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X Booster Set 1: The Dark Lord's Rebirth

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
X Booster Set 1: The Dark Lord's Rebirth: 142 cards
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X-BT01-0060 Add X Thunder Spell  search
X-BT01-0085 All-Rounder Warrior, Tetra Monster  search
X-BT01-0075 Amish Dragons Spell  search
0238EN Apex of Ambush Spell  Promo  search
X-BT01-0073 Apprentice Underling, Cheery En Monster  search
X-BT01-0074 Apprentice Underling, Devil Men Monster  search
X-BT01-0005 Apprentice Underling, Kon Kon Kong Monster  RRR  search
X-BT01-0101 Apprentice Underling, Value Dai Monster  search
X-BT01-0026 Arc Dragon Shield Spell  search
X-BT01-0116 Arc Dragon Shield Spell  Secret  search
X-BT01-0117 Arc Dragon Sword Item  Secret  search
X-BT01-0027 Arc Dragon Sword Cane Item  search
X-BT01-0097 Art of Item Blasting Spell  search
X-BT01-0020 Balle Soleil, "Eternal Bal-Blaster!" Impact Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0008 Banquet for the Unrighteous Spell  RRR  search
X-BT01-0059 Bashful Boule Monster  search
X-BT01-0002 Batzz x Link Spell  RRR  search
X-BT01-0077 Black Crystal Dragon, Shao Xin Monster  search
X-BT01-0030 Blade Beast of Sixteenth Night, Crane Princess Ichimonji Monster  search
X-BT01-0100 Blood Dragon, Follower Monster  search
X-BT01-0070 Blood Dragon, Sylvania Monster  search
X-BT01-0016 Blue Crystal Dragon, Kalvados Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0089 Bolting Knuckle Item  search
X-BT01-0047 Brush Upper Spell  search
X-BT01-0017 Candy Crystal Dragon, Galette Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0052 CHAOS Yamigedo Monster  search
X-BT01-0115 Chibi Panda Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-0014 Chief of Seven Seas, Duel Jaeger "Ocean" Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0072 Chief of Steel, Iron Tetsu Monster  search
X-BT01-0076 Childhood Carapace, A Man's Tears Item  search
X-BT01-0048 Cristiano Crystal Shoot! Impact  search
X-BT01-0123 Cristiano Crystal Shoot! Impact  Secret  search
X-BT01-0122 Crystal Spike Item  Secret  search
X-BT01-0039 Dark Arms, Soaring Blade Item  search
X-BT01-0038 Dark Arms, Steel-slicing Strings Item  search
X-BT01-0013 Dark Skill, Eerie Wailings Impact  RR  search
X-BT01-0111 Dead Copy Spell  search
X-BT01-0114 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-BR01 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster  BR  search
X-BT01-S001 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz Monster  SP  search
X-BT01-0098 Demon Way, Oborogenbu Spell  search
X-BT01-0124 Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-BR03 Demonic Dragon Deity of the Black Sun, Gaen Monster  BR  search
X-BT01-0023 Double Circle of Shock Monster  search
X-BT01-0128 Dragon Drei Flag  Secret  search
X-BT01-S006 Dragon Drei Flag  SP  search
X-BT01-0055 Dragon Knight, Gilnter Monster  search
X-BT01-0045 Dragonarms, M4Y-D1 Monster  search
X-BT01-0103 Dragonic Deluge Spell  search
X-BT01-0102 Dragonic Determination Spell  search
X-BT01-0062 Dual Spark Item  search
X-BT01-0092 Dusk Fiend, Yagyo Monster  search
X-BT01-0112 Emerald Spikes Item  search
X-BT01-0018 Enhancement Spell  RR  search
X-BT01-0042 Erudite Dragon Emperor, Philosophia Monster  search
X-BT01-0009 Espada Dragons Officer, Tyrakk Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0022 Explosive Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon Monster  search
X-BT01-0049 Fairy Dragon Emperor, Felistas Monster  search
X-BT01-0032 Fiend of a Hundred Flogs, Rashomon Monster  search
X-BT01-0033 Fiend of Ailments, Affliction Oni Monster  search
X-BT01-0033X Fiend of Ailments, Affliction Oni Monster  search
X-BT01-0035 Fiend of Gaze, Ayo Monster  search
X-BT01-0056 Fifth Omni Armored Dragon, Thunder Blade Kokuyo Monster  search
X-BT01-0021 Flame Dragon Officer, Freyhein Monster  search
X-BT01-0110 Fragment Reload Spell  search
X-BT01-0104 Golden Dragon Iron Wall Spell  search
X-BT01-0006 Green Crystal Dragon, Sheldre Monster  RRR  search
X-BT01-0083 Gunrod, Hammerschmidt Type-CLA Item  search
X-BT01-0094 Half-Fiend, Kid Yase Monster  search
X-BT01-0011 Heavenz Sunshine Spell  RR  search
