos Colorless  Fixed  search
012 Lycanroc Fighting  Fixed  search
002 Mareanie Water  Fixed  search
013 Meowth Colorless  Fixed  search
024 Poké Ball (Fixed) #024 Trainer  Fixed  search
024b Poké Ball (Fixed) #024b Trainer  Fixed  search
023 Pokémon Catcher Trainer  Fixed  search
020 Potion Trainer  Fixed  search
011 Rockruff Fighting  Fixed  search
001 Rowlet Grass  Fixed  search
009 Salandit Psychic  Fixed  search
017 Stufful Colorless  Fixed  search
022 Switch (Fixed) #022 Trainer  Fixed  search
022b Switch (Fixed) #022b Trainer  Fixed  search
007 Tapu Koko Lightning  Fixed  search
014 Tauros Colorless  Fixed  search
026 Team Rocket's Harassment Trainer  Fixed  search
010 Team Rocket's Mimikyu GX Psychic  Fixed  search
006 Togedemaru Lightning  Fixed  search
003 Toxapex Water  Fixed  search
008 Wobbuffet Psychic  Fixed  search
015 Yungoos Colorless  Fixed  search
Total price for whole set:

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