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WXD-22 Black Conflation

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WXD-22 Black Conflation: 41 cards
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WD22-026-U Ariton, Fallen Annihilation SIGNI  search
WD22-025-U Baal, Reason of the Mortal Sin SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-016-UG Bad Exceed ARTS  ST  search
WD22-012-G Bad Toy ARTS  ST  search
WD22-023-U Belphego, Lustful Sinner SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-014-UG Bio Hazard ARTS  ST  search
WD22-015-UG Bloody Slash ARTS  ST  search
WD22-022-U Cerberun, Three-Headed Barrage SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-018-U Diabolos, Mortality of the Weak SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-027-U Enigma Aura Spell  ST  search
WD22-011-G Foolish Miasma ARTS  ST  search
WD22-005-U Four Color Miasma ARTS  ST  search
WD22-006-U Grave Gut ARTS  ST  search
WD22-007-G Guzuko, Useless Princess of Fulfillment LRIG  ST  search
WD22-010-G Guzuko, Useless Princess of Sorrow LRIG  ST  search
WD22-008-G Guzuko, Useless Princess of Transience LRIG  ST  search
WD22-009-G Guzuko, Useless Princess of Wicked Encounters LRIG  ST  search
WD22-024-U Ifrid, Night King of a Thousand Nights SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-017-U Luciferl, Fallen Talented Woman SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-021-U Miria, Vermilion Messenger SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-020-U Paimon, Fallen Nihilism SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-036-G Pain by Pain Spell  ST  search
WD22-041-UG Reverse Kiss Spell  ST  search
WD22-039-UG Servant D2 SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-040-UG Servant O2 SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-019-U Shiva, Roaring Fang of Transgression SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-013-UG Ulith and Guzuko LRIG  ST  search
WD22-002-U Ulith, Enma of Elegant Fall LRIG  ST  search
WD22-004-U Ulith, Enma of Favorable Meetings LRIG  ST  search
WD22-003-U Ulith, Gold-Dyed Enma LRIG  ST  search
WD22-001-U Ulith, Vermilion Enma LRIG  ST  search
WD22-028-U Violence Jealousy Spell  ST  search
WD22-030-G †Annabelle†, Wretched Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-035-G †Chouhan†, Different Blood Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-032-G †Chucky†, Imitating Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-029-G †Mahjong†, Death Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-037-UG †Roulette†, Death Play Devil SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-031-G †Saramawa†, Wretched Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-033-G †Shigabosu†, Imitating Play SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-038-UG †Slot†, Wretched Play Devil SIGNI  ST  search
WD22-034-G †Waranin†, Different Blood Play SIGNI  ST  search

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