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Magic 2014 (M14)

Trade Cards Online is shutting down.

Trade Cards Online will be shut down beginning 1 July 2019. We strongly recommend you export your lists before this date as the site, together with your account, will no longer be available afterwards. Trade Cards Online was started as a platform to provide the most comprehensive database available on the Internet. But since we weren't able to expend enough time to keep up with the marketplace, we have decided to shut the site down. While it's sad to say goodbye, we are hopeful that you will continue your passion for collecting. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you. We appreciate everyone who has used and supported Trade Cards Online. Thank you!

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Magic 2014 (M14): 276 cards
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124 Academy Raider Creature  search
204 Accorder's Shield Artifact  search
83 Accursed Spirit Creature  search
125 Act of Treason Sorcery  search
164 Advocate of the Beast Creature  search
42 Air Servant Creature  search
2 Ajani's Chosen Creature  search
1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride Planeswalker  search
1* Ajani, Caller of the Pride [San Diego ComicCon] Planeswalker  search
84 Altar's Reap Instant  search
T02 Angel [Token] Token Creature  search
3 Angelic Accord Enchantment  search
4 Angelic Wall Creature  search
43 Archaeomancer Creature  search
5 Archangel of Thune Creature  search
44 Armored Cancrix Creature  search
85 Artificer's Hex Enchantment  search
6 Auramancer Creature  search
126 Awaken the Ancient Enchantment  search
7 Banisher Priest Creature  search
127 Barrage of Expendables Enchantment  search
128 Battle Sliver Creature  search
T09 Beast [Token] Token Creature  search
8 Blessing Enchantment  search
86 Blightcaster Creature  search
87 Blood Bairn Creature  search
129 Blur Sliver Creature  search
88 Bogbrew Witch Creature  search
9 Bonescythe Sliver Creature  search
9* Bonescythe Sliver [Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 - Xbox LIVE┬« Arcade (1/3 Duels)] Creature  search
165 Bramblecrush Sorcery  search
10 Brave the Elements Instant  search
166 Briarpack Alpha Creature  search
167 Brindle Boar Creature  search
205 Bubbling Cauldron Artifact  search
130 Burning Earth Enchantment  search
45 Cancel Instant  search
131 Canyon Minotaur Creature  search
11 Capashen Knight Creature  search
T03 Cat [Token] Token Creature  search
12 Celestial Flare Instant  search
133 Chandra's Outrage Instant  search
134 Chandra's Phoenix Creature  search
132 Chandra, Pyromaster Planeswalker  search
132* Chandra, Pyromaster [San Diego ComicCon] Planeswalker  search
13 Charging Griffin Creature  search
89 Child of Night Creature  search
46 Claustrophobia Enchantment  search
47 Clone Creature  search
48 Colossal Whale Creature  search
48* Colossal Whale [Magic 2014 Launch] Creature  search
14 Congregate Instant  search
49 Coral Merfolk Creature  search
90 Corpse Hauler Creature  search
91 Corrupt Sorcery  search
135 Cyclops Tyrant Creature  search
92 Dark Favor Enchantment  search
93 Dark Prophecy Enchantment  search
206 Darksteel Forge Artifact  search
207 Darksteel Ingot Artifact  search
15 Dawnstrike Paladin Creature  search
168 Deadly Recluse Creature  search
94 Deathgaze Cockatrice Creature  search
136 Demolish Sorcery  search
16 Devout Invocation Sorcery  search
95 Diabolic Tutor Sorcery  search
50 Dismiss into Dream Enchantment  search
51 Disperse Instant  search
52 Divination Sorcery  search
17 Divine Favor Enchantment  search
53 Domestication Enchantment  search
96 Doom Blade Instant  search
208 Door of Destinies Artifact  search
137 Dragon Egg Creature  search
138 Dragon Hatchling Creature  search
