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Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari

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Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari: 90 cards
sort arrow Name sort arrow Type sort arrow Rarity sort arrow Average Price  
78 Barren Moor Land  search
51 Boneyard Wurm Creature  search
58 Brain Weevil Creature  search
13 Brainstorm Instant  search
18 Call to Heel Instant  search
79 Dakmor Salvage Land  search
25 Dissipate Instant  search
12 Djinn Illuminatus Creature  search
65 Doomgape Creature  search
56 Dreg Mangler Creature  search
47 Elves of Deep Shadow Creature  search
55 Eternal Witness Creature  search
72 Feast or Famine Instant  search
32 Fire / Ice Instant  search
14 Force Spike Instant  search
87 Forest Basic Land  search
88 Forest Basic Land  search
89 Forest Basic Land  search
90 Forest Basic Land  search
33 Forgotten Cave Land  search
10 Galvanoth Creature  search
5 Gelectrode Creature  search
67 Ghoul's Feast Instant  search
64 Gleancrawler Creature  search
3 Goblin Electromancer Creature  search
70 Golgari Germination Enchantment  search
60 Golgari Grave-Troll Creature  search
80 Golgari Rot Farm Land  search
63 Golgari Rotwurm Creature  search
66 Golgari Signet Artifact  search
48 Golgari Thug Creature  search
59 Greater Mossdog Creature  search
75 Grim Flowering Sorcery  search
31 Invoke the Firemind Sorcery  search
37 Island Basic Land  search
38 Island Basic Land  search
39 Island Basic Land  search
40 Island Basic Land  search
16 Isochron Scepter Artifact  search
34 Izzet Boilerworks Land  search
21 Izzet Charm Instant  search
11 Izzet Chronarch Creature  search
4 Izzet Guildmage Creature  search
17 Izzet Signet Artifact  search
45 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Legendary Creature  search
2 Kiln Fiend Creature  search
52 Korozda Guildmage Creature  search
77 Life / Death Sorcery  search
69 Life from the Loam Sorcery  search
35 Lonely Sandbar Land  search
15 Magma Spray Instant  search
41 Mountain Basic Land  search
42 Mountain Basic Land  search
43 Mountain Basic Land  search
44 Mountain Basic Land  search
73 Nightmare Void Sorcery  search
1 Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Legendary Creature  search
36 Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind Land  search
9 Ogre Savant Creature  search
28 Overwhelming Intellect Instant  search
46 Plagued Rusalka Creature  search
27 Prophetic Bolt Instant  search
71 Putrefy Instant  search
53 Putrid Leech Creature  search
20 Pyromatics Instant  search
26 Quicksilver Dagger Enchantment  search
49 Ravenous Rats Creature  search
50 Reassembling Skeleton Creature  search
22 Reminisce Sorcery  search
62 Sadistic Hypnotist Creature  search
57 Shambling Shell Creature  search
8 Shrewd Hatchling Creature  search
29 Sphinx-Bone Wand Artifact  search
7 Steamcore Weird Creature  search
61 Stingerfling Spider Creature  search
54 Stinkweed Imp Creature  search
30 Street Spasm Instant  search
81 Svogthos, the Restless Tomb Land  search
83 Swamp Basic Land  search
84 Swamp Basic Land  search
85 Swamp Basic Land  search
86 Swamp Basic Land  search
23 Thunderheads Instant  search
19 Train of Thought Sorcery  search
82 Tranquil Thicket Land  search
76 Twilight's Call Sorcery  search
24 Vacuumelt Sorcery  search
74 Vigor Mortis Sorcery  search
6 Wee Dragonauts Creature  search
68 Yoke of the Damned Enchantment  search
Total price for whole set:

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