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Madoka Rebellion Booster Pack

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Madoka Rebellion Booster Pack: 197 cards
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MM-W35-031 "A Desired Form" Madoka / “誰かが望んだ姿”まどか Character  search
MM-W35-031S "A Desired Form" Madoka / “誰かが望んだ姿”まどか Character  SR  search
MM-W35-028 "A Lonely Fight" Homura / “孤独な戦い”ほむら Character  search
MR-W59-062 "Begin a Hunt" Momoko & Kaede & Rena Character  search
MR-W59-008 "Comeback and Determination" Sana Character  search
MR-W59-061 "Confirmed mood " Rena Character  search
MM-W35-054 "Determined" Homura / “決意”のほむら Character  search
MM-W35-026 "For Madoka" Homura / “まどかのために”ほむら Character  RR  search
MM-W35-026SP "For Madoka" Homura / “まどかのために”ほむら Character  SP  search
MM-W35-070 "Goodbye to Bad Dreams" Kyoko / “悪夢にさよなら”杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-087 "Goodbye to Bad Dreams" Sayaka / “悪夢にさよなら”さやか Character  search
MM-W35-007 "Happy Now" Mami / “今が幸せ”マミ Character  search
MM-W35-007S "Happy Now" Mami / “今が幸せ”マミ Character  SR  search
MR-W59-045 "How Will Our Luck Be This Year?" Madoka & Homura Character  search
MM-W35-093 "Incredible-chan" Sayaka / “不思議ちゃん”さやか Character  search
MR-W59-014 "Maiden's Determination" Tart Character  search
MR-W59-007 "Memory of Hatred" Felicia Character  search
MM-W35-081 "My Role" Sayaka / “あたしの役目”さやか Character  RR  search
MM-W35-081S "My Role" Sayaka / “あたしの役目”さやか Character  SR  search
MM-W35-053 "No Matter What Happens" Madoka & Homura / “何があっても”まどか&ほむら Character  search
MR-W59-034 "Promise to Fulfill" Homura Character  search
MM-W35-036 "Puella Magi Holy Quintet" Homura / “Puella Magi Holy Quintet”ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-067 "Puella Magi Holy Quintet" Kyoko / “Puella Magi Holy Quintet”杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-052 "Puella Magi Holy Quintet" Madoka / “Puella Magi Holy Quintet”まどか Character  search
MM-W35-014 "Puella Magi Holy Quintet" Mami / “Puella Magi Holy Quintet”マミ Character  search
MM-W35-088 "Puella Magi Holy Quintet" Sayaka / “Puella Magi Holy Quintet”さやか Character  search
MM-W35-029 "Real Memories" Homura / “真の記憶”ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-029S "Real Memories" Homura / “真の記憶”ほむら Character  SR  search
MM-W35-047 "Rebel" Homura / “叛逆者”ほむら Character  search
MR-W59-T03 "Surrounded by White Wings" Kaede Character  TD  search
MM-W35-064 "Tea Party of Magical Girls" Kyoko / “魔法少女たちのお茶会”杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-012 "Tea Party of Magical Girls" Mami / “魔法少女たちのお茶会”マミ Character  search
MM-W35-085 "Tea Party of Magical Girls" Sayaka / “魔法少女たちのお茶会”さやか Character  search
MR-W59-039U "The Light That Continues Shining" Madoka Character  search
MM-W35-040 "True Power" Madoka / “本当の力”まどか Character  search
MR-W59-067 "Unyielding Belief" Kyoko Character  search
MM-W35-038 "Usual" Homura / “いつも”のほむら Character  search
MM-W35-027 "Very Painful" Madoka / “とても辛いこと”まどか Character  RR  search
MM-W35-027SP "Very Painful" Madoka / “とても辛いこと”まどか Character  SP  search
MR-W59-T19 A New Story About The Magical Girls Climax  TD  search
MR-W59-030 After School Invisible Girl Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-T01 Akino Kaede Character  TD  search
MR-W59-043 Amane Tsukasa Character  search
MR-W59-036 Amane Tsukuyo Character  search
