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Little Busters! Card Mission Extra Pack

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Little Busters! Card Mission Extra Pack: 37 cards
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LB-WE21-16 Dream of the Mother And Daughter Climax  search
LB-WE21-10 Haruka, Making a Stall Loop / 出店めぐり 葉留佳 Character  search
LB-WE21-20 Haruka, Shield of Aegis!? Character  search
LB-WE21-09 I'm Not Excited! Climax  search
LB-WE21-21 Kanata, Date Lovers /デイト・ラヴァーズ 佳奈多 Character  search
LB-WE21-11 Kanata, Shrine Maiden Kagura / 巫女神楽 佳奈多 Character  search
LB-WE21-25 Kengo, Laughing Heartily Character  search
LB-WE21-25P Kengo, Laughing Heartily Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-02 Komari, Happily Playing Catch Character  search
LB-WE21-02P Komari, Happily Playing Catch Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-04 Komari, Heart-thumping Donuts Character  search
LB-WE21-29 Komari, Stellar Observation Character  search
LB-WE21-27 Kud, Happy Halloween! Character  search
LB-WE21-15 Kud, Let's Play Baseball! Character  search
LB-WE21-13 Kud, Playing Catch With Pillows / 枕できゃっちぼーる クド Character  search
LB-WE21-26 Kyousuke, Devil Coach of Fire Character  search
LB-WE21-03 Kyousuke, Stage On! Character  search
LB-WE21-03P Kyousuke, Stage On! Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-19 Masato, Large Pork Cutlet Over Rice! Character  search
LB-WE21-19P Masato, Large Pork Cutlet Over Rice! Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-23 Mio, Talented Producer Character  search
LB-WE21-24 Mio, Unchanged Song, Unchanged Sky / 変わらないうた、変わらないそら 美魚 Character  search
LB-WE21-18 Riki, Daydream Wedding Character  search
LB-WE21-18P Riki, Daydream Wedding Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-07 Riki, Searching Mystery Character  search
LB-WE21-12 Rin, Large Bloom in the Night Sky Character  search
LB-WE21-06 Rin, Little Cheergirl Character  search
LB-WE21-01 Rin, Shape of Feelings Character  search
LB-WE21-01P Rin, Shape of Feelings Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-08 Sasami, Because I'm With You Character  search
LB-WE21-14 Sasami, Secret Self-Training Character  search
LB-WE21-28 Saya, Ace Sniper Character  search
LB-WE21-17 Saya, Calling a Home Run Character  search
LB-WE21-17P Saya, Calling a Home Run Character  SP  search
LB-WE21-30 twinkle starlights Climax  search
LB-WE21-22 Yuiko, Males Not Allowed / 男子禁制 唯湖 Character  search
LB-WE21-05 Yuiko, Snow Queen Character  search

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