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Reflections III

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Reflections III: 200 cards
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59 A Close Race Defensive Shield  PM  search
154 A New Secret Base Effect  VRF  search
75 A Remote Planet Effect  PM  search
60 A Tragedy Has Occurred Defensive Shield  PM  search
7 A Useless Gesture Defensive Shield  PM  search
101 After Her! (foil) Effect  SRF  search
61 Aim High Defensive Shield  PM  search
8 Allegations Of Corruption Defensive Shield  PM  search
106 Amidala's Blaster (foil) Weapon  SRF  search
76 An Unusual Amount Of Fear Effect  PM  search
155 Anakin's Lightsaber (Japanese)   SRF  search
156 Anakin's Podracer   SRF  search
62 Another Pathetic Lifeform Defensive Shield  PM  search
107 Arica   SRF  search
77 Armament Dismantled Effect  PM  search
157 Artoo & Threepio   SRF  search
108 Aurra Sing (AI)   SRF  search
49 Aurra Sing's Blaster Rifle Weapon  PM  search
109 Battle Deployment   VRF  search
9 Battle Order Defensive Shield  PM  search
63 Battle Plan Defensive Shield  PM  search
1 Bib Fortuna Character  PM  search
48 Blizzard 4 Vehicle  PM  search
44 Blockade Flagship: Hallway Location  PM  search
37 Blow Parried Used Interrupt  PM  search
2 Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter Character  PM  search
110 Boonta Eve Podrace [DS] Epic Event  VRF  search
158 Boonta Eve Podrace [LS] Epic Event  SRF  search
111 Brangus Glee   VRF  search
159 Brisky Morning Munchen   VRF  search
112 Captain Gilad Pallaeon   SRF  search
160 Captain Panaka   VRF  search
161 Chewbacca, Protector   VRF  search
51 Chewie, Enraged Character  PM  search
87 Clinging To The Edge Interrupt  PM  search
25 Colo Claw Fish [DS] Effect  PM  search
78 Colo Claw Fish [LS] Effect  PM  search
10 Come Here You Big Coward Defensive Shield  PM  search
26 Conduct Your Search Effect  PM  search
162 Corran Horn   SRF  search
163 Coruscant: Jedi Council Chamber   VRF  search
11 Crossfire Defensive Shield  PM  search
38 Dark Rage Interrupt  PM  search
113 Darth Maul (AI)   SRF  search
88 Darth Maul's Demise Used Interrupt  PM  search
114 Darth Maul, Young Apprentice (AI) Character  URF  search
164 Dash Rendar   SRF  search
36 Deep Hatred Epic Event  PM  search
89 Desperate Times Interrupt  PM  search
115 Destroyer Droid   SRF  search
116 Dioxis   VRF  search
117 Disarmed   VRF  search
90 Diversionary Tactics Interrupt  PM  search
12 Do They Have A Code Clearance? Defensive Shield  PM  search
64 Do, Or Do Not Defensive Shield  PM  search
65 Don't Do That Again Defensive Shield  PM  search
119 Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba   SRF  search
118 Dr. Evazan (Japanese)   VRF  search
165 Echo Base Garrison   VRF  search
79 Echo Base Sensors Effect  PM  search
166 End Of A Reign Used Or Lost Interrupt  VRF  search
27 Energy Walls [DS] Effect  PM  search
80 Energy Walls [LS] Effect  PM  search
81 Ewok Celebration Effect  PM  search
91 Fall Of A Jedi Interrupt  PM  search
13 Fanfare Defensive Shield  PM  search
28 Fear Is My Ally Effect  PM  search
39 Force Push Used Interrupt  PM  search
105 Gimme A Lift! (foil) Used Interrupt  SRF  search
120 Grand Admiral Thrawn   SRF  search
121 Grand Moff Tarkin (Japanese)   VRF  search
122 Gravity Shadow   VRF  search
123 Guri   SRF  search
97 Han, Chewie, And The Falcon Starship  PM  search
167 Harvest   SRF  search
66 He Can Go About His Business Defensive Shield  PM  search
52 Horace Vancil Character  PM  search
168 I Did it!   VRF  search
124 I Have You Now   VRF  search
125 Imperial Artillery   SRF  search
126 Imperial Command   VRF  search
86 Inner Strength Epic Event  PM  search
3 Jabba Desilijic Tiure Character  PM  search
169 Jar Jar Binks   VRF  search
98 Jar Jar's Electropole Weapon  PM  search
92 Jedi Leap Interrupt  PM  search
53 Lando Calrissian, Scoundrel Character  PM  search
170 Lando With Vibro Axe   SRF  search
82 Lando's Not A System, He's A Man Effect  PM  search
14 Leave Them To Me Defensive Shield  PM  search
54 Leia, Rebel Princess Character  PM  search
47 Let Them Make The First Move / At Last We Will Have Revenge Objective  PM  search
67 Let's Keep A Little Optimism Here Defensive Shield  PM  search
4 Lord Maul Character  PM  search
127 Lott Dodd   SRF  search
171 Luke Skywalker (Japanese)   SRF  search
172 Luke Skywalker, Rebel Scout   SRF  search
173 Mace Windu   SRF  search
174 Master Qui-Gon (AI) Jedi Master Character  SRF  search
128 Maul Strikes   SRF  search
50 Maul's Double-bladed Lightsaber Weapon  PM  search
