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Fate/Zero Extra Pack

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Fate/Zero Extra Pack: 30 cards
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FZ-SE13-23 "Artist" Ryunosuke / “アーティスト”龍之介 Character  search
FZ-SE13-03 "Protector of Vessel" Irisviel Character  search
FZ-SE13-15 "Volumen Hydragyrum" Kayneth Character  search
FZ-SE13-24 "Zabaniya" Assassin Character  search
FZ-SE13-26 "Zabaniya" Assassin Character  search
FZ-SE13-22 Caster, Teacher of Ryunosuke Character  search
FZ-SE13-19 Gae Buidhe Climax  search
FZ-SE13-18 Holy Grail Dialogue Event  search
FZ-SE13-07 Irisviel, Precious Gem Character  search
FZ-SE13-01 Irisviel, Pure And Innocent Character  search
FZ-SE13-01P Irisviel, Pure And Innocent Character  SP  search
FZ-SE13-14 Kayneth, Royalty at Birth Character  search
FZ-SE13-20 Kirei, Father with Questions Character  search
FZ-SE13-21 Kirei, Truth Seeker of the Holy Church / 聖堂教会の求道者 綺礼 Character  search
FZ-SE13-08 Kiritsugu, Cold-Blooded Hound Character  search
FZ-SE13-05 Kiritsugu, Trump of Einzbern Character  search
FZ-SE13-11 Lancer, Cursed Yellow Lance Character  search
FZ-SE13-10 Lancer, Two Magical Lances Character  search
FZ-SE13-04 Maiya, Female Soldier Character  search
FZ-SE13-13 Rider, Ambition to Conquer the World Character  search
FZ-SE13-12 Rider, Legendary Conqueror King Character  search
FZ-SE13-17 Rider, My Path of Kingship Character  search
FZ-SE13-25 Risei Kotomine Character  search
FZ-SE13-27 Ryunosuke Uryu Character  search
FZ-SE13-02 Saber, Metallic Gale Character  search
FZ-SE13-02P Saber, Metallic Gale Character  SP  search
FZ-SE13-06 Saber, Summoned Heroine Character  search
FZ-SE13-06P Saber, Summoned Heroine Character  SP  search
FZ-SE13-09 Strike Air Climax  search
FZ-SE13-16 Waver, Self-Proclaimed Genius Magician Character  search

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