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Magic Ruler (Japanese)

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Magic Ruler (Japanese): 50 cards
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45 Aggressive Guard Spell/Magic Card    search
10 Ameba Monster / Effect    search
41 Angel's Mirror Trap Card    search
3 Black Pendant Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
37 Calming Melody Spell/Magic Card / Field    search
43 Charge Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
38 Confiscate Spell/Magic Card    search
18 Creature of the Deep Forest Monster    search
47 Cyclone Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
40 Dark Visit Spell/Magic Card    search
19 Dark Witch Monster    search
2 Demon's Axe Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
42 Disguise Change Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
8 Electric Snake Monster / Effect    search
32 Evil Ritual Spell/Magic Card    search
14 Fire Kraken Monster    search
22 Flame-Eater Turtle Monster    search
31 Grave Keeping Demon Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
16 Griggle Monster    search
13 Guardian of the Throne Room Monster    search
49 Hard Choice Spell/Magic Card    search
6 Hexagram Curse Trap Card / Continuous    search
24 Hiro's Shadow Scout Monster / Effect    search
4 Horn of Light Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
48 Hurricane Spell/Magic Card    search
15 Iibi Monster / Effect    search
26 Invader of the Throne Monster / Effect    search
5 Kiss of Demon Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
35 Last Battle Spell/Magic Card    search
23 Liquid Beast Monster    search
46 Magic Bond Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
12 Maha Vailo Monster / Effect    search
21 Mechanical Snail Monster    search
7 Metal Fish Monster    search
39 Mischevous Demon Twins Spell/Magic Card    search
11 Peacock Monster    search
1 Penguin Knight Monster / Effect    search
50 Poison Fangs Trap Card    search
9 Queen Bird Monster    search
30 Red Archery Girl Monster    search
29 Relinquished Monster / Effect / Ritual    search
25 River Merman Monster    search
28 Slot Machine Monster    search
44 Strengthen Defense Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play    search
36 Theft Spell/Magic Card / Equip    search
34 Toll Spell/Magic Card / Continuous    search
17 Tyhone #2 Monster    search
33 Wealty Goblin Spell/Magic Card    search
20 Weather Report Monster / Effect    search
27 Whiptail Crow Monster    search

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