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XY Furious Fists

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XY Furious Fists: 114 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
9 Accelgor Grass  Uncommon  search
25 Amaura Water  Uncommon  search
26 Aurorus Water  Rare  search
88 Battle Reporter Trainer  Uncommon  search
109 Battle Reporter (Full Art) Trainer  SuperRare Holo  search
22 Beartic Water  Rare  search
1 Bellsprout Grass  Common  search
14 Blaziken Fire  Rare Holo  search
50 Breloom Fighting  Rare  search
23 Clauncher Water  Common  search
24 Clawitzer Water  Rare Holo  search
71 Clefable Fairy  Uncommon  search
70 Clefairy (Moonblast) Fairy  Common  search
69 Clefairy (Moonlight) Fairy  Common  search
13 Combusken Fire  Uncommon  search
21 Cubchoo Water  Common  search
34 Dedenne Lightning  Uncommon  search
74 Dragonite EX Dragon  Rare Holo EX  search
108 Dragonite EX (Full Art) Dragon  SuperRare Holo  search
65 Drapion Darkness  Rare  search
35 Drowzee Psychic  Common  search
80 Eevee Colorless  Common  search
29 Electabuzz Lightning  Common  search
30 Electivire Lightning  Rare  search
89 Energy Switch Trainer  Uncommon  search
90 Fighting Stadium Trainer  Uncommon  search
76 Flygon Dragon  Rare  search
91 Focus Sash Trainer  Uncommon  search
92 Fossil Researcher Trainer  Uncommon  search
110 Fossil Researcher (Full Art) Trainer  SuperRare Holo  search
93 Full Heal Trainer  Uncommon  search
19 Glaceon Water  Rare  search
42 Golett Psychic  Common  search
43 Golurk Psychic  Rare  search
39 Gothita Psychic  Common  search
41 Gothitelle Psychic  Rare  search
40 Gothorita Psychic  Uncommon  search
52 Hariyama Fighting  Rare  search
63 Hawlucha Fighting  Rare Holo  search
64 Hawlucha EX Fighting  Rare Holo EX  search
4 Heracross EX Grass  Rare Holo EX  search
105 Heracross EX (Full Art) Grass  SuperRare Holo  search
103 Herbal Energy Special Energy  Uncommon  search
48 Hitmonchan Fighting  Uncommon  search
47 Hitmonlee Fighting  Uncommon  search
49 Hitmontop Fighting  Uncommon  search
36 Hypno Psychic  Rare  search
94 Jaw Fossil Trainer  Uncommon  search
37 Jynx Psychic  Rare  search
73 Klefki Fairy  Uncommon  search
95 Korrina Trainer  Uncommon  search
111 Korrina (Full Art) Trainer  SuperRare Holo  search
58 Landorus Fighting  Rare Holo  search
7 Leafeon Grass  Rare  search
79 Lickilicky Colorless  Uncommon  search
78 Lickitung Colorless  Common  search
54 Lucario EX Fighting  Rare Holo EX  search
107 Lucario EX (Full Art) Fighting  SuperRare Holo  search
46 Machamp Fighting  Rare Holo  search
45 Machoke Fighting  Uncommon  search
44 Machop Fighting  Common  search
10 Magmar Fire  Common  search
11 Magmortar Fire  Rare  search
96 Maintenance Trainer  Uncommon  search
51 Makuhita Fighting  Common  search
5 MHeracross EX Grass  Rare Holo EX  search
112 MHeracross EX (Secret) Grass  Ultra Rare  search
56 Mienfoo Fighting  Common  search
57 Mienshao Fighting  Uncommon  search
32 Minun Lightning  Common  search
55 MLucario EX Fighting  Rare Holo EX  search
113 MLucario EX (Secret) Fighting  Ultra Rare  search
97 Mountain Ring Trainer  Uncommon  search
87 Noibat Colorless  Common  search
77 Noivern Dragon  Rare Holo  search
60 Pancham (Comet Punch) Fighting  Common  search
59 Pancham (Confront) Fighting  Uncommon  search
68 Pangoro Darkness  Rare  search
84 Patrat Colorless  Common  search
27 Pikachu Lightning  Common  search
31 Plusle Lightning  Common  search
18 Politoed Water  Rare  search
15 Poliwag Water  Common  search
16 Poliwhirl Water  Uncommon  search
17 Poliwrath Water  Rare Holo  search
28 Raichu Lightning  Uncommon  search
98 Sail Fossil Trainer  Uncommon  search
67 Scrafty Darkness  Uncommon  search
66 Scraggy Darkness  Common  search
20 Seismitoad EX Water  Rare Holo EX  search
106 Seismitoad EX (Full Art) Water  SuperRare Holo  search
8 Shelmet Grass  Common  search
6 Shroomish Grass  Common  search
38 Skorupi Psychic  Common  search
83 Slaking Colorless  Rare Holo  search
81 Slakoth Colorless  Common  search
99 Sparkling Robe Trainer  Uncommon  search
104 Strong Energy Special Energy  Uncommon  search
100 Super Scoop Up Trainer  Uncommon  search
72 Sylveon Fairy  Rare  search
CC TCGO Code Card Code Card  Fixed  search
33 Thundurus Lightning  Rare  search
101 Tool Retriever Trainer  Uncommon  search
12 Torchic Fire  Common  search
86 Tornadus Colorless  Rare  search
102 Training Center Trainer  Uncommon  search
53 Trapinch Fighting  Common  search
62 Tyrantrum Fighting  Rare  search
61 Tyrunt Fighting  Uncommon  search
75 Vibrava Dragon  Uncommon  search
3 Victreebel Grass  Rare Holo  search
82 Vigoroth Colorless  Uncommon  search
85 Watchog Colorless  Uncommon  search
2 Weepinbell Grass  Uncommon  search
Total price for whole set:

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