129 Maul's Lightsaber   VRF  search
130 Maul's Sith Infiltrator (AI)   SRF  search
131 Mercenary Pilot   VRF  search
132 Mighty Jabba   VRF  search
175 Mirax Terrik   SRF  search
102 Naboo Occupation (foil) Effect  SRF  search
46 Naboo: Theed Palace Generator Core [DS] Location  PM  search
95 Naboo: Theed Palace Generator Core [LS] Location  PM  search
45 Naboo: Theed Palace Generator [DS] Location  PM  search
94 Naboo: Theed Palace Generator [LS] Location  PM  search
15 No Escape Defensive Shield  PM  search
40 No Match For A Sith Interrupt  PM  search
133 Nute Gunray   SRF  search
177 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Japanese)   SRF  search
55 Obi-wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight Character  PM  search
176 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Learner (AI) Character  SRF  search
178 Obi-Wan's Journal   SRF  search
99 Obi-wan's Lightsaber Weapon  PM  search
179 Obi-Wan's Lightsaber (Japanese)   SRF  search
134 Ominous Rumors   SRF  search
68 Only Jedi Carry That Weapon Defensive Shield  PM  search
29 Opee Sea Killer [DS] Effect  PM  search
83 Opee Sea Killer [LS] Effect  PM  search
16 Oppressive Enforcement Defensive Shield  PM  search
69 Ounee Ta Defensive Shield  PM  search
180 Outrider Starship  SRF  search
181 Owen Lars & Beru Lars   SRF  search
135 P-59   URF  search
136 P-60   SRF  search
182 Padmé Naberrie (AI)   SRF  search
183 Palace Raider   VRF  search
70 Planetary Defenses Defensive Shield  PM  search
137 Power Of The Hutt   VRF  search
30 Prepare For A Surface Attack Effect  PM  search
138 Prince Xizor   SRF  search
184 Prisoner 2187   VRF  search
185 Pulsar Skate   VRF  search
186 Queen's Royal Starship   VRF  search
187 Qui-Gon Jinn (AI)   URF  search
188 Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber (AI)   SRF  search
56 Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master Character  PM  search
31 Qui-Gon's End Effect  PM  search
100 Qui-Gon's Lightsaber Weapon  PM  search
189 Radiant VII   VRF  search
190 Rebel Artillery   VRF  search
191 Rebel Leadership   SRF  search
17 Resistance Defensive Shield  PM  search
192 Ric Olié Character  VRF  search
103 Rolling, Rolling, Rolling (foil) Used Interrupt  SRF  search
32 Sando Aqua Monster [DS] Effect  PM  search
84 Sando Aqua Monster [LS] Effect  PM  search
139 Sebulba's Podracer   SRF  search
18 Secret Plans Defensive Shield  PM  search
193 Seeking An Audience   VRF  search
194 Shmi Skywalker   VRF  search
57 Sio Bibble Character  PM  search
140 Sith Probe Droid   VRF  search
141 Snoova   SRF  search
142 Stinger Starship  SRF  search
5 Stormtrooper Garrison Character  PM  search
93 Strike Blocked Used Interrupt  PM  search
195 Supreme Chancellor Valorum   VRF  search
196 Talon Karrde Character  SRF  search
143 Tatooine: Desert Landing Site Location  VRF  search
144 TC-14   SRF  search
145 The Circle Is Now Complete (Japanese) Interrupt  VRF  search
41 The Ebb Of Battle Used Interrupt  PM  search
33 The Hutts Are Gangsters Effect  PM  search
146 The Phantom Menace (AI)   SRF  search
19 There Is No Try Defensive Shield  PM  search
34 They Must Never Again Leave This City Effect  PM  search
104 They Win This Round (foil) Effect  SRF  search
6 Thok & Thug Character  PM  search
197 Threepio With His Parts Showing (AI)   URF  search
42 Through The Corridor Interrupt  PM  search
147 Trample (Japanese)   VRF  search
71 Ultimatum Defensive Shield  PM  search
43 Unsalvageable Used Interrupt  PM  search
148 Vader's Lightsaber (Japanese)   VRF  search
149 Vigo   SRF  search
150 Virago Starfighter  SRF  search
198 Vote Now!   VRF  search
151 Vote Now! [DS] Used Interrupt  VRF  search
152 Watto (AI)   SRF  search
96 We'll Handle This / Duel Of The Fates Objective  PM  search
20 We'll Let Fate-a Decide, Huh? Defensive Shield  PM  search
85 Weapon Of A Fallen Mentor Effect  PM  search
21 Weapon Of A Sith Defensive Shield  PM  search
199 Wedge Antilles (Japanese)   SRF  search
35 Where Are Those Droidekas?! Effect  PM  search
22 Wipe Them Out, All Of Them Defensive Shield  PM  search
72 Wise Advice Defensive Shield  PM  search
58 Yoda, Master Of The Force Character  PM  search
200 Yoda, Senior Council Member Jedi Master Character  VRF  search
23 You Cannot Hide Forever Defensive Shield  PM  search
153 You May Start Your Landing   VRF  search
24 You've Never Won A Race? Defensive Shield  PM  search
73 Your Insight Serves You Well Defensive Shield  PM  search
74 Your Ship? Defensive Shield  PM  search

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