T06 Dragon [Token] Token Creature  search
97 Duress Sorcery  search
T07 Elemental [Token] Token Creature  search
T08 Elemental [Token] Token Creature  search
54 Elite Arcanist Creature  search
209 Elixir of Immortality Artifact  search
169 Elvish Mystic Creature  search
227 Encroaching Wastes Land  search
170 Enlarge Sorcery  search
55 Essence Scatter Instant  search
98 Festering Newt Creature  search
18 Fiendslayer Paladin Creature  search
210 Fireshrieker Artifact  search
139 Flames of the Firebrand Sorcery  search
140 Fleshpulper Giant Creature  search
171 Fog Instant  search
246 Forest Basic Land  search
247 Forest Basic Land  search
248 Forest Basic Land  search
249 Forest Basic Land  search
19 Fortify Instant  search
56 Frost Breath Instant  search
57 Galerider Sliver Creature  search
173 Garruk's Horde Creature  search
172 Garruk, Caller of Beasts Planeswalker  search
T13 Garruk, Caller of Beasts Emblem  search
172* Garruk, Caller of Beasts [San Diego ComicCon] Planeswalker  search
174 Giant Growth Instant  search
175 Giant Spider Creature  search
176 Gladecover Scout Creature  search
58 Glimpse the Future Sorcery  search
99 Gnawing Zombie Creature  search
T04 Goat [Token] Token Creature  search
141 Goblin Diplomats Creature  search
141* Goblin Diplomats [Magic 2014 Gameday Prize] Creature  search
142 Goblin Shortcutter Creature  search
20 Griffin Sentinel Creature  search
100 Grim Return Instant  search
177 Groundshaker Sliver Creature  search
211 Guardian of the Ages Artifact Creature  search
212 Haunted Plate Mail Artifact  search
21 Hive Stirrings Sorcery  search
21* Hive Stirrings [Magic 2014 Gameday Participant] Sorcery  search
178 Howl of the Night Pack Sorcery  search
179 Hunt the Weak Sorcery  search
59 Illusionary Armor Enchantment  search
22 Imposing Sovereign Creature  search
23 Indestructibility Enchantment  search
180 Into the Wilds Enchantment  search
234 Island Basic Land  search
235 Island Basic Land  search
236 Island Basic Land  search
237 Island Basic Land  search
61 Jace's Mindseeker Creature  search
60 Jace, Memory Adept Planeswalker  search
60* Jace, Memory Adept [San Diego ComicCon] Planeswalker  search
181 Kalonian Hydra Creature  search
182 Kalonian Tusker Creature  search
143 Lava Axe Sorcery  search
183 Lay of the Land Sorcery  search
101 Lifebane Zombie Creature  search
144 Lightning Talons Enchantment  search
102 Liliana of the Dark Realms Planeswalker  search
T12 Liliana of the Dark Realms Emblem  search
102* Liliana of the Dark Realms [San Diego ComicCon] Planeswalker  search
103 Liliana's Reaver Creature  search
104 Liturgy of Blood Sorcery  search
184 Manaweft Sliver Creature  search
145 Marauding Maulhorn Creature  search
105 Mark of the Vampire Enchantment  search
24 Master of Diversion Creature  search
185 Megantic Sliver Creature  search
185* Megantic Sliver [Magic 2014 Pre-Release] Creature  search
62 Merfolk Spy Creature  search
63 Messenger Drake Creature  search
213 Millstone Artifact  search
106 Mind Rot Sorcery  search
146 Mindsparker Creature  search
107 Minotaur Abomination Creature  search
147 Molten Birth Sorcery  search
242 Mountain Basic Land  search
243 Mountain Basic Land  search
244 Mountain Basic Land  search
245 Mountain Basic Land  search
228 Mutavault Land  search
186 Naturalize Instant  search
64 Negate Instant  search
65 Nephalia Seakite Creature  search
108 Nightmare Creature  search
109 Nightwing Shade Creature  search
187 Oath of the Ancient Wood Enchantment  search
148 Ogre Battledriver Creature  search
148* Ogre Battledriver [Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 PlayStation┬« 3 (PSN 2014)] Creature  search
66 Opportunity Instant  search
25 Pacifism Enchantment  search
26 Path of Bravery Enchantment  search
27 Pay No Heed Instant  search
67 Phantom Warrior Creature  search
