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Railgun S Booster Pack

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Railgun S Booster Pack: 96 cards
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RG-W26-058 "Academy City" Kuroko / “学園都市”黒子 Character  RR  search
RG-W26-058SP "Academy City" Kuroko / “学園都市”黒子 Character  SP  search
RG-W26-070 "Academy City" Mikoto / “学園都市”美琴 Character  search
RG-W26-029 "Academy City" Misaka's Little Sister Character  search
RG-W26-036 "Academy City" Saten Character  RR  search
RG-W26-036S "Academy City" Saten Character  SR  search
RG-W26-040 "Academy City" Uiharu Character  search
RG-W26-040S "Academy City" Uiharu Character  SR  search
RG-W26-010 "ITEM" Frenda Character  search
RG-W26-010R "ITEM" Frenda Character  RRR  search
RG-W26-007 "ITEM" Kinuhata Character  search
RG-W26-003 "ITEM" Mugino Character  RR  search
RG-W26-003R "ITEM" Mugino Character  RRR  search
RG-W26-014 "ITEM" Takitsubo / “アイテム”滝壺 Character  search
RG-W26-041 "Level 1" Uiharu Character  search
RG-W26-009 "Level 5" Mugino Character  search
RG-W26-018 "Meltdowner" Mugino Character  search
RG-W26-061 "Mental Out" Shokuhou / “心理掌握”食蜂 Character  search
RG-W26-061P "Mental Out" Shokuhou / “心理掌握”食蜂 Character  SP  search
RG-W26-048 "Musashino Milk" Konori Character  search
RG-W26-037 "Passion Green" Saten Character  search
RG-W26-059 "Passion Orange" Mikoto / “パッションオレンジ”美琴 Character  search
RG-W26-059S "Passion Orange" Mikoto / “パッションオレンジ”美琴 Character  SR  search
RG-W26-038 "Passion Pink" Uiharu / “パッションピンク”初春 Character  search
RG-W26-063 "Passion Purple" Kuroko / “パッションパープル”黒子 Character  search
RG-W26-063S "Passion Purple" Kuroko / “パッションパープル”黒子 Character  SR  search
RG-W26-075 "Pigtails" Kuroko Character  search
RG-W26-074 "Queen" Misaki Shokuhou Character  search
RG-W26-027 "Radio Noise" Misaka's Little Sister Character  search
RG-W26-049 "Strawberry Oden" Uiharu Character  search
RG-W26-019 "Touma Kamijou" Touma Character  search
RG-W26-013 Accelerator, Experiment Candidate Character  search
RG-W26-011 Accelerator, First Experiment Character  search
RG-W26-002 Accelerator, Level 6 Shift Project / 絶対能力進化計画 一方通行 Character  RR  search
RG-W26-002S Accelerator, Level 6 Shift Project / 絶対能力進化計画 一方通行 Character  SR  search
RG-W26-017 Accelerator, No-Mercy Personality Character  search
RG-W26-006 Accelerator, Overwhelming Power Character  search
RG-W26-026 Accelerator, Path to Invincibility Character  search
RG-W26-035 Bomb User Climax  CC  search
RG-W26-030 Doll Bomb Event  search
RG-W26-054 Escape from Dark Alleys Climax  CR  search
RG-W26-078 Eyewitness / 目撃者 Climax  CR  search
RG-W26-016 Frenda Seivelun Character  search
RG-W26-028 Frenda, Bomb User Character  search
RG-W26-004 Frenda, Inteference Acts Character  search
RG-W26-050 Haruue, Munching / もぐもぐ春上 Character  search
RG-W26-066 Kuroko, Full of Justice Character  search
RG-W26-060 Kuroko, One Who Protects Peace Character  search
RG-W26-060S Kuroko, One Who Protects Peace Character  SR  search
RG-W26-067 Kuroko, Serious about Work / 仕事は真面目 黒子 Character  search
RG-W26-071 Kuroko, Working Character  search
RG-W26-055 Location Triangulation Climax  CC  search
RG-W26-033 Meltdownwer Climax  CR  search
RG-W26-069 Mikoto at the Hospital Character  search
RG-W26-072 Mikoto at the Library Character  search
RG-W26-062 Mikoto, A Certain Day Off / ある日の休日 美琴 Character  search
RG-W26-062R Mikoto, A Certain Day Off / ある日の休日 美琴 Character  RRR  search
RG-W26-073 Mikoto, Admired Being Character  search
RG-W26-068 Mikoto, Determination on the Bridge Character  search
RG-W26-064 Mikoto, Good Grade Character  search
RG-W26-065 Mikoto, Good Sport Reflexes / 運動神経抜群 美琴 Character  search
RG-W26-076 Mikoto, On the Way to School Character  search
RG-W26-057 Mikoto, Taking a Walk Character  RR  search
RG-W26-057R Mikoto, Taking a Walk Character  RRR  search
RG-W26-056 Mikoto, Where the Coin Goes / コインの行方 美琴 Character  RR  search
RG-W26-056P Mikoto, Where the Coin Goes / コインの行方 美琴 Character  SP  search
RG-W26-001 Misaka's Little Sister, Clone Character  RR  search
RG-W26-001S Misaka's Little Sister, Clone Character  SR  search
RG-W26-022 Misaka's Little Sister, Loves Annimals Character  search
RG-W26-008 Misaka's Little Sister, Radio Noise Project / 量産能力者計画 御坂妹 Character  search
RG-W26-008P Misaka's Little Sister, Radio Noise Project / 量産能力者計画 御坂妹 Character  SP  search
RG-W26-015 Misaka, No. 9982 of the Mass Production Character  search
RG-W26-021 Mugino, Fourth of the Academy City Character  search
RG-W26-024 Mugino, Leader of the Dark Organization Character  search
RG-W26-005 Nunotaba, Genius Scientist Character  search
RG-W26-005S Nunotaba, Genius Scientist Character  SR  search
RG-W26-020 Nunotaba, Student of the Nagatenjouki Academy Character  search
RG-W26-079 Railgun Climax  CC  search
RG-W26-042 Saten & Uiharu, Good Friend Character  search
RG-W26-052 Saten at the Hospital Character  search
RG-W26-044 Saten in Living Room Wear Character  search
RG-W26-045 Saten, Gossiping Character  search
RG-W26-051 Saten, Seeking help Character  search
RG-W26-046 Saten, Sharp-Nosed / 鼻が利く 佐天 Character  search
RG-W26-053 Searching for Stored Value Card Event  search
RG-W26-032 Siblings Climax  CR  search
RG-W26-023 Sisters / 妹達 Character  search
RG-W26-034 Strongest And Weakest Climax  CC  search
RG-W26-031 Testament Event  search
RG-W26-025 Touma, A Certain High School's Student Character  search
RG-W26-012 Touma, Incredible Power Character  search
RG-W26-043 Uiharu, Daydreaming Character  search
RG-W26-039 Uiharu, in Charge of Gathering Information / 情報収集担当 初春 Character  search
RG-W26-047 Uiharu, Worrying Character  search
RG-W26-080 Unchangable Past Climax  CC  search
RG-W26-077 When the Cat's Away Event  search

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