MM-W35-024 Bearer of Memories / 記憶の運び手 Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-024R Bearer of Memories / 記憶の運び手 Climax  RRR  search
MM-W35-016 Bebe, Mami's Friend / マミの友達ベベ Character  search
MR-W59-066U Breaking Through A Single Point, Kyoko Character  search
MR-W59-T14 Chitose Yuma Character  TD  search
MR-W59-098 Connection Climax  CR  search
MR-W59-097 Crowdedly Written Recipes Event  search
MR-W59-089U Emergency Deployment, Sayaka Character  search
MR-W59-003 Felicia, How a Mercenary Fights Character  SP  search
MM-W35-058 Guide to Salvation / 救済の導き Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-058R Guide to Salvation / 救済の導き Climax  RRR  search
MR-W59-078 Guide Towards the Future, Iroha Character  RR  search
MR-W59-049 Hazuki Yusa Character  search
MR-W59-076 Here, Together With You Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-097 Hitomi's Nightmare / 仁美のナイトメア Event  search
MM-W35-055 Hitomi, Feeling in Love / 恋しい気持ち 仁美 Character  search
MM-W35-048 Homura & Madoka, Mission to Fight / 戦う使命 ほむら&まどか Character  search
MM-W35-046 Homura & Madoka, Two Best Friends / 二人は親友 ほむら&まどか Character  search
MM-W35-034 Homura Became a Demon / 悪魔となったほむら Character  search
MM-W35-049 Homura's Confrontation with Mami / マミとの対峙 ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-056 Homura's Despair / ほむらの絶望 Event  search
MM-W35-050 Homura, Deceiving / 欺くほむら Character  search
MM-W35-039 Homura, Determination to Become a Witch / 魔女となる覚悟 ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-037 Homura, Hill in the Morning Sun / 朝焼けの丘 ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-107S Homura, Hope And Resignation / 希望と諦念 ほむら Character  SR  search
MM-W35-041 Homura, The Only Hope / たった一つの希望 ほむら Character  search
MR-W59-031 Homura, Together We Can Character  SP  search
MR-W59-088U Hope in Her Heart, Iroha Character  search
MR-W59-053U I Want to Protect Her Event  search
MR-W59-T15 Iroha, Beginning Character  TD  search
MR-W59-063 Isuzu Ren Character  search
MM-W35-096 Kazuko Saotome / 早乙女 和子 Character  search
MR-W59-085 Kirika, Loyalty Towards Oriko Character  search
MR-W59-T13 Kure Kirika Character  TD  search
MM-W35-071 Kyoko & Homura / 杏子&ほむら Character  search
MM-W35-063 Kyoko, Calm Autumn Day / 穏やかな秋の日 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-063S Kyoko, Calm Autumn Day / 穏やかな秋の日 杏子 Character  SR  search
MM-W35-066 Kyoko, Determined Girl / 勝気な少女 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-061 Kyoko, Doubt Towards the World / 世界への疑念 杏子 Character  RR  search
MM-W35-061P Kyoko, Doubt Towards the World / 世界への疑念 杏子 Character  SP  search
MM-W35-065 Kyoko, Exterminating Nightmares / ナイトメア退治 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-072 Kyoko, Hill in the Morning Sun / 朝焼けの丘 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-074 Kyoko, Honest Opinion / 素朴な感想 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-062 Kyoko, Intuitive Type / 直感的なタイプ 杏子 Character  RR  search
MM-W35-062S Kyoko, Intuitive Type / 直感的なタイプ 杏子 Character  SR  search
MM-W35-069 Kyoko, Morning Scene / 朝の光景 杏子 Character  search
MM-W35-075 Kyoko, New Morning / 新しい朝 杏子 Character  search
MR-W59-057 Kyoko, New Story Character  RR  search
MR-W59-057a Kyoko, New Story Character  RR  search
