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Kill La Kill Trial Deck

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Kill La Kill Trial Deck: 23 cards
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KLK-S27-T19 "Best Friends" Ryuko & Mako Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T19R "Best Friends" Ryuko & Mako Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-T19S "Best Friends" Ryuko & Mako Character  SR  search
KLK-S27-T13 Gamagoori, The Elite Four Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T09 Inumuta, The Elite Four Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T10 Jakuzure, The Elite Four Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T15 Life Fiber Override, Kamui Junketsu! Climax  TD  search
KLK-S27-T08 Life Fiber Synchronize, Kamui Senketsu! Climax  TD  search
KLK-S27-T18 Mako, "Uber" Air-head Girl Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T18R Mako, "Uber" Air-head Girl Character  RRR  search
KLK-S27-T06 Mikisugi, Mysterious Guy Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T07 Red Gauntlet Event  TD  search
KLK-S27-T05 Ryuko, Connected by Blood Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T04 Ryuko, Power with Senketsu Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T02 Ryuko, Transfer Student Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T16 Ryuko, Wandering High School Girl Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T12 Sanageyama, The Elite Four Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T11 Satsuki, Absolute Terror Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T17 Satsuki, Another Wielder of Kamui Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T20 Satsuki, Dominating Student Council President Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T03 Senketsu, Talking Sailor Uniform Character  TD  search
KLK-S27-T14 There Is Nothing Wrong With My Actions! Climax  TD  search
KLK-S27-T01 Mako, Next Seat Character  TD  search

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