X-BT01-0012 Hiding Oni Spell  RR  search
X-BT01-0105 Hot-blooded Headgear Item  search
X-BT01-0037 House of Assassins, Oni Convoy Spell  search
X-BT01-0040 Incineration Chief, Excited Homura Monster  search
X-BT01-0061 Irregular Attack Spell  search
X-BT01-0053 King the Dominator "End Game" Impact Monster  search
X-BT01-0036 Lesser Fiend, Amanojaku Monster  search
X-BT01-0066 Lesser Fiend, Yama Oni Monster  search
X-BT01-0057 Mera Exhaust Dragon Monster  search
X-BT01-0050 Metal Dragoner, Gear Drake Monster  search
X-BT01-0050R Metal Dragoner, Gear Drake Monster  search
X-BT01-0031 Middle-class Ninja, Hangetsumaru Monster  search
X-BT01-0096 Midnight Bodyguard Spell  search
X-BT01-0088 Military Tactics, "Two-Stage Plan" Spell  search
X-BT01-0107 Minute Crystal Dragon, Ceicul Monster  search
S-SP-0026 Misfiring Demon, Globes Monster  search
X-BT01-0001 Misfiring Demon, Globes Monster  RRR  search
X-BT01-0081 Mystery Setting Spell  search
X-BT01-0034 Nanomachine Ninja, Zangetsu Monster  search
X-BT01-0003 Oni Boss, Kid Ibuki Monster  SP  search
X-BT01-S002 Oni Boss, Kid Ibuki Monster  RRR  search
X-BT01-0068 Optics Operation, Shrouded Strawcoat Spell  search
X-BT01-0063 Pale Yellow Fiend, Kid Hoshiguma Monster  search
X-BT01-0113 Pawn the Promotion Monster  search
X-BT01-0041 Phantasmal Fox Chief, Lonely Shu Monster  search
X-BT01-0108 Pink Crystal Dragon, Rose Monster  search
X-BT01-0065 Premature Passing, Bibikawazu Monster  search
PR-0360 Prism Coating Spell  search
X-BT01-0007 Prism Eye Spell  RRR  search
X-BT01-0119 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-BR02 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster  BR  search
X-BT01-S004 Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora Monster  SP  search
X-BT01-0046 Radian Shell Spell  search
X-BT01-0121 Radian Shell Spell  Secret  search
X-BT01-0086 Raid Officer, Delta Monster  search
X-BT01-0079 Red Crystal Dragon, Almarone Monster  search
X-BT01-0043 Red Crystal Dragon, Campary Monster  search
X-BT01-0080 Red Crystal Dragon, Gamein Monster  search
X-BT01-0093 Red Fiend, Kid Kaneguma Monster  search
X-BT01-0064 Red Lady Oni, Kureha Monster  search
X-BT01-0024 Replenisher, Pentar Monster  search
X-BT01-0126 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Devil Orb Dragon Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-0127 Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Walm Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-0054 Rhombus the Bravebow Monster  search
X-BT01-0058 Scimitar Wielder, Krvar Monster  search
X-BT01-0099 Scuffle Chief, Grappler Gan Monster  search
X-BT01-0004 Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite" Monster  RRR  search
X-BT01-S003 Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite" Monster  SP  search
X-BT01-0069 Shinobi Scrolls Spell  search
X-BT01-0106 Shiny Crystal Dragon, Vermolt Monster  search
X-BT01-0082 Soul Generator Spell  search
X-BT01-S005 Star Dragon World Flag  SP  search
X-BT01-0084 Steel Ball Wielder, Holgan Monster  search
X-BT01-0015 Stout Wrist's Headgear Item  RR  search
X-BT01-0087 Straight Sword Wielder, Rekt Monster  search
X-BT01-0078 Stronger Lowe: 07 Monster  search
X-BT01-0029 Sturdy Oni, A Lad from Kibi Monster  search
X-BT01-0051 Sun Deity's Choice Spell  search
X-BT01-0025 Tactician, Krone Monster  search
X-BT01-0071 Tenacious Chief, Smasher Gekt Monster  search
X-BT01-0125 Terminus Dragon Emperor, Endervelt Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-0010 Thunder Knights Vice Captain, Goldion Halberd Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0028EN Thunder Lance x Tempest Buster! Impact  search
X-BT01-0118 Thunder Lance x Tempest Buster! Impact  Secret  search
X-BT01-0090 Thunder Wave X Tempest Explosion! Impact  search
X-BT01-0019 Trilight of the Black Sword Monster  RR  search
X-BT01-0067 Under the Table Spell  search
X-BT01-0095 Underhanded Means, Sneak Attack Spell  search
X-BT01-0109 White Crystal Dragon, Colombal Monster  search
X-BT01-0044 White Crystal Dragon, Furmint Monster  search
X-BT01-0120 White Crystal Dragon, Rizzling Monster  Secret  search
X-BT01-0091 White Fiend, Kid Toraguma Monster  search

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