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G Booster Set 1: Generation Stride

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card:
G Booster Set 1: Generation Stride: 115 cards
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G-BT01-060 Able Neil Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-013 Arbitrator, Ame-no-Sagiri Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
G-BT01-061 Assault Dive Eagle Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-086 Aura Baller Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-059 Battle Sister, Lollipop Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-056 Battle Sister, Marshmallow Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-052 Battle Sister, Mille-feuille Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-088 Beast Deity, Frog Master Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-048 Bravogal Seeker Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-017 Cool Hank Nova Grappler  RR  search
G-BT01-030 Divine Dragon Knight, Mahmud Kagerō  search
G-BT01-028 Divine Sword, Ame-no-Murakumo Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-058 Diviner, Kuebiko Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-012 Diviner, Kuroikazuchi Oracle Think Tank  RR  search
G-BT01-S09 Diviner, Kuroikazuchi [SP] Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
G-BT01-054 Diviner, Shinatsuhiko Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-063 Diviner, Sukunahikona Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-066 Double Perish Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT01-077 Dragon Dancer, Ekaterina Kagerō  search
G-BT01-068 Dragon Knight, Jabad Kagerō  search
G-BT01-073 Dragon Knight, Monireth Kagerō  search
G-BT01-075 Dragon Knight, Rashid Kagerō  search
G-BT01-071 Dragon Knight, Tanaz Kagerō  search
G-BT01-033 Dragon Monk Gyokuryu Kagerō  search
G-BT01-014 Dragonic Blademaster Kagerō  RR  search
G-BT01-S10 Dragonic Blademaster [SP] Kagerō  SP  search
G-BT01-006 Dragonic Overlord "The X" Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT01-S05 Dragonic Overlord "The X" [SP] Kagerō  SP  search
G-BT01-093 Drone Baron Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-051 Encourage Angel Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-031 Energy Flame, Aethonic Kagerō  search
G-BT01-096 Energy Girl Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-038 Extreme Battler, Arashid Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-082 Extreme Battler, Gunzork Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-091 Extreme Battler, Hajimal Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-081 Extreme Battler, Kenbeam Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-085 Extreme Battler, Kendhol Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-090 Extreme Battler, Runbhol Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-083 Extreme Battler, Sazanda Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-092 Extreme Battler, Zanbhara Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-080 Extreme Leader, Mu-sashi Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-008 Exxtreme Battler, Victor Nova Grappler  RRR  search
G-BT01-S07 Exxtreme Battler, Victor [SP] Nova Grappler  SP  search
G-BT01-019 Fatewheel Dragon Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT01-089 Final Wrench Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-005 Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon Kagerō  RRR  search
G-BT01-S04 Flame Emperor Dragon King, Root Flare Dragon [SP] Kagerō  SP  search
G-BT01-046 Gigantech Shot-Putter Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-002 Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon Royal Paladin  RRR  search
G-BT01-S01 Holy Dragon, Saint Blow Dragon [SP] Royal Paladin  SP  search
G-BT01-011 Holy Knight Guardian Royal Paladin  RR  search
G-BT01-069 Hulkroar Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT01-053 Imperial Shrine Guard, Asuha Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-029 Imperial Shrine Guard, Hahiki Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-057 Imperial Shrine Guard, Tsunagai Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-001 Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon Gear Chronicle  GR  search
G-BT01-009 Interdimensional Dragon, Ragnaclock Dragon Gear Chronicle  RRR  search
G-BT01-S08 Interdimensional Dragon, Ragnaclock Dragon [SP] Gear Chronicle  SP  search
G-BT01-087 Katanaraizer Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-049 Knight of Drawn Sword Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-050 Knight of Flash Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-010 Knight of Fragment Royal Paladin  RR  search
G-BT01-022 Knight of Greatspear Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-047 Knight of Shield Bash Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-018 Lady Cyclone Nova Grappler  RR  search
G-BT01-024 Laurel Knight, Sicilus Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-032 Lava Flow Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT01-079 Lizard Soldier, Veira Kagerō  search
G-BT01-076 Magnum Shot Dracokid Kagerō  search
G-BT01-037 Masuraoraizer Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-098 Mechanized Gear Tiger Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-035 Meteokaiser, Vic-Ten Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-007 Meteokaiser, Victoplasma Nova Grappler  RRR  search
G-BT01-S06 Meteokaiser, Victoplasma [SP] Nova Grappler  SP  search
G-BT01-044 Militaristic Knight, Marianus Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-043 Miracle Element, Atmos Cray Elemental  search
G-BT01-094 Mirror Image, Gesolaz Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-078 Mother Orb Dragon Kagerō  search
G-BT01-036 Muscle Shriek Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-065 Nebula Witch, NoNo Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-026 Obligate Robin Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-064 Paisley Magus Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-070 Perdition Berserker, Preta Kagerō  search
G-BT01-074 Perdition Dancer, Anna Kagerō  search
G-BT01-016 Protect Orb Dragon Kagerō  RR  search
G-BT01-020 Relic Master Dragon Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT01-S12 Relic Master Dragon [SP] Gear Chronicle  SP  search
G-BT01-095 Ring Girl, Ai Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-039 Ruin Disposal Dragon Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-045 Seeker, Proud Roar Lion Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-025 Soaring Auspicious Beast, Kirin Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-084 Starlight Hedgehog Nova Grappler  search
G-BT01-023 Starlight Violinist Royal Paladin  search
G-BT01-102 Steam Battler, Meshda Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-041 Steam Breath Dragon Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-040 Steam Knight, Puzur Ili Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-021 Steam Maiden, Arlim Gear Chronicle  RR  search
G-BT01-097 Steam Maiden, Elul Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-100 Steam Rider, Dizcal Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-042 Steam Scara, Gigi Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-099 Summit Crest Gear Wolf Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-004 Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo Oracle Think Tank  RRR  search
G-BT01-S03 Supreme Heavenly Battle Deity, Susanoo [SP] Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
G-BT01-003 Sword Deity of the Thunder Break, Takemikazuchi Oracle Think Tank  RRR  search
G-BT01-S02 Sword Deity of the Thunder Break, Takemikazuchi [SP] Oracle Think Tank  SP  search
G-BT01-055 Tankman Mode Beamcannon Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-027 Tankman Mode Morningstar Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-101 Timepiece Dracokid Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-015 Twilight Arrow Dragon Kagerō  RR  search
G-BT01-S11 Twilight Arrow Dragon [SP] Kagerō  SP  search
G-BT01-103 Wakey Wakey Worker Gear Chronicle  search
G-BT01-062 Windfall, Daikokuten Oracle Think Tank  search
G-BT01-067 Wyvern Strike, Doha Kagerō  search
G-BT01-072 Wyvern Strike, Garan Kagerō  search
G-BT01-034 Wyvernkid Ragla Kagerō  search

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