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Extra Pack 8: Nippon Ichi Software 3

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Extra Pack 8: Nippon Ichi Software 3: 51 cards
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E08-025 Archangel Flonne Z/X  search
E08-049 Bomber Prinny Z/X  search
E08-029 Bunny Suit Usalia Z/X  SR  search
E08-050 Carnage Overlord, Prinny Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-035 Cursed Book, Magic Progress Z/X  UC  search
E08-040 Demon Lord With Taboo Word Flat-Chest, Etna Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-005 Demon-Angel Siblings, Laharl & Sicily Z/X  search
E08-014 Doll Soldier, Aster Knight Z/X  search
E08-034 Doll Soldier, Demon Reaper Z/X  search
E08-011 Doll Soldier, Gothic Coppelia Z/X  UC  search
E08-033 Doll Soldier, Shinobushi Z/X  search
E08-026 Drawing Near, Flonne Z/X  search
E08-019 Dream Groom, Killia Z/X  SR  search
E08-022 During Bath, Usalia Z/X  search
E08-013 During Break, Asagi Z/X  search
E08-004 Elder Sister Who Hates the Witch Disease, Amalie Z/X  search
E08-006 Enjoying the Sea, Laharl-chan Z/X  search
E08-020 Flawless Main Character Candidate, Asagi Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-047 Getting Up, Metallia Z/X  UC  search
E08-043 Giving Present, Prinny Z/X  search
E08-021 Guiding Seraphina Z/X  UC  search
E08-024 Have a Thought, Flonne Z/X  UC  search
E08-015 Helpful Demon, Killia Z/X  search
E08-051 History's Evilest Super Overlord, Baal Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-032 Idol Etna Z/X  search
E08-017 Kung Fu Lady, Asagi Z/X  UC  search
E08-046 Love-Letter Prinny Z/X  search
E08-023 Lover of Memory, Liezerota Z/X  UC  search
E08-031 Main Vocal, Etna Z/X  UC  search
E08-045 Manania, Hundred Knight Z/X  search
E08-010 No Equal in the Universe, Laharl Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-002 Overlord Bancho, Laharl Z/X  search
E08-044 Replying Prinny Z/X  UC  search
E08-008 Rising Laharl Z/X  UC  search
E08-048 Scold-Barrage Witch, Metallia Z/X  SR  search
E08-016 Seaside Queen, Asagi Z/X  search
E08-038 Seizing Clothes, Etna Z/X  UC  search
E08-036 Sitting in Prinny Chair, Etna Z/X  search
E08-030 Super Archangel of Love, Flonne Z/X Extra  Z/XR  search
E08-012 Supporting Asagi Z/X  UC  search
E08-027 Suspenseful Flonne Z/X  search
E08-041 Tehepero☆Prinny Z/X  UC  search
E08-039 Twilight Witch, Doronia Z/X  search
E08-028 Two Watergun, Seraphina Z/X  search
E08-042 Unveiling Prinny Z/X  search
E08-037 Witch Who Controls Doll Soldiers, Doronia Z/X  SR  search
E08-009 Witch Who Resents the World, Chelka Z/X  SR  search
E08-007 Witch Who Seeks Freedom, Chelka Z/X  search
E08-018 Witch's Apprentice, Ruka Z/X  search
E08-001 Witch's Familiar, Huninmugin Z/X  UC  search
E08-003 Younger Sister Who Affected by Witch Disease, Milm Z/X  UC  search

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