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D Booster Set 2: Roar! Invincible Dragon!!

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
D Booster Set 2: Roar! Invincible Dragon!!: 133 cards
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D-BT02-0118 A Wise Move! Impact  search
D-BT02-0008 Abygale, "Unlimited Death Drain!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0083 Air Slash Ninja, Ryusei Monster  search
DBT02-0127 Ancient World Flag  Secret  search
D-BT02-0097 Apprentice Chief, Next Zero Monster  search
D-BT02-0098 Apprentice Underling, Cutter Sen Monster  search
D-BT02-0065 Apprentice Underling, Helper Sei Monster  search
D-BT02-0086 Art of Body Replacement Spell  search
D-BT02-0002 Bal Dragon, "Great Full Bal Lariat!!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0002b Bal Dragon, "Great Full Bal Lariat!!" Impact Monster  BR  search
DBT02-0119 Bal Dragon, "Great Full Bal Lariat!!" Impact Monster  BR  search
D-BT02-0025 Bal Dragon, "Tempest! Bal Steel Sword!" Impact Monster  search
D-BT02-0117 Battle Deity Robo, Sightless Bear Monster  search
D-BT02-0073 Battle Deity Robo, Silver Rabbit Monster  search
D-BT02-0113 Black Cloth Blade Spell  search
D-BT02-0106 Black Corruption, Eixist Monster  search
D-BT02-0040 Black Crazed Warrior, Bellzelgal Monster  search
D-BT02-0020 Black Demon Swordsman, Vader Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0112 Black Dragon Remade Spell  search
D-BT02-0068 Black Dreaded Motion, Gataclysm Monster  search
D-BT02-0114 Black Flame Bullet Spell  search
D-BT02-0108 Black Savage Dragon, Zerion Monster  search
D-BT02-0075 Black Spotted Dragon, Black Dot Monster  search
D-BT02-0109 Black Swamp, Fen Monster  search
D-BT02-0070 Black Twin Head, Skavv Monster  search
D-BT02-0019 Blackslash Ghost Dragon, Galnibael Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0059 Blade Beast Formation, Shape of the Elite Impact  search
D-BT02-0003 Blade Beast of Blinder, Mikazuki Munechika Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0054 Blade Beast of Exorcism, Juzumaru Tsunetsugu Monster  search
D-BT02-0014 Blade Beast of Ghostslash, Tojikiri Yasutsuna Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0049 Blade Beast of Guillotine, Oden Tamitsuyo Monster  search
D-BT02-0050 Blade Beast of Phantasm, Onimaru Kunitsuna Monster  search
D-BT02-0115 Blade of Lament, Sadgrieve Item  search
D-BT02-0021 Blazing Forge Dragon, Svarog Monster  search
D-BT02-0116 Blood Dragon Ceremony, Bloody Operate Impact  search
D-BT02-0001 Breastcorona Dragon Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0027 Byakuya, "Shiroyasha Mode" Monster  search
D-BT02-0027b Byakuya, "Shiroyasha Mode" Monster  BR  search
D-BT02-0121 Byakuya, "Shiroyasha Mode" Monster  BR  search
D-BT02-0034 Chief of Heal, Healing Rin Monster  search
D-BT02-0033 Chief of Steel, Iron Tetsu Monster  search
D-BT02-0091 Chief of Steel, Protect Ko Monster  search
D-BT02-0101 Cintamani Stone Spell  search
D-BT02-0055 Clear Serenity Spell  search
D-BT02-0105 Corpse Black Skeleton Dragon, Cheld Bodom Monster  search
D-BT02-0007 Death Gauge Timer Spell  RRR  search
D-BT02-0041 Death Wizard Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0088 Demon Way, Kasumienran Spell  search
D-BT02-0036 Divine Dragon Creation Spell  search
D-BT02-0084 Dodan, Chaos Pebbles Spell  search
D-BT02-0103 Dragon and Strong Spell  search
D-BT02-0079 Dragon Bow, Dragospirit Item  search
D-BT02-0100 Dragon from the Origin Spell  search
D-BT02-0044 Dragon Knight Prince, Edward the Black Monster  search
D-BT02-0046 Dragon Knight, Bertrand Monster  search
D-BT02-0077 Dragon Knight, Carrasco Monster  search
D-BT02-0076 Dragon Knight, Jean Monster  search
D-BT02-0045 Dragon Knight, Sekishusai Monster  search
D-BT02-0104 Dragon Wall of the Distant Sea Spell  search
D-BT02-0047 Dragonic Exchange Spell  search
D-BT02-0048 Dragonic Thunder, Rage of the Thunder Dragon Spell  search
D-BT02-0067 Dragons All Staked in Spell  search
D-BT02-0060 Duel Sieger "Spartand" Monster  search
D-BT02-0032 Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer" Monster  search
D-BT02-0024 Edward the Black, "Battle of Gargantua" Impact Monster  search