28 Pillarfield Ox Creature  search
149 Pitchburn Devils Creature  search
230 Plains Basic Land  search
231 Plains Basic Land  search
232 Plains Basic Land  search
233 Plains Basic Land  search
29 Planar Cleansing Sorcery  search
188 Plummet Instant  search
189 Predatory Sliver Creature  search
190 Primeval Bounty Enchantment  search
214 Pyromancer's Gauntlet Artifact  search
110 Quag Sickness Enchantment  search
68 Quicken Instant  search
191 Ranger's Guile Instant  search
215 Ratchet Bomb Artifact  search
215* Ratchet Bomb [Magic 2014 Buy A Box] Artifact  search
150 Regathan Firecat Creature  search
216 Ring of Three Wishes Artifact  search
111 Rise of the Dark Realms Sorcery  search
217 Rod of Ruin Artifact  search
192 Rootwalla Creature  search
193 Rumbling Baloth Creature  search
112 Sanguine Bond Enchantment  search
T10 Saproling [Token] Token Creature  search
194 Savage Summoning Instant  search
195 Scavenging Ooze Creature  search
195* Scavenging Ooze [DotP 2014] Creature  search
151 Scourge of Valkas Creature  search
69 Scroll Thief Creature  search
70 Seacoast Drake Creature  search
152 Seismic Stomp Sorcery  search
113 Sengir Vampire Creature  search
71 Sensory Deprivation Enchantment  search
30 Sentinel Sliver Creature  search
31 Seraph of the Sword Creature  search
32 Serra Angel Creature  search
114 Shadowborn Apostle Creature  search
115 Shadowborn Demon Creature  search
229 Shimmering Grotto Land  search
153 Shiv's Embrace Enchantment  search
154 Shivan Dragon Creature  search
155 Shock Instant  search
33 Show of Valor Instant  search
116 Shrivel Sorcery  search
34 Siege Mastodon Creature  search
35 Silence Instant  search
218 Sliver Construct Artifact Creature  search
T01 Sliver [Token] Token Creature  search
T1*League Sliver [Token] [Magic 2014 League] Token Creature  search
156 Smelt Instant  search
36 Solemn Offering Sorcery  search
37 Soulmender Creature  search
72 Spell Blast Instant  search
196 Sporemound Creature  search
219 Staff of the Death Magus Artifact  search
220 Staff of the Flame Magus Artifact  search
221 Staff of the Mind Magus Artifact  search
222 Staff of the Sun Magus Artifact  search
223 Staff of the Wild Magus Artifact  search
38 Steelform Sliver Creature  search
39 Stonehorn Chanter Creature  search
157 Striking Sliver Creature  search
224 Strionic Resonator Artifact  search
40 Suntail Hawk Creature  search
238 Swamp Basic Land  search
239 Swamp Basic Land  search
240 Swamp Basic Land  search
241 Swamp Basic Land  search
117 Syphon Sliver Creature  search
118 Tenacious Dead Creature  search
158 Thorncaster Sliver Creature  search
159 Thunder Strike Instant  search
73 Tidebinder Mage Creature  search
74 Time Ebb Sorcery  search
75 Tome Scour Sorcery  search
225 Trading Post Artifact  search
76 Trained Condor Creature  search
77 Traumatize Sorcery  search
197 Trollhide Enchantment  search
119 Undead Minotaur Creature  search
120 Vampire Warlord Creature  search
198 Vastwood Hydra Creature  search
199 Verdant Haven Enchantment  search
226 Vial of Poison Artifact  search
121 Vile Rebirth Instant  search
160 Volcanic Geyser Instant  search
200 Voracious Wurm Creature  search
78 Wall of Frost Creature  search
41 Wall of Swords Creature  search
79 Warden of Evos Isle Creature  search
80 Water Servant Creature  search
161 Wild Guess Sorcery  search
162 Wild Ricochet Instant  search
81 Windreader Sphinx Creature  search
201 Windstorm Instant  search
202 Witchstalker Creature  search
T11 Wolf [Token] Token Creature  search
203 Woodborn Behemoth Creature  search
122 Wring Flesh Instant  search
123 Xathrid Necromancer Creature  search
163 Young Pyromancer Creature  search
82 Zephyr Charge Enchantment  search
T05 Zombie [Token] Token Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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