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Mirrodin: 310 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
141 AEther Spellbomb Artifact  search
142 Alpha Myr Artifact Creature  search
143 Altar of Shadows Artifact  search
1 Altar's Light Instant  search
278 Ancient Den Artifact Land  search
29 Annul Instant  search
85 Arc-Slogger Creature  search
2 Arrest Enchantment  search
30 Assert Authority Instant  search
86 Atog Creature  search
3 Auriok Bladewarden Creature  search
4 Auriok Steelshaper Creature  search
5 Auriok Transfixer Creature  search
6 Awe Strike Instant  search
144 Banshee's Blade Artifact  search
57 Barter in Blood Sorcery  search
113 Battlegrowth Instant  search
58 Betrayal of Flesh Instant  search
7 Blinding Beam Instant  search
145 Blinkmoth Urn Artifact  search
279 Blinkmoth Well Land  search
114 Bloodscent Instant  search
146 Bonesplitter Artifact  search
147 Bosh, Iron Golem Legendary Artifact Creature  search
148 Bottle Gnomes Artifact Creature  search
31 Broodstar Creature  search
115 Brown Ouphe Creature  search
149 Cathodion Artifact Creature  search
150 Chalice of the Void Artifact  search
59 Chimney Imp Creature  search
151 Chromatic Sphere Artifact  search
152 Chrome Mox Artifact  search
153 Clockwork Beetle Artifact Creature  search
154 Clockwork Condor Artifact Creature  search
155 Clockwork Dragon Artifact Creature  search
156 Clockwork Vorrac Artifact Creature  search
280 Cloudpost Land  search
157 Cobalt Golem Artifact Creature  search
87 Confusion in the Ranks Enchantment  search
60 Consume Spirit Sorcery  search
61 Contaminated Bond Enchantment  search
158 Copper Myr Artifact Creature  search
116 Copperhoof Vorrac Creature  search
117 Creeping Mold Sorcery  search
159 Crystal Shard Artifact  search
160 Culling Scales Artifact  search
161 Damping Matrix Artifact  search
162 Dead-Iron Sledge Artifact  search
118 Deconstruct Sorcery  search
P03-6 Demon [Token] [Player Rewards] Token Creature  search
88 Detonate Sorcery  search
32 Disarm Instant  search
62 Disciple of the Vault Creature  search
33 Domineer Enchantment  search
163 Dragon Blood Artifact  search
34 Dream's Grip Instant  search
63 Dross Harvester Creature  search
64 Dross Prowler Creature  search
164 Dross Scorpion Artifact Creature  search
165 Duplicant Artifact Creature  search
166 Duskworker Artifact Creature  search
89 Electrostatic Bolt Instant  search
167 Elf Replica Artifact Creature  search
168 Empyrial Plate Artifact  search
169 Extraplanar Lens Artifact  search
35 Fabricate Sorcery  search
119 Fangren Hunter Creature  search
170 Farsight Mask Artifact  search
36 Fatespinner Creature  search
90 Fiery Gambit Sorcery  search
171 Fireshrieker Artifact  search
91 Fists of the Anvil Instant  search
65 Flayed Nim Creature  search
303 Forest Basic Land  search
304 Forest Basic Land  search
305 Forest Basic Land  search
306 Forest Basic Land  search
92 Forge Armor Instant  search
93 Fractured Loyalty Enchantment  search
172 Frogmite Artifact Creature  search
173 Galvanic Key Artifact  search
174 Gate to the AEther Artifact  search
175 Gilded Lotus Artifact  search
281 Glimmervoid Land  search
120 Glissa Sunseeker Legendary Creature  search
176 Goblin Charbelcher Artifact  search
177 Goblin Dirigible Artifact Creature  search
178 Goblin Replica Artifact Creature  search
94 Goblin Striker Creature  search
179 Goblin War Wagon Artifact Creature  search
180 Gold Myr Artifact Creature  search
181 Golem-Skin Gauntlets Artifact  search
95 Grab the Reins Instant  search
182 Granite Shard Artifact  search
282 Great Furnace Artifact Land  search
183 Grid Monitor Artifact Creature  search
66 Grim Reminder Instant  search
121 Groffskithur Creature  search
184 Heartwood Shard Artifact  search
185 Hematite Golem Artifact Creature  search
122 Hum of the Radix Enchantment  search
186 Icy Manipulator Artifact  search
96 Incite War Instant  search