D-BT02-0030 Elite Sword, Odenta Item  search
D-SS02-0010EN Espada Runar Item  search
D-BT02-0111 Fabricated Scar Spell  search
D-BT02-0010 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Merak "SD" Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0022 Fire Dragon Shield Spell  search
D-BT02-0058 Five Heavenly Swords, Onimaru Item  search
D-BT02-0035 Fortune Dragon, Forbolka Monster  search
D-BT02A-0001 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Monster  BR  search
D-BT02A-0030 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0082 Gale Conflagration, Amakujaku Monster  search
D-BT02-0078 Geothermal Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0099 Godly-speed of Dragons Spell  search
D-BT02-0053 Godly-speed, Natsubame Monster  search
D-BT02-0004 Gojinmaru "Ghoul Deity Arts, Dance of Yashagami!" Impact Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0038 Graveyard of Demonic Swords, Graybard Monster  search
D-BT02-0043 Great Battle Deity Robo, EMPEROR Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0037 Great Demonic Black Dragon, Arch Enemy Monster  search
D-BT02-0031 Great Ocean Highking, Duel Jaeger Monster  search
D-BT02-0016 Guardian Dragon of the Deity Gate, Fulham Sasterader Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0071 Jet Black Wind Spell  search
D-BT02-0085 Katon, Blazing Armors Spell  search
D-BT02-0095 Lake Dragon, Testaria Monster  search
DBT02-0126 Legend of the Colossal Ocean Spell  Secret  search
D-BT02-0028 Low-Rank Ninja, Mikazukimaru Monster  search
DBT02-0122 Martial Arts Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  BR  search
DBT02-0124 Martial Arts Chief, Duel Jaeger Monster  Secret  search
D-BT02-0063 Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger Monster  search
D-BT02-0042 Million Edge Spell  search
D-BT02-0092 Mount Dragon, Jean Julon Monster  search
D-BT02-0013 Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0087 Ninja Arts, Snake Gaze Spell  search
DBT02-0125 Ocean Chief Spirit Spell  Secret  search
D-BT02-0017 Ocean Emperor's Anchor, Wild Waves Item  RR  search
D-BT02-0051 Patrol Ninja, Shokai Monster  search
D-BT02-0039 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0018 Purgatory Knights, Death Sickle "Calvary" Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0107 Purgatory Knights, Paindagger Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0069 Purgatory Knights, Venom Spike Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0009 Raging-fire Dragon, Agnagras Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0056 Raiton, Art of Stored Electricity Spell  search
D-BT02-0090 Reglisse Dragon, Notre Dame Monster  search
D-BT02-0026 Revelation Tactician, Keiganryu Monster  search
D-BT02-0094 River Dragon, Amlia Monster  search
D-BT02-0061 Schloss Dragon, Wanstein Monster  search
D-BT02-0074 Shiningboard Dragon Monster  search
D-BT02-0072 Sickle of Traces, Revenant Item  search
D-BT02-0029 Snake Princess, Setsuna Monster  search
D-BT02-0102 Soaring Dragon Spirits Spell  search
D-BT02-0081 Solemn, Zogesennin Monster  search
DBT02-0123 Stout Wrist Unmatched Chief, Duel Jaeger "Revolted" Monster  Secret  search
D-BT02-0011 Sun Fist, Balguard Item  RR  search
D-BT02-0080 Sun Hammer, Bal Hammer Item  search
D-BT02-0057 Sword Skill, Zanteisettetsu Spell  search
D-BT02-0062 Total Devastate Chief, Broken Gai Monster  search
D-BT02-0005 Traditional Chief, Oriental Jo Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0023 Transportation Air Lane Spell  search
DBT02-0120 Tsukikage "Kuroyasha Mode" Monster  BR  search
D-BT02-0012 Tsukikage, "Kuroyasha Mode" Monster  RR  search
D-BT02-0120 Tsukikage, "Kuroyasha Mode" Monster  BR  search
D-BT02-0006 Underling, Badguy Moto Monster  RRR  search
D-BT02-0064 Underling, Kicker Shun Monster  search
D-BT02-0096 Underling, Tricky Baku Monster  search
D-BT02-0052 Undying, Benishojo Monster  search
D-BT02-0093 Valley Dragon, Talgunt Monster  search
D-BT02-0089 Water Calling Sword, Suiryu Item  search
D-BT02-0110 We Are Immortal Spell  search
D-BT02-0066 Wrath Trigger Spell  search
D-BT02-0015 Yamigitsune, "White Fire, Shigaisoshi" Impact Monster  RR  search

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