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Promotional Cards 12

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Promotional Cards 12: 21 cards
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P12-003 Ash-Eclipsed Fallen Angel, Gambiel Z/X  PR  search
P12-011 Attractive Maid, Prin-chan Player  PR  search
P12-021 Beauty on Each Arms? Event  PR  search
P12-001 Devil-Slaying Hero, Akechi Mitsuhide Z/X  PR  search
P12-010 Enjoying Day Off, Tartini Z/X  PR  search
P12-002 Fate Innovator, Denebola Z/X  PR  search
P12-009 Kisara Domeki Player  PR  search
P12-004 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-016 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-017 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-018 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-019 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-020 Mikado Kurosaki Player  PR  search
P12-013 Original Machine, Dear Z/X  PR  search
P12-014 Pounding Eve Z/X  PR  search
P12-006 Sakura Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
P12-015 Scouting Wasp Soldier, Scout Seek Z/X  PR  search
P12-012 Small Blade, Dagger Z/X  PR  search
P12-005 Suguru Raicho Player  PR  search
P12-008 Yachiyo Kamiyugi Player  PR  search
P12-007 Yamato Tennoji Player  PR  search

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