37 Inertia Bubble Enchantment  search
187 Iron Myr Artifact Creature  search
67 Irradiate Instant  search
291 Island Basic Land  search
292 Island Basic Land  search
293 Island Basic Land  search
294 Island Basic Land  search
188 Isochron Scepter Artifact  search
189 Jinxed Choker Artifact  search
123 Journey of Discovery Sorcery  search
190 Krark's Thumb Legendary Artifact  search
97 Krark-Clan Grunt Creature  search
98 Krark-Clan Shaman Creature  search
191 Leaden Myr Artifact Creature  search
8 Leonin Abunas Creature  search
192 Leonin Bladetrap Artifact  search
9 Leonin Den-Guard Creature  search
10 Leonin Elder Creature  search
193 Leonin Scimitar Artifact  search
11 Leonin Skyhunter Creature  search
194 Leonin Sun Standard Artifact  search
195 Leveler Artifact Creature  search
196 Liar's Pendulum Artifact  search
197 Lifespark Spellbomb Artifact  search
198 Lightning Coils Artifact  search
199 Lightning Greaves Artifact  search
124 Living Hive Creature  search
200 Lodestone Myr Artifact Creature  search
38 Looming Hoverguard Creature  search
12 Loxodon Mender Creature  search
13 Loxodon Peacekeeper Creature  search
14 Loxodon Punisher Creature  search
201 Loxodon Warhammer Artifact  search
39 Lumengrid Augur Creature  search
40 Lumengrid Sentinel Creature  search
41 Lumengrid Warden Creature  search
15 Luminous Angel Creature  search
202 Malachite Golem Artifact Creature  search
42 March of the Machines Enchantment  search
203 Mask of Memory Artifact  search
99 Mass Hysteria Enchantment  search
100 Megatog Creature  search
204 Mesmeric Orb Artifact  search
205 Mind's Eye Artifact  search
206 Mindslaver Legendary Artifact  search
207 Mindstorm Crown Artifact  search
208 Mirror Golem Artifact Creature  search
125 Molder Slug Creature  search
101 Molten Rain Sorcery  search
68 Moriok Scavenger Creature  search
299 Mountain Basic Land  search
300 Mountain Basic Land  search
301 Mountain Basic Land  search
302 Mountain Basic Land  search
209 Mourner's Shield Artifact  search
210 Myr Adapter Artifact Creature  search
211 Myr Enforcer Artifact Creature  search
212 Myr Incubator Artifact  search
213 Myr Mindservant Artifact Creature  search
214 Myr Prototype Artifact Creature  search
215 Myr Retriever Artifact Creature  search
P04-5 Myr [Token] [Player Rewards] Token Artifact Creature  search
69 Necrogen Mists Enchantment  search
216 Necrogen Spellbomb Artifact  search
217 Needlebug Artifact Creature  search
43 Neurok Familiar Creature  search
218 Neurok Hoversail Artifact  search
44 Neurok Spy Creature  search
219 Nightmare Lash Artifact  search
70 Nim Devourer Creature  search
71 Nim Lasher Creature  search
220 Nim Replica Artifact Creature  search
72 Nim Shambler Creature  search
73 Nim Shrieker Creature  search
221 Nuisance Engine Artifact  search
222 Oblivion Stone Artifact  search
102 Ogre Leadfoot Creature  search
223 Omega Myr Artifact Creature  search
126 One Dozen Eyes Sorcery  search
224 Ornithopter Artifact Creature  search
45 Override Instant  search
225 Pearl Shard Artifact  search
P04-3 Pentavite [Token] [Player Rewards] Token Artifact Creature  search
226 Pentavus Artifact Creature  search
227 Pewter Golem Artifact Creature  search
287 Plains Basic Land  search
288 Plains Basic Land  search
289 Plains Basic Land  search
290 Plains Basic Land  search
127 Plated Slagwurm Creature  search
228 Platinum Angel Artifact Creature  search
229 Power Conduit Artifact  search
128 Predator's Strike Instant  search
74 Promise of Power Sorcery  search
230 Proteus Staff Artifact  search
46 Psychic Membrane Creature  search
231 Psychogenic Probe Artifact  search
232 Pyrite Spellbomb Artifact  search
47 Quicksilver Elemental Creature  search
233 Quicksilver Fountain Artifact  search
16 Raise the Alarm Instant  search
17 Razor Barrier Instant  search
48 Regress Instant  search
75 Reiver Demon Creature  search
76 Relic Bane Enchantment  search
