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Milky Holmes Booster Pack

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Milky Holmes Booster Pack: 118 cards
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MK-S11-053 "IQ1300?" Kokoro Character  search
MK-S11-009 "Three-Card" Rat Character  search
MK-S11-009S "Three-Card" Rat Character  SR  search
MK-S11-019 "Three-Card" Stone River Character  search
MK-S11-019S "Three-Card" Stone River Character  SR  search
MK-S11-015 "Three-Card" Twenty Character  search
MK-S11-015S "Three-Card" Twenty Character  SR  search
MK-S11-024 A Date with Just the Two of Us Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-020 Almighty Toys? Event  search
MK-S11-012 Always Smiling Sheryl Character  search
MK-S11-001 Apron Nero Character  RR  search
MK-S11-088 Arsene's Butler Yutaka Character  search
MK-S11-100 Black Cat Bookmark Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-081 Black Tea Loving Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-026 Book-Loving Elly Character  RR  search
MK-S11-026S Book-Loving Elly Character  SR  search
MK-S11-062 Brave yet Single Minded Sheryl Character  search
MK-S11-041 Casual Cloth Elly Character  search
MK-S11-007 Cat-Ear Nero / ネコミミ ネロ Character  search
MK-S11-007SP Cat-Ear Nero / ネコミミ ネロ Character  SP  search
MK-S11-097 Cat-eared Magnifying Glass Event  search
MK-S11-083 Chief Admiring Elly Character  search
MK-S11-008 Chief Chef Mr. Ishinagare Character  search
MK-S11-018 Classmate Nezu-kun Character  search
MK-S11-040 Close Combat Hirano Character  search
MK-S11-052 Clumsy Detective Sheryl / ドジっ子探偵 シャロ Character  RR  search
MK-S11-052SP Clumsy Detective Sheryl / ドジっ子探偵 シャロ Character  SP  search
MK-S11-014 Controlling Nero / コンソール操作 ネロ Character  search
MK-S11-089 Cordelia & Elly Character  search
MK-S11-096 Cordelia's Garden / コーデリアのお花畑 Event  search
MK-S11-099 Cordelia's Proposal Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-090 Cordelica Glauca Character  search
MK-S11-071 Critical Chop Event  search
MK-S11-082 Deep Sigh Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-075 Direct Hack Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-029 Elly & Nero Character  search
MK-S11-027 Embarassed Elly Character  RR  search
MK-S11-058 Energetic Nero Character  search
MK-S11-034 Enjoy Cleaning Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-025 First Encounter with Opera Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-093 Former Great Detective Kobayashi Character  search
MK-S11-093S Former Great Detective Kobayashi Character  SR  search
MK-S11-063 Fortune Cookie Tsugiko Character  search
MK-S11-067 G4's Leader Kokoro Character  search
MK-S11-022 Gathering Foodstuffs Event  search
MK-S11-069 Gluttonous Nero Character  search
MK-S11-032 Halloween Night Elly / ハロウィンナイト エリー Character  search
MK-S11-032SP Halloween Night Elly / ハロウィンナイト エリー Character  SP  search
MK-S11-078 Halloween Night Henriette Character  search
MK-S11-078S Halloween Night Henriette Character  SR  search
MK-S11-031 Hercule Barton Character  search
MK-S11-030 Hirano & Saku Character  search
MK-S11-037 Hirano Hasegawa Character  search
MK-S11-037S Hirano Hasegawa Character  SR  search
MK-S11-098 Hyper-Sensitive Climax  CR  search
MK-S11-045 Ideal Room Event  search
MK-S11-044 Information Gatherer Saku Character  search
MK-S11-070 Inhale! Event  search
MK-S11-064 Joint Investigation Kokoro & Sheryl Character  search
MK-S11-028 Jumping the Gun Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-060 Kobayashi's Rival Kamitsu Character  search
MK-S11-060S Kobayashi's Rival Kamitsu Character  SR  search
MK-S11-057 Kokoro Akechi Character  search
MK-S11-057S Kokoro Akechi Character  SR  search
MK-S11-084 Leader of the Phantom Thief Empire Arsene Character  search
MK-S11-091 Lost in Thought Elly Character  search
MK-S11-050 Merry-Go-Round Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-039 My Pace Saku Character  search
MK-S11-010 Narcisscist Nijyuri Sensei Character  search
MK-S11-055 Natural Girl Sheryl / 天然少女 シャロ Character  search
MK-S11-017 Nero & Sheryl Character  search
MK-S11-005 Nero Yuzurizaki Character  search
MK-S11-005S Nero Yuzurizaki Character  SR  search
MK-S11-036 No-Good Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-003 Opera Kobayashi Character  search
MK-S11-079 Panicking Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-072 PDA Event  search
MK-S11-085 Perfect Butler Tachi Character  search
MK-S11-092 Phantom Thief Arsene Character  search
MK-S11-049 Plushie And Hercule Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-066 Problem Child Nero Character  search
MK-S11-073 Psychokinesis Climax  CR  search
MK-S11-059 Recording Sheryl / 収録中のシャロ Character  search
MK-S11-033 Rei Kamitsu Character  search
MK-S11-087 Reliable Sister Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-087S Reliable Sister Cordelia Character  SR  search
MK-S11-095 Repay Kindness with Hatred Event  search
MK-S11-035 Saku Tooyama Character  search
MK-S11-035S Saku Tooyama Character  SR  search
MK-S11-051 Sherlock Shellingford Character  RR  search
MK-S11-051S Sherlock Shellingford Character  SR  search
MK-S11-074 Sherlock's Lap Pillow Climax  CC  search
MK-S11-013 Sheryl & Kamaboko Character  search
MK-S11-065 Sheryl Amongst Cherry Blossoms Character  search
MK-S11-094 Shy Girl Elly Character  search
MK-S11-061 Sister Role Tsugiko Character  search
MK-S11-054 Snack-offering Nero / お菓子を差し出す ネロ Character  search
MK-S11-021 Snacky Detective Event  search
MK-S11-004 Sports Festival Nero & Elly Character  search
MK-S11-023 Stealth And Toys / こっそりとトイズ Climax  CR  search
MK-S11-047 Stubbornly Opened Door Event  search
MK-S11-086 Student Council President Henriette Character  search
MK-S11-046 Sudden Dazzle Event  search
MK-S11-011 Sugar Rush Nero / 糖分補給 ネロ Character  search
MK-S11-077 Team Unifier Cordelia Character  RR  search
MK-S11-043 Tenacious Cordelia Character  search
MK-S11-080 Timid Elly / 怖がりなエリー Character  search
MK-S11-068 Toys Activated! Sheryl Character  search
MK-S11-048 Tri-Ascend Climax  CR  search
MK-S11-056 Tsugiko Zenigata Character  search
MK-S11-056S Tsugiko Zenigata Character  SR  search
MK-S11-076 Uniform Cordelia / 制服のコーデリア Character  RR  search
MK-S11-076SP Uniform Cordelia / 制服のコーデリア Character  SP  search
MK-S11-042 Uniform Elly Character  search
MK-S11-002 Uniform Nero Character  RR  search
MK-S11-038 Yukata Elly Character  search
MK-S11-016 Yukata Nero Character  search
MK-S11-006 Yukata Sheryl Character  search

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