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Starter Deck: Kaiba

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Starter Deck: Kaiba: 50 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
SDK-039 Ancient Telescope Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-005 Battle Ox Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-049 Castle Walls Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-030 D. Human Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-015 Dark Assailant Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-020 Dark Energy Spell/Magic Card / Equip  Fixed  search
SDK-022 Dark Hole Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-014 Dark Titan of Terror Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-035 De-Spell Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-028 Destroyer Golem Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-032 Fissure Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-011 Gyakutenno Megami Monster  Common  search
SDK-046 Hane-Hane Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
SDK-002 Hitotsu-Me Giant Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-021 Invigoration Spell/Magic Card / Equip  Fixed  search
SDK-007 Judge Man Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-040 Just Desserts Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-009 Kojikocy Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-006 Koumori Dragon Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-026 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-041 Lord of D. Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
SDK-016 Master & Expert Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-036 Monster Reborn Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-043 Mysterious Puppeteer Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
SDK-018 Mystic Clown Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-012 Mystic Horseman Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-019 Ogre of the Black Shadow Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-023 Ookazi Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-031 Pale Beast Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-038 Reinforcements Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-048 Remove Trap Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-047 Reverse Trap Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-008 Rogue Doll Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-027 Rude Kaiser Monster  Common  search
SDK-003 Ryu-Kishin Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-024 Ryu-Kishin Powered Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-029 Skull Red Bird Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-045 Sogen Spell/Magic Card / Field  Fixed  search
SDK-025 Swordstalker Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-013 Terra the Terrible Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-042 The Flute of Summoning Dragon Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-037 The Inexperienced Spy Spell/Magic Card  Fixed  search
SDK-004 The Wicked Worm Beast Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
SDK-033 Trap Hole Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-044 Trap Master Monster / Effect  Fixed  search
SDK-034 Two-Pronged Attack Trap Card  Fixed  search
SDK-050 Ultimate Offering Trap Card / Continuous  Fixed  search
SDK-017 Unknown Warrior of Fiend Monster  Fixed  search
SDK-010 Uraby Monster  Fixed  search
Total price for whole set:

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