MM-W35-017 Kyubey Manifestation / 現れたキュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-091 Kyubey Saying Kyu- / きゅうと鳴くキュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-051 Kyubey, Change of Stance / 立場逆転 キュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-073 Kyubey, Experimenter / 実験者 キュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-068 Kyubey, Mascot? / マスコット?キュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-089 Kyubey, Spectacular Plan / 壮大な企み キュゥべえ Character  search
MM-W35-080 Law of the Cycle Observer / 円環の観測者 Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-075 Let's Eat Together Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-030 Madoka from the New World / 新世界のまどか Character  search
MM-W35-PE02 Madoka in Archery Uniform Character  PR  search
MR-W59-052 Madoka's Notes Event  search
MM-W35-045 Madoka, Exterminating Nightmares / ナイトメア退治 まどか Character  search
MM-W35-042 Madoka, Hill in the Morning Sun / 朝焼けの丘 まどか Character  search
MM-W35-044 Madoka, Ladylike / おっとり まどか Character  search
MM-W35-032 Madoka, Thinking of Homura / ほむらを想うまどか Character  search
MM-W35-032S Madoka, Thinking of Homura / ほむらを想うまどか Character  SR  search
MM-W35-043 Madoka, Ultimate / アルティメットまどか Character  search
MM-W35-033 Madoka, Unchanged Smile / 変わらない笑顔 まどか Character  search
MM-W35-035 Madoka, Worrying / 心配するまどか Character  search
MR-W59-058 Magical Girl, Kaede Akino Character  search
MM-W35-020 Mami & Madoka, Senpai And Kouhai / 先輩と後輩 マミ&まどか Character  search
MM-W35-003 Mami & Nagisa / マミ&なぎさ Character  search
MM-W35-004 Mami in Top Form / 絶好調 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-001 Mami's Confrontation with Homura / ほむらとの対峙 マミ Character  RR  search
MM-W35-001S Mami's Confrontation with Homura / ほむらとの対峙 マミ Character  SR  search
MM-W35-011 Mami, Elegant Strike / 優雅なる一撃 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-021 Mami, Exterminating Nightmares / ナイトメア退治 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-010 Mami, Hill in the Morning Sun / 朝焼けの丘 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-009 Mami, Lively Evening / 賑やかな夕べ マミ Character  search
MM-W35-008 Mami, Living Everyday Like a Dream / 夢に見た毎日 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-015 Mami, Pretty / 容姿端麗 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-005 Mami, the Way She Wished Things Are / 望んだあり方 マミ Character  search
MM-W35-005SP Mami, the Way She Wished Things Are / 望んだあり方 マミ Character  SP  search
MM-W35-098 Mermaid Witch Appears / 人魚の魔女現る Event  search
MR-W59-041 Mikuri Ayame Character  search
MM-W35-059 Mild Days / 穏やかな毎日 Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-T08 Minami Lena Character  TD  search
MR-W59-016C Mitsuki Felicia Character  search
MR-W59-060 Momoko & Kaede & Rena Character  search
MM-W35-002 Nagisa, Guided by the Cycle / 円環に導かれた者 なぎさ Character  RR  search
MM-W35-002SP Nagisa, Guided by the Cycle / 円環に導かれた者 なぎさ Character  SP  search
MM-W35-018 Nagisa, Innocent Girl / 無邪気な少女 なぎさ Character  search
MM-W35-006 Nagisa, One Who Knows the Truth / 真実を知る者 なぎさ Character  search
MM-W35-006S Nagisa, One Who Knows the Truth / 真実を知る者 なぎさ Character  SR  search
MM-W35-013 Nagisa, Pinpoint Targeting / 標的看破 なぎさ Character  search
MM-W35-019 Nagisa, Young-looking Magical Girl / 姿幼き魔法少女 なぎさ Character  search
MR-W59-T11 Nanami Yachiyo Character  TD  search
MR-W59-055 Never-Ending Training Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-079 New Days / 新しい日常 Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-022 New Encounter / 新しい出会い Event  search
MR-W59-038R New Story, Homura Character  search
