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Theed Palace

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Theed Palace: 131 cards
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57 3B3-10 Character  search
58 3B3-1204 Character  search
59 3B3-21 Character  search
60 3B3-888 Character  search
1 AAT Assault Leader Vehicle  search
2 AAT Laser Cannon Weapon  search
3 Activate The Droids Effect  search
4 After Her! Effect  search
64 Amidala's Blaster Weapon  search
5 Armored Attack Tank Vehicle  search
65 Artoo, Brave Little Droid Character  search
66 Artoo, Brave Little Droid (AI) Character  search
67 Ascension Guns Interrupt  search
6 At Last We Are Getting Results Effect  search
7 Battle Droid Officer Character  search
8 Battle Droid Pilot Character  search
68 Big Boomers! Used Interrupt  search
9 Blockade Flagship Starship  search
10 Blockade Flagship: Docking Bay [DS] Location  search
69 Blockade Flagship: Docking Bay [LS] Location  search
11 Bok Askol Character  search
70 Booma   search
71 Boss Nass   search
72 Boss Nass (AI) Character  search
73 Bravo 1   search
74 Bravo 2   search
75 Bravo 3   search
76 Bravo 4   search
77 Bravo 5   search
78 Bravo Fighter   search
12 Captain Daultay Dofine Character  search
79 Captain Tarpals   search
80 Captain Tarpals' Electropole   search
13 Cease Fire!   search
81 Corporal Rushing   search
82 Dams Denna   search
14 Darth Maul With Lightsaber Darth Maul Character  search
15 Darth Sidious   search
16 Darth Sidious (AI) Character  search
17 DFS Squadron Starfighter   search
18 DFS-1015   search
19 DFS-1308   search
20 DFS-327   search
21 Droid Racks Effect  search
22 Droid Starfighter Laser Cannons   search
23 Drop Your Weapons   search
83 Electropole Character Weapon  search
24 Energy Shell Launchers Weapon  search
84 Fambaa   search
25 Fighters Straight Ahead   search
85 General Jar Jar   search
86 General Jar Jar (AI) Character  search
87 Get To Your Ships!   search
88 Gian Speeder   search
89 Gimme A Lift!   search
90 Gungan Energy Shield   search
91 Gungan General   search
92 Gungan Guard Character  search
26 Halt!   search
93 I'll Try Spinning   search
27 Infantry Battle Droid   search
28 Invasion / In Complete Control Objective  search
94 It's On Automatic Pilot!   search
95 Jerus Jannick   search
96 Kaadu   search
97 Let's Go Left   search
98 Lieutenant Arven Wendik   search
99 Lieutenant Chamberlyn   search
100 Lieutenant Rya Kirsch   search
101 Mace Windu, Jedi Master   search
102 Mace Windu, Jedi Master (AI) Character  search
29 Master, Destroyers!   search
30 Multi Troop Transport   search
103 Naboo Celebration   search
31 Naboo Occupation   search
104 Naboo: Boss Nass' Chambers   search
105 Naboo: Otoh Gunga Entrance   search
32 Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway [DS] Location  search
106 Naboo: Theed Palace Hallway [LS] Location  search
107 No Giben Up, General Jar Jar!   search
33 Nothing Can Get Through Our Shield   search
34 Nute Gunray, Neimoidian Viceroy   search
35 Nute Gunray, Neimoidian Viceroy (AI) Character  search
108 Officer Dolphe   search
109 Officer Ellberger   search
110 Officer Perosei   search
36 OOM-9   search
37 Open Fire!   search
38 OWO-1 With Backup Character  search
111 Panaka, Protector Of The Queen   search
112 Panaka, Protector Of The Queen (AI) Character  search
113 Proton Torpedoes   search
114 Queen Amidala   search
115 Queen Amidala (AI) Character  search
116 Qui-Gon Jinn With Lightsaber Jedi Master Character  search
39 Rayno Vaca   search
117 Rep Been   search
118 Ric OliĆ©, Bravo Leader Character  search
40 Rolling, Rolling, Rolling   search
119 Royal Naboo Security Officer   search
41 Rune Haako, Legal Counsel   search
42 Rune Haako, Legal Counsel (AI) Character  search
43 Senate Hovercam [DS] Effect  search
120 Senate Hovercam [LS] Effect  search
44 Sil Unch   search
45 Single Trooper Aerial Platform   search
46 SSA-1015   search
47 SSA-306   search
48 SSA-719   search
49 STAP Blaster Cannons   search
121 Steady, Steady   search
50 Take Them Away   search
122 Take This!   search
51 Tank Commander   search
52 The Deflector Shield Is Too Strong   search
130 Theed Palace Dark Side Card List Game Aid  search
131 Theed Palace Light Side Card List Game Aid  search
53 There They Are!   search
123 They Win This Round   search
54 This Is Not Good   search
55 Trade Federation Landing Craft   search
56 Trade Federation Tactics   search
61 TT-6   search
62 TT-9   search
124 We Didn't Hit It   search
125 We Don't Have Time For This   search
126 We Have A Plan / They Will Be Lost And Confused Objective  search
63 We're Hit, Artoo   search
127 Wesa Gotta Grand Army   search
128 Wesa Ready To Do Our-sa Part   search
129 Whoooo! Used Interrupt  search

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