18 Roar of the Kha Instant  search
19 Rule of Law Enchantment  search
234 Rust Elemental Artifact Creature  search
103 Rustmouth Ogre Creature  search
235 Rustspore Ram Artifact Creature  search
236 Scale of Chiss-Goria Artifact  search
237 Scrabbling Claws Artifact  search
238 Sculpting Steel Artifact  search
239 Scythe of the Wretched Artifact  search
283 Seat of the Synod Artifact Land  search
20 Second Sunrise Instant  search
104 Seething Song Instant  search
240 Serum Tank Artifact  search
49 Shared Fate Enchantment  search
105 Shatter Instant  search
106 Shrapnel Blast Instant  search
241 Silver Myr Artifact Creature  search
242 Skeleton Shard Artifact  search
21 Skyhunter Cub Creature  search
22 Skyhunter Patrol Creature  search
243 Slagwurm Armor Artifact  search
23 Slith Ascendant Creature  search
77 Slith Bloodletter Creature  search
107 Slith Firewalker Creature  search
129 Slith Predator Creature  search
50 Slith Strider Creature  search
24 Solar Tide Sorcery  search
244 Soldier Replica Artifact Creature  search
245 Solemn Simulacrum Artifact Creature  search
51 Somber Hoverguard Creature  search
246 Soul Foundry Artifact  search
25 Soul Nova Instant  search
247 Spellweaver Helix Artifact  search
26 Sphere of Purity Enchantment  search
108 Spikeshot Goblin Creature  search
78 Spoils of the Vault Instant  search
284 Stalking Stones Land  search
248 Steel Wall Artifact Creature  search
249 Sun Droplet Artifact  search
250 Sunbeam Spellbomb Artifact  search
295 Swamp Basic Land  search
296 Swamp Basic Land  search
297 Swamp Basic Land  search
298 Swamp Basic Land  search
251 Sword of Kaldra Legendary Artifact  search
251* Sword of Kaldra [Mirrodin Pre-Release] Legendary Artifact  search
130 Sylvan Scrying Sorcery  search
252 Synod Sanctum Artifact  search
27 Taj-Nar Swordsmith Creature  search
253 Talisman of Dominance Artifact  search
254 Talisman of Impulse Artifact  search
255 Talisman of Indulgence Artifact  search
256 Talisman of Progress Artifact  search
257 Talisman of Unity Artifact  search
258 Tanglebloom Artifact  search
259 Tangleroot Artifact  search
131 Tel-Jilad Archers Creature  search
132 Tel-Jilad Chosen Creature  search
133 Tel-Jilad Exile Creature  search
260 Tel-Jilad Stylus Artifact  search
28 Tempest of Light Instant  search
52 Temporal Cascade Sorcery  search
79 Terror Instant  search
53 Thirst for Knowledge Instant  search
261 Thought Prison Artifact  search
54 Thoughtcast Sorcery  search
262 Timesifter Artifact  search
263 Titanium Golem Artifact Creature  search
134 Tooth and Nail Sorcery  search
264 Tooth of Chiss-Goria Artifact  search
265 Tower of Champions Artifact  search
266 Tower of Eons Artifact  search
267 Tower of Fortunes Artifact  search
268 Tower of Murmurs Artifact  search
109 Trash for Treasure Sorcery  search
285 Tree of Tales Artifact Land  search
269 Triskelion Artifact Creature  search
135 Troll Ascetic Creature  search
136 Trolls of Tel-Jilad Creature  search
137 Turn to Dust Instant  search
286 Vault of Whispers Artifact Land  search
55 Vedalken Archmage Creature  search
80 Vermiculos Creature  search
138 Viridian Joiner Creature  search
270 Viridian Longbow Artifact  search
139 Viridian Shaman Creature  search
271 Vorrac Battlehorns Artifact  search
272 Vulshok Battlegear Artifact  search
110 Vulshok Battlemaster Creature  search
111 Vulshok Berserker Creature  search
273 Vulshok Gauntlets Artifact  search
81 Wail of the Nim Instant  search
82 Wall of Blood Creature  search
56 Wanderguard Sentry Creature  search
112 War Elemental Creature  search
274 Welding Jar Artifact  search
275 Wizard Replica Artifact Creature  search
83 Woebearer Creature  search
276 Worldslayer Artifact  search
84 Wrench Mind Sorcery  search
140 Wurmskin Forger Creature  search
277 Yotian Soldier Artifact Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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