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Return of the Dragon Emperor

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Return of the Dragon Emperor: 37 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
RDE-041 Alabaster Dragon Knight Resonator  Common  search
RDE-033 Alhama'at's Purge Spell  Uncommon  search
RDE-042 Alice's World of Madness Addition  Uncommon  search
RDE-043 Almerius, Summoner of Spirits Resonator  Super Rare  search
RDE-096 Ancient Magic Stone Magic Stone  Rare  search
RDE-017 Apprentice Wererabbit Resonator  Common  search
CFC-071 Azathoth, Hunter of Reality Resonator  Super Rare  search
RDE-044 Black Heart Alice Resonator  Super Rare  search
RDE-045 Black Hole of the Spirit World Addition  Uncommon  search
RDE-034 Buer, Great President of Hell Resonator  Uncommon  search
RDE-018 Charlotte's Water Dragon Technique Chant  Uncommon  search
RDE-049 Cryptid of Tenacious Fire Resonator  Common  search
RDE-101 Darkness Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
RDE-035 Demon Captain, Eligos Resonator  Rare  search
RDE-050 Door of Time Chant  Rare  search
RDE-051 Dragon of Fire and Wind Resonator  Common  search
RDE-001 Dragon Power Chant  Rare  search
RDE-102 Fire Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
RDE-064 Kaguya, Tears of the Moon Ruler  No Rarity  search
RDE-103 Light Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
RDE-010 Memory to Memoria Chant  Common  search
RDE-012 Reincarnation Chant  Rare  search
RDE-013 Rising Fire Strike Chant  Uncommon  search
RDE-014 Salamander, the Spirit of Fire Resonator  Rare  search
080 Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux Resonator  Rare  search
RDE-005 Shield of the Nephilim Chant  Uncommon  search
RDE-088 The Dark March Hare Resonator  Common  search
RDE-091 The Two Dragon Princesses Spell  Uncommon  search
RDE-006 Tiny Alabaster Drake Resonator  Common  search
RDE-039 Viola, Obsidian Dragon Princess Resonator  Super Rare  search
RDE-024 Water Kimono of Twelve Parts Addition  Common  search
RDE-104 Water Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
RDE-094 Water-Wind Knight Resonator  Common  search
RDE-095 Will o'the Wisp Resonator  Rare  search
RDE-032 Wind Clad Elf Resonator  Common  search
RDE-105 Wind Magic Stone Magic Stone  No Rarity  search
RDE-008 Zero's Wrath Chant  Common  search
Total price for whole set:

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