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CB01: 77 cards
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26 Baltan Seijin Spirit  Common  search
57 Collapser Aura Magic/Burst  Common  search
21 Dark Lugiel Spirit  Rare  search
59 Deathium Ray Spell  Common  search
BS32-072 Flame Slash Spell/Soul Burst  Rare  search
52 Future Earth Nexus  Common  search
60 Heat Blaster Spell  Common  search
55 I'm Borrowing the Power of Bonds! Nexus  Common  search
58 Magata-Thunderbolt Spell  Common  search
BS32-112 Mantra Draw Spell  Rare  search
BS30-075 Necro Blight Spell  Rare  search
5 The Ancient Kaiju Gomora Spirit  Master Rare  search
20 The AntennaAlien Bat Seijin Spirit  Common  search
54 The Baltan Seijin Spaceship Nexus  Common  search
16 The CloneAlien Guts Seijin Doppel Spirit  Common  search
15 The CombinationKingDemonBeast Zeppandon Spirit  Rare  search
46 The DarknessDemonSuperBeast Demonzoa Spirit  Rare  search
23 The DarkSpaceGreatEmperor Empera Seijin Spirit  Rare  search
25 The Devil Beast Zaigorg Spirit  Rare  search
51 The Evil Gathering on the Tower Nexus  Common  search
31 The Evil God of Destruction Dark Zagi Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
x02 The Evil God of Destruction Hyper Zetton (Imago) Spirit  X Rare  search
x02a The Evil God of Destruction Hyper Zetton (Imago) Spirit  X Rare  search
x04 The First Ultraman Spirit  X Rare  search
x04a The First Ultraman Spirit  X Rare  search
1 The FriendlyGiantBird Lidorias Spirit  Common  search
50 The GalaxyEmperor Kaiser Belial Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
12 The GreatKingDemonBeast Maga-Orochi Spirit  Rare  search
19 The HellAlien Hipporito Seijin Callisto Spirit  Common  search
24 The HundredBodiesKaiju Beliudra Spirit  Rare  search
22 The InfernalWarrior Kyrieloid II Spirit  Rare  search
53 The Jewel-turned City Nexus  Common  search
17 The KidnappingPhantom Kemur Man Spirit  Common  search
9 The KingDemonBeast of Earth Maga-Grand-King Spirit  Rare  search
6 The KingDemonBeast of Fire Magapandon Spirit  Common  search
13 The KingDemonBeast of Light Maga-Zetton Spirit/Burst  Master Rare  search
48 The KingDemonBeast of Water Magajappa Spirit  Common  search
3 The KingDemonBeast of Wind Maga-Basser Spirit  Common  search
56 The Land of Light Nexus  Rare  search
30 The Love and Hate Warrior Camearra Spirit  Common  search
37 The MissileSuperBeast Verokron Spirit  Common  search
35 The MoonlightKaiju Revived Eleking Spirit  Common  search
28 The OddMachineAlien Gapiya Seijin Sades Spirit  Rare  search
27 The OddMachineCustomDragon Galactron Spirit  Common  search
29 The OddMachineKaiju Diabolic Spirit  Master Rare  search
10 The OrganicSaucer Nova Spirit  Common  search
8 The PerfectLifeForm IF (Fourth Form) Spirit  Rare  search
14 The PhantomDemon Jugglus Juggler (Majin Form) Spirit  Master Rare  search
11 The SkullKaiju Red King (The Second) Spirit  Rare  search
2 The SpaceDinosaur Hyper Zetton (Coccon) Spirit  Common  search
7 The SpaceDinosaur Hyper-Zetton (Gigant) Spirit  Rare  search
4 The SpaceKaiju Bemular Spirit  Common  search
32 The SuperAncientGhostWingedBeast Shibito Zoiger Spirit  Common  search
32-2 The SuperAncientGhostWingedBeast Shibito Zoiger Spirit  Common  search
32-3 The SuperAncientGhostWingedBeast Shibito Zoiger Spirit  Common  search
32-4 The SuperAncientGhostWingedBeast Shibito Zoiger Spirit  Common  search
x03 The SuperScientificAlien Dark Baltan Spirit  X Rare  search
x03a The SuperScientificAlien Dark Baltan Spirit  X Rare  search
x01 The UltimateKingDemonBeast Magata no Orochi Spirit  X Rare  search
18 The VillainousAlien Temperor Seijin Batista Spirit  Common  search
62 Trinitium Light Ring Spell  Common  search
36 Ultraman Ginga Spirit  Rare  search
34 Ultraman Jack Spirit  Rare  search
44 Ultraman Mebius Spirit/Burst  Rare  search
40 Ultraman Orb Emerium Slugger Spirit  Common  search
43 Ultraman Orb Lighting Attacker Spirit  Common  search
47 Ultraman Orb Orb Origin Spirit  Master Rare  search
x06 Ultraman Orb Orb Trinity Spirit  X Rare  search
41 Ultraman Orb Spacium Zeperion Spirit  Common  search
49 Ultraman Orb Thunder Breaster Spirit  Rare  search
x05 Ultraman Tiga Spirit  X Rare  search
33 Ultraman Victory Spirit  Common  search
39 Ultraman X Spirit  Rare  search
45 Ultraman Zero Spirit  Master Rare  search
42 Ultraseven Spirit  Rare  search
61 Zerperion Ray Magic/Burst  Common  search
38 Zoffy Spirit  Rare  search

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