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Introductory Two-Player Set

Use the 'search' link for the card you're interested in, to find those users who have or want that card,
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Introductory Two-Player Set: 67 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
1 Alabaster Potion Instant  search
48 Battering Ram Artifact Creature  search
16 Bog Imp Creature  search
17 Bog Wraith Creature  search
2 Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment  search
3 Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment  search
49 Clockwork Beast Artifact Creature  search
18 Cursed Land Enchantment  search
19 Dark Ritual Instant  search
30 Detonate Sorcery  search
31 Disintegrate Sorcery  search
39 Durkwood Boars Creature  search
40 Elven Riders Creature  search
41 Elvish Archers Creature  search
8 Energy Flux Enchantment  search
9 Feedback Enchantment  search
32 Fireball Sorcery  search
65 Forest Basic Land  search
66 Forest Basic Land  search
67 Forest Basic Land  search
50 Glasses of Urza Artifact  search
42 Grizzly Bears Creature  search
4 Healing Salve Instant  search
33 Hill Giant Creature  search
34 Ironclaw Orcs Creature  search
56 Island Basic Land  search
57 Island Basic Land  search
58 Island Basic Land  search
51 Jayemdae Tome Artifact  search
20 Lost Soul Creature  search
10 Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Creature  search
5 Mesa Pegasus Creature  search
35 Mons's Goblin Raiders Creature  search
62 Mountain Basic Land  search
63 Mountain Basic Land  search
64 Mountain Basic Land  search
21 Murk Dwellers Creature  search
36 Orcish Artillery Creature  search
37 Orcish Oriflamme Enchantment  search
6 Pearled Unicorn Creature  search
11 Phantom Monster Creature  search
53 Plains Basic Land  search
54 Plains Basic Land  search
55 Plains Basic Land  search
12 Power Sink Instant  search
38 Pyrotechnics Sorcery  search
22 Raise Dead Sorcery  search
7 Reverse Damage Instant  search
52 Rod of Ruin Artifact  search
23 Scathe Zombies Creature  search
43 Scryb Sprites Creature  search
24 Sorceress Queen Creature  search
59 Swamp Basic Land  search
60 Swamp Basic Land  search
61 Swamp Basic Land  search
25 Terror Instant  search
13 Twiddle Instant  search
14 Unsummon Instant  search
44 Untamed Wilds Sorcery  search
26 Vampire Bats Creature  search
27 Wall of Bone Creature  search
45 War Mammoth Creature  search
28 Warp Artifact Enchantment  search
29 Weakness Enchantment  search
46 Whirling Dervish Creature  search
47 Winter Blast Sorcery  search
15 Zephyr Falcon Creature  search
Total price for whole set:

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