MR-W59-033R New Story, Madoka Character  search
MR-W59-079 New Story, Sayaka Character  RR  search
MR-W59-068 Not Obedient, Rena Character  search
MR-W59-T16 Oriko Mikuni Character  TD  search
MR-W59-T09 PPPH! Perfect Call Climax  TD  search
MR-W59-037 Qualities Of a Magical Girl, Madoka Character  search
MR-W59-005 Reliable Senior, Mami Character  search
MM-W35-078 Reunion and Alliance / 再会と共闘 Climax  CR  search
MM-W35-078R Reunion and Alliance / 再会と共闘 Climax  RRR  search
MR-W59-001 Sana, Something to Protect Character  SP  search
MM-W35-092 Sayaka & Madoka on a Winter Day / 冬の日のさやか&まどか Character  search
MM-W35-099 Sayaka's True Identity / さやかの正体 Climax  CR  search
MM-W35-099R Sayaka's True Identity / さやかの正体 Climax  RRR  search
MM-W35-084 Sayaka, Calm Autumn Days / 穏やかな秋の日 さやか Character  search
MM-W35-090 Sayaka, Combination / コンビネーション さやか Character  search
MM-W35-086 Sayaka, Exterminating Nightmares / ナイトメア退治 さやか Character  search
MM-W35-082 Sayaka, Guided by the Cycle / 円環に導かれた者 さやか Character  RR  search
MM-W35-082SP Sayaka, Guided by the Cycle / 円環に導かれた者 さやか Character  SP  search
MM-W35-094 Sayaka, Hill in the Morning Sun / 朝焼けの丘 さやか Character  search
MM-W35-095 Sayaka, Honest Question / 素直な疑問 さやか Character  search
MM-W35-083 Sayaka, Memories of Witch / 魔女の記憶 さやか Character  search
MM-W35-103 SD Madoka Character  PR  search
MR-W59-035 Shizumi Konoha Character  search
MR-W59-027 Strongest at Basketball Too! Climax  CR  search
MR-W59-T17 Tamaki Iroha Character  TD  search
MR-W59-069 Team Leader, Momoko Character  search
MR-W59-T18 The Three Having Tea Event  TD  search
MR-W59-029CC Thinking Of An Afternoon Nap On A Rest Day Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-056 Those Times We Can Never Return To Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-025 Tiro Duet / ティロ・デュエット Climax  CC  search
MM-W35-060 To the Outside World / 外の世界へ Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-T05 Togame Momoko Character  TD  search
MM-W35-077 Town With No Way Out / 出られない街 Event  search
MM-W35-100 True Dream / 真実の夢 Climax  CC  search
MR-W59-T20 Trust In Her Memories Climax  TD  search
MM-W35-057 Truth Behind the Barrier / 結界の真実 Climax  CR  search
MM-W35-057R Truth Behind the Barrier / 結界の真実 Climax  RRR  search
MR-W59-004 Tsuruno, Strongest Position Character  SP  search
MM-W35-023 Unavoidable Clash / 避けられぬ衝突 Climax  CR  search
MM-W35-023R Unavoidable Clash / 避けられぬ衝突 Climax  RRR  search
MM-W35-076 World Rewritten / 改竄される世界 Event  search
MR-W59-021 “Arrival of the holy maiden” Holy Mami Character  search
MR-W59-T12 “As A Fashion Model” Yachiyo Character  TD  search
MR-W59-T04 “First Combination!” Momoko & Iroha Character  TD  search
MR-W59-T02 “Her First Time Making Homemade Chocolates” Ren Character  TD  search
MR-W59-T06 “It’s Not Like I’m Not Waiting For You Or Anything” Rena Character  TD  search
MR-W59-P01 “I’m Sure You’ll Like It” Iroha Character  PR  search
MR-W59-013 “Light Is Raining Down” Felicia & Sana Character  search
MR-W59-017 “Magical girl VS series?”Holy Mami Character  search
MR-W59-081 “The Path I Won’t Stray From” Iroha Character  search
MR-W59-T10 “The Story Begins From Now” Iroha Character  TD  search
MR-W59-T07 “This Is The Aroma Of Romance” Rika Character  TD  search
MR-W59-092C “Transparent Colors Of Summer” Yachiyo & Iroha Character  search

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