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WX-17 Exposed Selector

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WX-17 Exposed Selector: 107 cards
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WX17-085 Allos Piruluk LRIG  Secret  search
WX17-016 Allos Piruluk G LRIG  LC  search
WX17-018 Allos Piruluk K LRIG  LC  search
WX17-017 Allos Piruluk M LRIG  LC  search
WX17-002 Allos Piruluk N LRIG  LR  search
WX17-084 Allos Piruluk N LRIG  LR  search
WX17-020 Any Choice ARTS  LC  search
WX17-Re02 Apato, Phantom Dragon SIGNI  Re  search
WX17-044 ARROW RAIN Spell  search
WX17-024 Bad Number ARTS  LC  search
WX17-046 Bisection, Half-Cut of Dividing Wisdom SIGNI  search
WX17-023 Bloody Out ARTS  LC  search
WX17-Re08 Blue Punish ARTS  Re  search
WX17-034 Botulines, Natural Bacteria Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-091 Botulines, Natural Bacteria Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-036 Brownie, Phantom Apparition SIGNI  search
WX17-083 Carnival -0- LRIG  Secret  search
WX17-013 Carnival -P- LRIG  LC  search
WX17-001 Carnival -Q- LRIG  LR  search
WX17-081 Carnival -Q- LRIG  LR  search
WX17-082 Carnival -Q- LRIG  LR  search
WX17-012 Carnival -S- LRIG  LC  search
WX17-011 Carnival -T- LRIG  LC  search
WX17-Re07 Chain Blue and Black ARTS  Re  search
WX17-Re05 Charm Tactics ARTS  Re  search
WX17-062 Claymore, Medium Trap SIGNI  search
WX17-Re03 Code Art BBQ SIGNI  Re  search
WX17-Re14 Code Art †ALCA† SIGNI  Re  search
WX17-048 Code Eat Baguette SIGNI  search
WX17-033 Code Eat Caviarra SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-090 Code Eat Caviarra SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-077 Code Eat Salsauce SIGNI  search
WX17-075 Code Eat Tartar SIGNI  search
WX17-076 Code Eat Tunamayo SIGNI  search
WX17-047 Congruence, Twins of Equal Wisdom SIGNI  search
WX17-Re12 CRYSTAL SEAL Spell  Re  search
WX17-092 Daihouika, Water Phantom Princess SIGNI  Secret  search
WX17-Re06 Don't Move ARTS  Re  search
WX17-009 Donna FIRST+ LRIG  LC  search
WX17-008 Donna SECOND+ LRIG  LC  search
WX17-007 Donna THIRD+ LRIG  LC  search
WX17-051 Dwarf, Phantom Apparition SIGNI  search
WX17-037 Enkid, Wild Clay Body SIGNI  search
WX17-006 Evacuation Advice ARTS  LR  search
WX17-071 FAKE DOLL Spell  search
WX17-004 Falling Splendor, Flowing Essence ARTS  LR  search
WX17-086 Falling Splendor, Flowing Essence ARTS  LR  search
WX17-045 FLASH Spell  search
WX17-026 Gilgamej, Omniscience of Arms SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-054 Gugalanne, Heavenly Bull Wrapped in Flames SIGNI  search
WX17-055 Humbaba, Hybrid Monster SIGNI  search
WX17-053 Ishtaro, Vengeful Bull Raiser SIGNI  search
WX17-Re13 Kakusen, Natural Stone SIGNI  Re  search
WX17-050 Kobold, Phantom Apparition SIGNI  search
WX17-074 Line, Line of Opportune Wisdom SIGNI  search
WX17-Re09 Lock You ARTS  Re  search
WX17-064 Mine, Small Trap SIGNI  search
WX17-003 Nameless Fear ARTS  LR  search
WX17-005 One Touch, Armor's End ARTS  LR  search
WX17-025 Oware, Phantom Apparition Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-087 Oware, Phantom Apparition Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-Re11 PICK UP Spell  Re  search
WX17-035 Pigsie, Phantom Apparition SIGNI  search
WX17-063 Plasbomb, Medium Trap SIGNI  search
WX17-015 Power over Life and Flame ARTS  LC  search
WX17-Re10 PRECIOUS Spell  Re  search
WX17-078 Pylori, Natural Bacteria SIGNI  search
WX17-032 Pythagorage, Square of Defining Wisdom SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-019 Refuse Spell ARTS  LC  search
WX17-073 Rounding, Disposal of Ending Wisdom SIGNI  search
WX17-079 Salmonella, Natural Bacteria SIGNI  search
WX17-Re01 Soap Succeed Spell  Re  search
WX17-021 Splendid Banquet ARTS  LC  search
WX17-049 Spore, Natural Bacteria SIGNI  search
WX17-Re04 Superb Performance Spell  Re  search
WX17-Re15 Three Burning Gathered Steps ARTS  Re  search
WX17-022 Tidying Up ARTS  LC  search
WX17-041 Timerbomb, Super Trap SIGNI  search
WX17-029 Trainbomb, Small Trap SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-089 Trainbomb, Small Trap SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-052 Troll, Phantom Apparition SIGNI  search
WX17-014 Unimpeded Roaring Advance ARTS  LC  search
WX17-072 Venndia, Set of Circular Wisdom SIGNI  search
WX17-080 Vibrio, Natural Bacteria SIGNI  search
WX17-040 Victory Song of Connected Destruction Spell  search
WX17-010 Xeno Express ARTS  LC  search
WX17-042 §Sakurae§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-069 §Shiomaneki§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-043 §Shirae§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-030 §Snowsec§, Great Phantom Insect SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-065 §Takaashi§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-068 §Umihota§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-070 §Yago§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-066 §Yakouchi§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-031 §Yashiganira§, Great Phantom Insect SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-067 §Yunohana§, Phantom Insect SIGNI  search
WX17-057 ≡Albedo≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-058 ≡Cosdus≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-039 ≡Costrin≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-056 ≡Daiseha≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-059 ≡Ecliptic≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-061 ≡Equinox≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-027 ≡Impact≡, Natural Star Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-060 ≡Rosenebby≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search
WX17-028 ≡Solar Flare≡, Natural Star Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-088 ≡Solar Flare≡, Natural Star Princess SIGNI  SR  search
WX17-038 ≡Taitotsu≡, Natural Star SIGNI  search

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